Reflections on the Virtual St. Jude Walk/Run Boston 2020

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and on Saturday, September 26th, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital held the St. Jude Walk/Run Boston. Dimensional Insight was incredibly honored to be the registration sponsor for the second year in a row. Unlike the previous years, the event was virtual due to COVID-19. However, that did not stop St. Jude and its supporters from making it a successful event.

The cause

St. Jude is one of the nation’s leading children’s research hospitals and every year, it treats 8,500 from all 50 states and around the world. Although this was an especially tough year financially for both fundraisers and individuals, the Boston Walk/Run raised more than $530,000 as of October 1, far surpassing its goal of raising $525,000. Dimensional Insight’s team was able to raise a total of $3,460 with contributions still being accepted until the end of 2020. All funds go toward St. Jude’s mission of providing no-cost treatment to the children who walk through its doors, and to ensure that families never receive a bill for necessities such as travel, housing, or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. In addition, St. Jude freely shares its discoveries so that doctors and scientists can use the knowledge from every saved child to save thousands of more children around the world. St. Jude has helped push the overall survival rate from childhood cancer from less than 20% to 80% today.

2020 St. Jude Walk/Run Ad

Virtual Walk/Run

As mentioned above, the Walk/Run was held in a virtual format, so things were done a little differently this year. There were two different “events” that Dimensional Insight took part in: The Dimensional Insight 5K which took place on Labor Day weekend and the actual Boston event held on September 26th.

For the Dimensional Insight 5K, team members could download the Strava app (where St. Jude has people log their virtual miles) and track their progress leading up to the Boston event. One positive aspect of having the event in a virtual format this year was that individuals could join Dimensional Insight’s team from anywhere in the world and participate in the walk/run from their very own backyard.

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The @stjude Walk/Run [Boston] is right around the corner, virtually taking place on Saturday, September 26, 2020. You have until the 26th to sign up, support, and join Dimensional Insight's team, however, the Dimensional Insight 5K (hosted by St. Jude) is on Labor Day weekend, so if you're able to join our team this week, please do so. You do not need to be local to participate – you can walk or run your 5K wherever you are! 💙 After registering (, you can log into the Strava app (where St. Jude has people log their virtual miles) and you will be invited to participate in the Dimensional Insight 5K. Watch this video to learn how you can take part! – #StJude #StJudeWalkRun #StJudeWalkRun2020 #Cancer #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #Fundraiser #FightForACure #CancerAwareness #Virtual #Boston #Event #Register #HeresHow #BusinessIntelligence #Team

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Dimensional Insight’s Cyrus Eyster on his virtual walk/run in the city

Dimensional Insight’s Kathy Sucich and husband John’s walking shoes ready for the start of the event

On the day of the actual Boston event, participants were able to log into the St. Jude Walk/Run app on their mobile device for a fun and interactive experience during their walk/run including unlocking patient artwork and stories along the way.

Why we volunteer

Part of Dimensional Insight’s belief system as a company includes “supporting the missions of the industries we serve – which in healthcare, one of the key industries that uses Dimensional Insight technology, means a focus on improving patient care and saving lives.”

Although the Walk/Run was run differently this year, St. Jude and its supporters did not let the pandemic get in the way of coming together as a community to raise awareness and fight for a cure. The virtual event was more successful than anyone could have imagined and it’s all thanks to those of you who participated and continue to help and support families and children during the most difficult time in their lives.

Thank You - The St. Jude Walk-Run Boston 2020 was a success!

As our CEO and co-founder Fred Powers says, “At Dimensional Insight, we believe that success comes from servicing our customers and employees. Supporting the causes, they believe in is an extension of that. We strongly support the hospital mission of treating all children, regardless of their ability to pay.”

To make a donation to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, click here.

Dimensional Insight group photo from last year’s in-person St. Jude Walk/Run 2019

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