For better interface design, use the DI User Experience (DIUX) Toolkit

Create easy-to-use dashboards that users enjoy using

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Visual & Usability Enhancements for Designing Visually Stunning Dashboards

Gives Dashboards a Visual Boost

Access over 200 icons with colors that can be configured to match your visual identity.

Choose from a library of customizable banners and UI components.

Gain inspiration and share your creations with the Dimensional Insight users worldwide.

Here’s why you should care about leveraging the DIUX toolkit

You can have the best data in the world, but without applying professional design principles, users will struggle to obtain value from the data. DIUX helps you to create dashboards that are easy to use and that users enjoy using. The end result is greater adoption of data and analytics leading to increased return on investment and competitive advantage.

Where can I find DIUX?

Dimensional Insight User Experience Toolkit comes preconfigured in all DI applications.

For custom applications, use the DIUX toolkit supplied online.

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For custom dashboards, the DIUX skin is available out-of-the box within the Diver Platform.