About Us

We are a company deeply committed to the success of our customers. In fact, the central philosophy of Dimensional Insight is to support our customers and our employees, since they, in turn, will support the company. Everyone at Dimensional Insight—from our technology developers, to our support staff, to our consultants, to our executive team— is solely focused on driving results for the companies we work with.

“For us, it’s all about the patient and supporting our communities. One of our goals is to keep care close to home. Dimensional Insight allows us to deploy the same tools across the system, helping leaders make decisions that are in the best interests of the people we serve.”

Ann Vermeer

Director of Clinical and Business Intelligence, Munson Healthcare

At Dimensional Insight, we hire only the smartest developers, consultants, and industry experts who know our customers’ challenges and how to best solve them. We work with our customers in a collaborative fashion to share ideas and develop optimal solutions.

“Contributing ideas and providing input is part of the DNA of Dimensional Insight. They are truly hands-on people.”

Philippe Depoorter

Head of ICT Applications Office, University of Ghent


Our company mission is simple—get the right information to the right person at the right time and on the right device. This way, that person can make the most informed decision to impact change.

We don’t believe in creating overly complex technology. In order for people to use analytics and be able to drive change with it, the technology needs to be easy to use and easy to understand what the data is telling you. Our equation for success is, “Simplicity + consistency = goodness.”

“Our CEO is very focused on ROI and bringing in revenue. The fact that Dimensional Insight is here and its use keeps getting expanded across the organization is a testament to his intuition that the technology is highly valuable and highly useful.”

Brian Margolies

Chief Information Officer, Allied Beverage

“What really prompted us to go with Dimensional Insight versus something else on the market was the value, scalability, and flexibility provided by the solution.”

Audrey Parks

CIO, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System


“As president of a four-hospital system, I need to keep abreast of the daily operations to maximize the resources needed for my business. The dashboard has been instrumental in allowing the daily overview needed to manage this complex operation, and it gives me immediate access to the kind of detailed information needed to run the operation.”

Dr. Carlos Blanco

President, Doctors’ Center Hospital

Our vision is to enable data literacy across enterprises, so that everyone in an organization—not just the technologists—develop a fluency with data and can easily understand it and explore it in order to make better business decisions.

We also aim to ensure that data is trusted and is viewed consistently across departments so that everyone is looking at the same data in the same way. Only by ensuring the veracity of data can organizations be sure that they are making sound business decisions.

“I’m 25 years in business, and I can categorically say that Dimensional Insight was without question the best business investment decision I have ever made.”

Sean Browne

Finance & Operations Director, The Kellett Group


Our founders, Fred Powers and Stan Zanarotti, started Dimensional Insight in 1989 because they wanted to create technology that would do good in the world. Since that time, Dimensional Insight has grown to serve thousands of customers around the globe.

Our company has been profitable since Day One, and we have never received any outside funding. That way, the only people we are accountable to are our customers and our employees.

“The demand for data is continuing to grow exponentially, and being able to respond to the increasing demand is really key for us. Dimensional Insight has definitely helped us get to where we are and it will help us move into the future.”

Jessica Foy

Manager of Analytics, EvergreenHealth