Give your staff the training needed to get the most out of Dimensional Insight Diver Platform. Courses are scheduled and delivered online to small groups. Training is live and interactive, allowing students to gain experience with DI Software.

Training is important for all users, even at the most fundamental level. It is essential that users know how to interact with their software, navigate it, and access help when needed.

Our Diver Platform product training is designed to teach developers, administrators, and analysts to fully understand and benefit from their Dimensional Insight products.

If you are interested, contact your sales representative.
If you do not have time to peruse the training collateral online, you can download this zip for viewing at your leisure.

If you are a customer and you are looking for product information or training videos, please check out the Documentation section of our website.

Online Education

Select a series of online classes. A Dimensional Insight training consultant teaches you how to effectively use the software and provides students with standard class materials and exercises. If you prefer, our training consultants can present product functionality specific to your own implementation.

A limited number of participants ensures personalized attention and flexible scheduling allows you to easily fit it into your calendar. Use of a video camera is optional, but highly encouraged to assist the instructor in helping you get the most out of the training session.

There are two types of training available: hands-on learning and instructor-led learning.

Hands-on Diver Platform 7.1 Training

Instructor-led Diver Platform 7.1 Training