Training Overview

Business Intelligence Training

Give your staff the training needed to get the most out of Dimensional Insight’s business intelligence products. Our business intelligence training is provided to help users, developers, and IS/IT staff fully understand and benefit from the power of the Diver Platform technology. Courses are delivered at our Corporate Education Center in Burlington, MA, on site at customer facilities, or online. Courses can also be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Training is important for all users, even at the most fundamental level. It is essential that users know how to interact with the BI tool, how to navigate it, how frequently it is updated, and how to provide feedback. Advanced users will require more in-depth training regarding the interface and its interactive capabilities.

Developer training teaches your IT staff how to maximize Diver Platform’s effectiveness and manage test and production environments. Executives learn how to interact with dashboards and get the most out of the analysis features and the importance of integrating business rules with key performance metrics. Sales staff learn how to interact with real-time data to optimize their sales performance.

Your staff will learn how to:

  • Conduct ad hoc analysis
  • Think like a data analyst
  • Navigate dashboards
  • Dive into the data
  • Build tables, charts, and reports
  • Deliver their analytics to business decision-makers

On-Site Education

Whether you require healthcare data analytics training, business intelligence analyst training, or training for front-line staff, Dimensional Insight can arrange for a training consultant, an expert in Diver software and business analysis, to come to your location. Students are provided generic class materials and exercises, but Diver functionality is presented specific to the customer’s own implementation. It is recommended that on-site education not exceed 12-15 participants. Customization of materials is available for a fee.

Customized Education

With a minimum of 30 days’ notice and scheduling availability, Dimensional Insight can fully customize educational content to meet the specific needs of your business:

  • Training that focuses on your specific industry
  • Healthcare data analytics training
  • Business intelligence analyst training
  • Sales staff training
  • Training for executives
  • Training for IT staff

Self-Directed Tutorials

We offer selected tutorials free of charge for our users. Tutorials are available for NetDiver, CellDiver, Data Integrator, Diver Report Writer, and a Diver tutorial in English or Spanish. For access, please contact or 920-436-8299.