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August, 2023


Transforming Healthcare: From Nurse to Data Analytics Leader

A converstation with Nora Lissy, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight
In this episode, Joy is joined by Nora Lissy, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight, a software analytics company. From her nursing origins at Catholic University to operational management in analytics, Nora's adaptability bridges the gap between operational, financial, and IT domains, rendering her invaluable to global hospitals. The heart of the conversation revolves around Dimensional Insight's software. The software's initial application to administrative and staffing data optimized hospital functions, while its evolution to encompass clinical analytics revolutionized patient care, empowering nurses with comprehensive information and even fostering collaborations with pharmacists for high-risk medication management. Nora's metamorphosis from nurse to healthcare IT leader highlights the potent fusion of data analytics and healthcare as she explores the role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare operations and patient well-being.
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New press coverage!

A Deep Dive Into The Tools And Trends Shaping Business Strategies

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New press coverage!

Tackling the Toughest Emergency Department Challenges with Analytics

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Case study

What Best-in-Class Customer Service Looks Like

Customers have more choices than ever before, and their expectations have risen accordingly. They now seek not only top-notch products, but also demand a seamless and satisfying experience when interacting with a company.

Conversely, when a vendor falls short in delivering quality support, customers can grow frustrated, dissatisfied, and ultimately lose trust.

This can manifest in various forms, such as:

  • Not validating customer concerns
  • Priority based on customer spending
  • Transferring calls to other departments/lack of organization
  • Not utilizing the best channels for communication

Here at Dimensional Insight, we’ve built our success entirely on the success of our customers. Everyone at Dimensional Insight — from our developers, to our support staff, to our consultants, to our executive team — is solely focused on driving results.

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Case study

Eversource Energy: Collaboration & Partnership Key to Analytics Success

  • Eversource is using Dimensional Insight to help it create and disseminate 17 executive-level scorecards containing 28 KPIs that support the company’s most critical corporate goals.
  • Eversource selected Dimensional Insight because it was able to perform the complex calculations necessary for the scorecards, had strong ETL capabilities, and had strong customer ratings from Gartner.
  • Dimensional Insight’s customer-focused approach and focus on partnership has proven invaluable to Eversource as it seeks to enhance its analytics capabilities.

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New Self-Guided Healthcare Analytics Demo

Check out our new self-guided healthcare analytics demo to explore measures, visualize trends, and envision your hospital’s data coming to life. With the interactive demo, you get a chance to step into the driver’s seat and see analytics in action.

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