Give your staff the training needed to get the most out of Dimensional Insight’s products. Our product training is designed to help developers, analysts, and information consumers fully understand and benefit from their Dimensional Insight products. Courses are delivered at either our Corporate Education Center, on site at customer facilities, or online.

Training is important for all users, even at the most fundamental level. It is essential that users know how to interact with their software, navigate it, get updates and access help when needed.

Dimensional Insight offers the following training programs:

On-Site Education

Whether you require training for developers, executives, or sales staff, Dimensional Insight can arrange for a training consultant — an expert in Diver software and business analysis — to come to your location. Students are provided standard class materials and exercises, but product functionality is presented specific to the customer’s own implementation. It is recommended that on site education not exceed 12 to 15 participants.