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Dimensional Insight’s Gabrielle Amarosa Recognized as Healthcare Innovation 40 Under 40 Recipient.

The Healthcare Innovation “40 Under 40” distinction recognizes professionals working in the healthcare industry who are making a significant contribution to their organization’s success. Gabrielle Amarosa, Lead Healthcare Business Intelligence Consultant, has played a vital role in the success of Dimensional Insight’s healthcare applications. Gabrielle’s unwavering commitment to designing, developing, and supporting these applications, as well as her dedication to meeting individual customer needs, have positioned her as a leader in the health tech industry.

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14 Mistakes PR Pros May Not Realize They’re Making In Media Pitches

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Case study

How Southern Ohio Medical Center Saved $2 Million Annually with Analytics

Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is a leading not-for-profit hospital based in Portsmouth, OH, which has been serving the community’s healthcare needs since 1954. With more than 3,000 employees, SOMC is deeply embedded within the community and plays a vital role in providing comprehensive healthcare services across southern Ohio. The hospital offers an impressive inpatient unit with 216 beds and operates family health centers across multiple counties, ensuring accessible care for all.

In addition to its core hospital services, SOMC boasts specialty programs such as cardiovascular surgeries, an expanded 340B pharmacy program, and advanced chronic disease management. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a mission to make a difference in the community, SOMC consistently seeks innovative ways to enhance patient care, maintain a skilled workforce, and serve as a trusted healthcare resource in the region.

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What Transforming Healthcare: From Nurse to Data Analytics Leader

A converstation with Nora Lissy, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight
In this episode, Joy is joined by Nora Lissy, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight, a software analytics company. From her nursing origins at Catholic University to operational management in analytics, Nora's adaptability bridges the gap between operational, financial, and IT domains, rendering her invaluable to global hospitals. The heart of the conversation revolves around Dimensional Insight's software. The software's initial application to administrative and staffing data optimized hospital functions, while its evolution to encompass clinical analytics revolutionized patient care, empowering nurses with comprehensive information and even fostering collaborations with pharmacists for high-risk medication management. Nora's metamorphosis from nurse to healthcare IT leader highlights the potent fusion of data analytics and healthcare as she explores the role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare operations and patient well-being.
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A Deep Dive Into The Tools And Trends Shaping Business Strategies

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Tackling the Toughest Emergency Department Challenges with Analytics

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Case study

What Best-in-Class Customer Service Looks Like

Customers have more choices than ever before, and their expectations have risen accordingly. They now seek not only top-notch products, but also demand a seamless and satisfying experience when interacting with a company.

Conversely, when a vendor falls short in delivering quality support, customers can grow frustrated, dissatisfied, and ultimately lose trust.

This can manifest in various forms, such as:

  • Not validating customer concerns
  • Priority based on customer spending
  • Transferring calls to other departments/lack of organization
  • Not utilizing the best channels for communication

Here at Dimensional Insight, we’ve built our success entirely on the success of our customers. Everyone at Dimensional Insight — from our developers, to our support staff, to our consultants, to our executive team — is solely focused on driving results.

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Case study

Eversource Energy: Collaboration & Partnership Key to Analytics Success

  • Eversource is using Dimensional Insight to help it create and disseminate 17 executive-level scorecards containing 28 KPIs that support the company’s most critical corporate goals.
  • Eversource selected Dimensional Insight because it was able to perform the complex calculations necessary for the scorecards, had strong ETL capabilities, and had strong customer ratings from Gartner.
  • Dimensional Insight’s customer-focused approach and focus on partnership has proven invaluable to Eversource as it seeks to enhance its analytics capabilities.

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New Self-Guided Healthcare Analytics Demo

Check out our new self-guided healthcare analytics demo to explore measures, visualize trends, and envision your hospital’s data coming to life. With the interactive demo, you get a chance to step into the driver’s seat and see analytics in action.

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White paper

The Role of Data in Solving Top Surgery Department Challenges Introduction

This whitepaper examines the pivotal role of data in addressing the most pressing challenges faced by surgery departments. By approaching operational trends in their surgery departments with an analytical lens, hospitals can effectively tackle issues pertaining to:

  • Operating Room Efficiency
  • Cost Containment
  • Operating Room Utilization
  • Quality and Safety Concerns

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20 Mistakes Rookie Copywriters Make (And How To Avoid Them)

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What Control State Alcohol Data is Telling Us

In this podcast episode, Beverage Information Group Insider sits down with NABCA President/CEO Neal Insley and Sr. VP Trade Relations/COO David Jackson to talk about the importance of data collected with Dimensional Insight technology and what it tells us about the current state of the industry
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Top Emergency Department Challenges—And How Analytics Can Help

ACHE of Massachusetts and Dimensional Insight panel discussion about why data is critical to addressing the most pressing challenges in the emergency department. In this webinar, you will hear from industry experts who will share their insights on how analytics can be leveraged to optimize emergency department operations and improve patient care.

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White paper

Overcoming the Top Emergency Department Challenges with Analytics

Hospitals are complex organizations that require each department to work seamlessly together to provide the best possible care for patients. However, if any department falls short of its optimal performance, it can negatively impact the entire organization. The emergency department, in particular, faces a set of distinct challenges that can hamper the overall flow of the hospital.
In this white paper, we will examine five key challenges facing emergency departments:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Capacity constraints
  • Financial pressure
  • Mental health and substance abuse populations
  • Performance of ancillary services

We will explore the root causes of these challenges and the impact they have on patients, staff, and the hospital as a whole.

In addition to highlighting these challenges, we will discuss how analytics can be used to effectively address them. By leveraging data-driven insights, hospitals can optimize their resources and improve patient care, even in the face of significant challenges.

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Press coverage

Nora Lissy and Julie Lamoureux of Dimensional Insight appeared in Becker’s Hospital Review as two out of 116 Women in Health IT to Know. Way to go!!!

Julie Lamoureux. Senior Healthcare Consultant at Dimensional Insight (Burlington, Mass.). Ms. Lamoureux is a performance and quality improvement expert, and her role at Dimensional Insight is to help healthcare organizations operationalize their measures and to create dashboards that monitor key metrics. Each client has specific clinical business intelligence expectations, and she ensures that Dimensional Insight’s analytics platform provides the biggest possible positive impact. Her professional background as a statistician in performance improvement in a hospital setting informs her current role, as she once worked at West Miami-based Kendall Baptist Hospital.

Nora Lissy, BSN, RN. Vice President of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight (Burlington, Mass.). Ms. Lissy’s role as vice president of healthcare consulting and implementation involves working with healthcare clients to achieve their desired business intelligence goals. She guides clients through the business journey, from the very inception of a project to overall project implementation and post-implementation. She aims to ensure that clients are able to use the company’s platform successfully. She brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare settings to her current position. 

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Press release

High Praise for Dimensional Insight for 14th Straight Year in 2023 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Dimensional Insight maintains perfect “recommend” score from customers; named an “Overall Experience Leader” and a “Credibility Leader”

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How Hospital CEOs Can Tackle Their Biggest Challenges Using Analytics

As the healthcare landscape is swiftly changing, hospital CEOs face an array of operational, financial, and clinical challenges. The recently published American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) annual survey polled community hospital CEOs asking them to rank 11 critical issues in order of their level of concern. The results indicate that workforce concerns, financial matters, and behavioral health challenges rose to the top as the most pressing issues for hospital CEOs.

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Empowering Healthcare Excellence: Dimensional Insight’s Advanced Analytics Solution

In today’s fast-paced healthcare industry, hospitals need a reliable way to make data-driven decisions across the enterprise. That’s where Dimensional Insight can help.
Used by healthcare systems around the world, our 8-time Best in KLAS award-winning analytics platform optimizes operational efficiency, enhances patient care, and drives financial results.

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New white paper!

Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters
With the help of Dimensional Insight, CHKD has combined data from three healthcare data systems into one data store, ensuring data trust.

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Jumpstart Your Beverage Alcohol Analytics

See Fast ROI with Applications Built Specifically for Beverage Alcohol Suppliers/Distributors

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18 Social Media Tips Comms Pros Would Share With New Teammates

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Readers Write: Turning Data into Action to Address Social Determinants of Health
By George Dealy

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From the Floor @ HIMSS '23: Dimensional Insight, UKG, Amwell, Olah

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Interview with Angela Burgess from Randolph Health


New My Library Videos!

Two videos — What Is My Library? and What Is a Shortcut? — have been added to the online Video Library.

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New customer success story!

Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters: Advancing Pediatric Care With A Data Culture Shift
With the help of Dimensional Insight, CHKD has combined data from three healthcare data systems into one data store, ensuring data trust.

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New customer success story!

Royal Lemkes
Royal Lemkes grows to new heights. Transparency and insights help employees, customers, and partners flourish.

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New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. Using a Data Set as Data Input in Measure Factory
  2. Formatting Summaries Using Spectre
  3. ProDiver — More Tricks in Advanced Find

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New Press release

Dimensional Insight to Debut at HIMSS23 New, Innovative Approach to Analytics Focused on Simplicity, Speed, and Personalization.
Visitors to booth #2809 in Chicago can get a sneak preview of groundbreaking platform that provides enterprise-wide analytics the way users want it.

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New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. Challenges with Importing Excel Data
  2. Workbench Tips and Tricks
  3. Importing JSON Data

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New Press Coverage

15 Traits Successful PR Leaders Cultivate In Themselves

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Driving Better Patient Outcomes with EHR and Enterprise Analytics Integration Introduction

New white paper

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Dimensional Insight Earns Straight “A” Grades in Data & Analytics Platform Category in Annual Best in KLAS Report

Company is a consistently high performer in its category, achieving stellar scores from customers for 13 straight years

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New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. Special QuickViews in DivePort for Measure Factory Projects
  2. Calculating Points of Distribution in ProDiver

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DiveTab for Android is now available in Latin American and European Google Play Stores

DiveTab provides on-the-go access to your business reports and analytics. It intelligently syncs data from a central server keeping your data up to date, and allows users to view in connected and disconnected modes. DiveTab features flexible and intuitive information displays, where users start with summary reports and then drill-down to detailed reports by tapping on the information displayed.

DiveTab is built on Dimensional Insight (DI)’s award winning Business Intelligence platform. This means it’s scalable, secure and extensible.

DiveTab ships with explanatory literature and videos along with sample Demo Data for a Dairy Supplier.


What’s new in Diver Platform Help

As of DiveTab 7.1(25), you can customize stamps using the label attribute. You can also customize stamp analysis page column titles using the column-title attribute.

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High Tech for High Times: How Drones Are Elevating Cannabis Cultivation

High Tech for High Times: How Drones Are Elevating Cannabis Cultivation

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The buzzing of drones and the fragrant aroma of cannabis might seem worlds apart. But in reality, these two industries are closely intertwined, thanks to rapid advancements in technology and a growing market for cannabis. As drones redefine various industries, from entertainment to agriculture, it’s no surprise that they’re making a significant mark in the world of cannabis cultivation as well.

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