Healthcare Rocks: How Technology Is Helping to Drive Improved Outcomes

Healthcare organizations are tasked with improving in multiple areas – for example, quality, patient safety, patient outcomes, and reducing costs. The right technology can ignite change in these areas and help hospitals and health systems see the results they are looking for.

Showcasing those technologies – and those forward-thinking technologies that promise to deliver results in the future – was the focus of the Delaware Valley/New Jersey HIMSS “Healthcare Rocks” Fall Conference that I attended recently at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Here are some of the highlights. (more…)

3 Projects that Deliver Healthcare Analytics ROI

Healthcare organizations know there’s value in data and value in analyzing it. But many times, they don’t know how to practically implement analytics in their organizations to make real change.

Here’s proof: while two-thirds of organizations have an executive dashboard to support strategic decision-making, only one-third of those that have a dashboard use it on a daily basis to make decisions. That means that in aggregate, less than 1 in 4 healthcare organizations leverages its data at an executive level daily.

So how do you move from theory to practice when it comes to analytics? It can be a journey, so it’s important to take it one step at a time. Here are 3 projects that delivered healthcare analytics ROI that you can emulate at your organization. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare logoWhen are analytics deployments most successful? When they are tied to an organization’s strategy. That way, organizations can ensure their analytics projects are supporting their most critical goals.

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At Munson Healthcare, a 9-hospital system located in Traverse City, Michigan, its Diver deployment is tied into its overall strategy that guides all of the organization’s actions. I learned a lot about how Munson Healthcare thinks about developing its analytics applications and the successes it has seen during a recent visit to Traverse City. Here are some of my notes. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: EvergreenHealth

customer spotlight: evergreen healthWhen an organization has been successful with analytics, how does it decide how to expand upon that success? How does it best use its resources? Which projects and departments receive priority?

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While many organizations build out their analytics usage in a haphazard way, EvergreenHealth, based 15 miles outside of Seattle, uses a much more structured approach. The health system has an analytics steering committee that helps prioritize analytics projects and think about how they relate to the organization’s strategic goals. I learned about this and much more when I visited EvergreenHealth. Here’s a look. (more…)

How Dalarna University Uses Analytics to Turn Data Into Insight

Dalarna university building. Dalarna uses DiverWhile in the United States many higher education institutions struggle with exactly how best to use the data they collect, in some European countries there is an automatic financial incentive to organizing the data. In Sweden, education is publicly funded, and a university gets money from the government depending on the number of registered students.

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Such is the case at Dalarna University, which has campuses in two locations in Sweden. Dalarna had about 14,500 students in 2017, and about 60% of its students are internet-based. Dalarna uses Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform to help organize the data that it needs to report to the government in order for the university to be successful. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Gwinnett Medical Center

gwinnett medical centerIf there’s one thing that continually impresses me about nurses, it’s their ability to see through the noise and just get the job done. Like the nurse present for the labor of my third child who saw that—quite suddenly—the baby was there but the doctor was not. Just like that, no fuss, she prepared to deliver the baby herself. (Side note: the doctor came just in time, but I knew it was the nurse who had my back.)

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Beth Grimes of Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) is one of those nurses with the uncanny ability to cut through all the clutter to get to the optimal end result. Beth is director of enterprise analytics at GMC, but she has a long career as a registered nurse. It’s clear that her clinical experience has translated into analytics, and she is a great guide for her team on how to ask the right questions and get the information they need to make decisions without overly concerning themselves with minutiae. I recently visited Beth and several members of her team at GMC in metro Atlanta. Here are some highlights from my visit. (more…)

How Ghent University Solves Budget and Education Policy Issues with BI

Ghent University. Portrait of a pensive student carrying out test at lesson

Many universities around the world find themselves dealing not just with student data related to admissions and finances, but also data from education quality surveys containing students’ opinions on a large number of dimensions. This information alone could fill its own database, but many schools are figuring out ways to incorporate all this data that’s being tracked across the university.

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This is the case for Ghent University, one of the major universities in Belgium. The 200-year-old university has built for itself a strong student-centric reputation, and it offers students educational programs in a number of fields. The university has more than 41,000 students and 9,000 staff members across its more than 100 departments. Ghent needed a flexible technology solution to work with its data that combines ‘hard’ student, course, and financing information with ‘soft’ program and course evaluation information. Here’s how Ghent addressed its educational and administrative needs with business intelligence. (more…)

Microhospitals: How a New Healthcare Model Leverages Business Intelligence

Microhospitals. Boy Talking To Male Nurse In Emergency Room

For years, bigger was considered better when it came to hospitals. But now some hospitals are thinking small. In an effort to deliver faster, more convenient care, some healthcare systems are opening what are called “microhospitals” or “neighborhood hospitals.” These put care closer to the patient while allowing established hospitals to expand their footprints.

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Tandem Hospital Partners, founded in 2014, operates several new microhospitals, with plans to open a total of 15 in 2018. Tandem’s innovative business model relies heavily on data and business intelligence to help the company deliver timely, quality care. Here is a look at how Tandem is leveraging data and BI. (more…)

How New Database Technology Fuels Oil Company’s Analytics

corrib oilIf “America runs on Dunkin’,” then parts of Ireland certainly run on Corrib Oil. Corrib not only fuels people with coffee and bakery items, it sells fuel for homes, cars, and trucks in the west of Ireland and the midlands.

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Corrib’s business has two sides– oil distribution and 18 retail locations selling gas, coffee, fresh foods, and grocery items. But each side of the business has many components and each component can have several data technologies in place. How does a company like that get its arms around all its data to assess the state of its business? Here is how Corrib wrangled its data – and then instituted one change to make that data enormously more useful. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Doctors Center Hospital

Like so many others on the American mainland, we at Dimensional Insight could do nothing but watch as Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September of 2017. After the initial shock of the impact of the storm, our thoughts quickly turned to our new customer, Doctors Center Hospital. The hospital has four locations on the island and is headquartered in Manatí, 35 miles west of San Juan. Immediately following the hurricane, the hospital had no power and had an influx of patients. Parts of the hospital had to run on a generator for several weeks. And as we now know, the death toll across the island was much greater than indicated in the official count.

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Close to a year after the hurricane, I visited Doctors Center Hospital in person. I had met Pedro Ríos-Mercado, the hospital’s IT director, at HIMSS in March. I was intrigued by how the hospital used technology immediately following the hurricane, and how it was planning to use Diver in a variety of ways in the future. What I found when I visited was a culture that has embraced data from the very top of the organization and has made it central to daily decision-making. Here are some highlights from my visit. (more…)