How Culture Can Positively Impact Healthcare Outcomes

How Culture Can Positively Impact Healthcare Outcomes. Directly below shot of multi-ethnic medical team stacking hands over white background

When it comes to improving healthcare quality and efficiency, how can organizations most positively change physician behavior? According to research presented in Harvard Business Review, organizational culture is critical.

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The HBR article, “Getting Doctors to Make Better Decisions Will Take More than Money and Nudges,” outlines how a stronger focus on culture improves clinicians’ work environments and patient outcomes. As I read the article, I felt many of the takeaways could also be applied to successful analytics implementations and successful organizations as a whole. Let’s take a look. (more…)

5 Reasons to Attend Our 2018 Regional User Meetings

5 Reasons to Attend Our 2018 Regional User MeetingsWondering where our annual user conference has gone? Don’t worry, DIUC will be back in 2019 – this year, we are hosting a series of smaller regional user meetings at a location near you. Our agenda is packed with powerful user stories, application development, tips and tricks, and some networking fun. Thanks to the wonderful attendees and presenters, the first 2018 regional meeting in Jacksonville was a success!

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If you couldn’t get to Florida in February, don’t worry, you can still attend one of our remaining meetings. But hurry up to register! In 2016, we had to close registration for Chicago because it filled up so quickly, and our new San Diego location is filling up even faster! If you’re still wavering on whether or not to attend, here are 5 reasons to sign up for one of our Diver user meetings. (more…)

3 Essential Metrics for Beverage Alcohol Suppliers

Beverage Alcohol Suppliers. Portrait of multigenerational winery owner family standing at wine cellar. Senior winemaker and young sommelier standing at background and holding in hands a glass of red wine while middle age businesswoman looking at camera and smilig. Small business.

There’s a seemingly infinite number of wine and spirits brands that consumers can choose from, meaning competition is tough for beverage alcohol suppliers. How can brands get a leg up on sales?

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The smartest companies these days are using data to support decision-making and provide competitive insights. Which areas are most important for suppliers to examine? Here are 3 examples of essential metrics to provide the insights that can power sales. (more…)

How You Can Better Visualize Your Data

coloring pencils, visualize dataIf you think about it for a moment, the purpose of visualizations is to communicate information effectively. And you want to do that in ways that brings out patterns and trends that can’t be seen just by looking at tables of numbers. Ideally, this is going to be something that is aesthetically pleasing. You can have a positive emotional response when you look at some of these displays and engage users more, so they are willing to really dig in to analyze data.

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In this article, we’ll review some of Dimensional Insight’s Chart portlet visualizations in order to illustrate a wide variety of ways to visualize data. I think you’ll see that with all of the options available, it is easy to communicate information in a way that is both effective and pleasing to the eye. (more…)

3 Takeaways from the 2018 Wisdom of Crowds Survey

3 Takeaways from the 2018 Wisdom of Crowds SurveyThe 2018 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study is now available, providing BI practitioners with an inside look at the “state of BI.” While the first place I usually go to in the report is the user rankings (hint: Dimensional Insight did very well!), the report also provides some interesting data about the industry as a whole.

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What did I find most surprising about the report? What piece of data do I want to check up again on next year? What provides the most promising outlook? Let’s take a look. (more…)

How to Start an Information Governance Initiative

a group of people discussing something in an office setting, information governance initiativeWhen healthcare leaders think about information governance, they often think about it in a clinical context in terms of improving patient care, reducing variation, and so on. However, there is almost always a revenue driver behind information governance.

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A failure to properly govern data can negatively impact a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle. In fact, recent survey results indicate that two-thirds of healthcare organizations use more than one system for revenue cycle management, and they tend to experience more issues with denials, impacting the bottom line. Clearly, there is a need for governed data. So if you are starting an information governance initiative, what do you need to consider? Here’s a look. (more…)

3 Lessons Analytics Leaders Can Learn from the Sports World

3 lessons to learn from analytics in sportsThe 2018 NBA Finals are set, pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors for the fourth year in a row. The Warriors built themselves a superteam to reach the finals, while the Cavs built themselves around a superstar in LeBron James.

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How do you beat a superteam…or a superstar? The Warriors and Cavaliers were both stretched to the limit in the conference final round by the Rockets and Celtics, respectively. Houston and Boston, who both lost in Game 7s, are frontrunners in the NBA’s analytics revolution, where teams use data to try to get the upper hand. Even though the Rockets and the Celtics didn’t reach the NBA Finals, there are still lessons analytics leaders can learn from their success this year. (more…)

Want to Cure Cancer? First Liberate the Data

a woman in a research lab holding a pipette, cure cancerEach year, the United States spends billions of dollars on cancer research. In fact, the National Cancer Institute’s budget is $5.665 billion for 2018, and that does not include money from private donations. Despite all the money and effort spent on cancer research, there is a bit of a “big data crisis” preventing healthcare institutions from optimally learning from each other.

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The New York Times recently published an article titled, “New Cancer Treatments Lie Hidden Under Mountains of Paperwork,” which talked about this problem and the difficulty of extracting meaningful data from medical records. And I have to admit, the article struck a nerve. (more…)

3 High-Tech Trends That Are Changing Manufacturing

3 High-Tech Trends That Are Changing ManufacturingU.S. manufacturers have new incentives to modernize their factories. New tax rules make it more attractive for companies to invest in equipment, allowing manufacturers to immediately deduct the full cost of equipment purchases. Previously, companies were allowed to write off only a portion of the cost in a single year.

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The new rules apply for the next five years at least, creating the potential for sizable investments and modernization in U.S. factories along with opportunities to leverage the data it generates. Where might manufacturers focus their equipment investments? Here are three high-tech trends poised to change manufacturing. (more…)

Dimensional Insight Book Club: Proof – The Science of Booze

Dimensional Insight Book Club: Proof - The Science of BoozeHave you ever thought about how your favorite wine or drink is produced? Our discussions about the wine and spirits industry have mainly focused on the impact of technology on businesses, whether it be incorporating analytics for long-term strategic planning, gaining additional insights into sales data, or understanding consumer preferences. However, we don’t talk too much about the science behind creating the perfect drink. Until now.

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For the past six weeks, we have been enjoying the second read in the Dimensional Insight Book Club. We have been busy reading, Proof: The Science of Booze, whether trying to enjoy the spring weather or with a glass of wine. Curious as to what our readers thought about the book? (more…)

What You Need to Know about GDPR

What You Need to Know about GDPR (photo of a cup with text: keep calm and prepare for GDPR)May 25th is an important date for our European colleagues and customers: it’s the date that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. Companies that don’t comply with GDPR could face hefty fines of 4% of annual revenue or €20 million (whichever is greater).

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When it comes to your data, what do you need to know about GDPR? Or for those of us outside of the EU, what the heck is GDPR? I recently spoke to Elisa Elbers, Diver consultant and security officer for our European headquarters in the Netherlands, and Debbie Lonsdale, consultant at Dynamic Business Informatics (DBI), a Dimensional Insight partner in Ireland, to learn more about GDPR and some ways companies can better organize their data. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Allied Physicians Group

Over the last several years, physicians have increasingly been aligning themselves with hospitals. They have done so both to gain financial security and to gain the clout of being part of a prestigious healthcare system. In fact, American Medical Association statistics show less than half of physicians now own a financial stake in their practices.

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New York-based Allied Physicians Group is bucking that trend. This group of more than 130 pediatricians is fiercely independent, and it intends to stay that way in order to provide the best possible care to its patients. I recently had the opportunity to visit Allied at its home office on Long Island to talk to staff about the organization’s mission, its challenges, how it’s using analytics to make more data-driven decisions, and the potential of the technology in the future. Here are some of my takeaways. (more…)

A Day in the Life of Rosalie: How a Customer Uses DiveTab

A Day in the Life of Rosalie: How a Customer Uses DiveTabWe tout the benefits of our DiveTab mobile product, but what is it actually like in action? For our customers who use DiveTab, it’s a critical tool that provides insight throughout their workdays.

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This article, which will show you a day in the life of Rosalie, a DiveTab customer, is based on a presentation by our customer, James Batchelor of Mutual Distributing Company. This will provide you with a great example of how DiveTab can be leveraged by sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency. I’d like to thank James for his generosity in allowing us to use this here. (more…)

Survey Says: Hospitals Struggle with RCM, Impacting the Bottom Line

HIMSS RCM SurveyHospitals and health systems are struggling to make the most of their revenues in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. A steady stream of mergers, lack of interoperability, the shift to value-based care, and other challenges are prompting health systems to focus on improving their revenue cycle management (RCM).

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Dimensional Insight recently surveyed health systems to assess their current tools and challenges within RCM. The results highlight the complexity of tracking and gathering data throughout the revenue cycle, especially for organizations with multiple EMR and/or RCM solutions. Here are some of the survey’s highlights and as well as a few thoughts on what they mean for health systems. (more…)

4 Takeaways from the WSWA 75th Annual Convention & Exposition

After being out of the office for a week, I’ve taken some time to settle back in, catch up on emails, and reflect on the recent conference I just attended. The WSWA 75th Annual Convention and Exposition, held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, is the largest gathering of wine and spirits distributors and suppliers from around the world. This year, the event was filled with engaging discussions about current industry challenges, mixologist and tasting competitions, and conversations about the future direction of the wine and spirits business.

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Here are some of my takeaways from the event. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare SystemOver the five years I’ve worked at Dimensional Insight, I’ve met several of our customers either in person at one of our user events or over the phone as I’ve talked to them about customer success stories. It’s only recently that I’ve started to go out on the road to meet our customers where they work – and this has provided me with a whole new perspective as I write our user stories.

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I visited Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (SVMHS) on a sunny California day in January (the perfect respite from what was then brutally cold Boston!) to talk to Audrey Parks, CIO, and Tim France, programmer. What followed was a great conversation about the challenges the health system faces, where healthcare is going, and how Diver can help the organization get there. Here are some highlights. (more…)

How to Access Dimensional Insight Online Help

Dimensional Insight provides online help for the Diver 7.0 products including Workbench, ProDiver, DivePort, NetDiver, and Help Desk. In the Workbench help, you can find all the documentation for Workbench plus the DiveLine Server, DiveTab, Production, DiveMaster, DIAL, Spectre, Visual Builder, Visual Integrator, and Measure Factory. DivePort has separate online help for administrators and users. Separate helps for DiveTab end users are available upon request.

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How do you access the online help? Could you use some tips or tricks to find what you need and get you back to work faster? Read on!

How to Begin Benchmarking Your Business Intelligence

benchmarking business intelligence

After your organization has invested in a business intelligence solution, how can you assess its performance? How do you gauge its efficiency and whether the decisions you make based on its insights are good or bad? Forrester Research recently explored these questions in a report about benchmarking your company’s BI environment.

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Business intelligence is an asset that turns information into a competitive advantage, so it is imperative to determine whether it is performing well or needs a tune-up. The report recommends an extensive “BI-on-BI” methodology. While the very notion of deploying BI to evaluate your BI may sound intimidating, it can be taken in baby steps. Here are some actionable ways to begin. (more…)

A Look Inside Dimensional Insight Netherlands

Leiden, Dimensional Insight NetherlandsIf you were to ask me what Dimensional Insight’s greatest strengths are, our culture would definitely top that list. It’s our shared values—teamwork, collaboration, hard work, respect for others – that unites us as a company. It’s interesting then, that our culture differences are also a strength. Our diversity in backgrounds, skills, and perspectives opens our eyes to new ways of thinking and looking at issues.

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I recently experienced this culture—the shared bonds and the differences—when I traveled to our European headquarters in Leiden, Netherlands, to meet with many of our Diver distributors across Europe. We had a great day talking about Diver, messaging, and marketing. Here are some highlights from my trip. (more…)

5 Reasons to Meet with Us at WSWA 75

5 Reasons to Meet with Us at WSWA 75The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention & Exposition will be held April 30-May 3 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It is the largest gathering of wine and spirits distributors in the U.S., and it is also attended by suppliers from around the world. Once again, Dimensional Insight will be there in the Pisa Suite, a lower-level hospitality suite.

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Are you planning to attend the show? Here are five reasons why you should pencil us in to your schedule. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: John Stoveken

John Stoveken and his dogThe unique backgrounds and versatile skillsets of Dimensional Insight’s staff help push us to deliver the most innovative and powerful services possible. I recently sat down with one of the members of our team, John Stoveken. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you likely know John’s work or his adorable mixed-breed rescue dog Hendrix. John has worked at Dimensional Insight for 16 years, but he was actually involved with the company years before he officially joined the team.

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I talked with John about his work and fascinating past to get some insight into the Dimensional Insight San Diego office, InterReport, and more. (more…)

Dimensional Insight Book Club: The Digital Doctor

the digital doctorThe past few years have been filled with technological innovation and development, and there’s been a lot of talk about the future impact of technology across various industries. In healthcare, discussion has focused on data and analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and the potential impact of technology on patient outcomes.

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As a result of these recent discussions, the Dimensional Insight Book Club decided to kick off with The Digital Doctor by Robert Watcher. For the past six weeks, we have been enjoying this first read, whether on a plane travelling to HIMSS or over a cup of tea during one of the many Nor’easters we had in Boston in March. Our first book club panel consists of George Dealy, vice president of healthcare applications; Nora Lissy, director of healthcare information; Julie Lamoureux, senior healthcare consultant; Marissa Leone, healthcare consultant; and Kathy Sucich, senior content and communications manager. Here are their thoughts on this book. (more…)

How to use HSRIC to Enrich Your Healthcare Data in Diver

Logo for Health Services Research Information Central (HSRIC)If you follow our blog, you know I typically write articles about dashboard design. However, now we have expanded this topic to “Getting More Out of Diver”, which will encompass not only dashboard design, but also help you better understand your data and how to accomplish your goals within Diver.

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This article is my first under this new topic. I believe it will help you get more out of Diver. In short, I’d like to introduce you to a resourceful web site that will help those in healthcare better understand their hospital’s performance by comparing it to a benchmark. (more…)

Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner Data & Analytics SummitEvery March, Gartner kicks off its yearly round of Data & Analytics Summits in Dallas, followed by another show two weeks later in London. These events bring a combined total of more than 5,000 data and analytics professionals together to learn about the latest trends and technologies in this space.

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Having attended the Dallas summit for the past two years, I decided to check out the London summit this year. Here are some of my top takeaways from the event. (more…)

How Hospitals Are Innovating and Adapting for the Future

How Hospitals Are Innovating and Adapting for the FutureIsn’t it curious when two intelligent people examine the same information and draw opposite conclusions? That is the dynamic I thought was at work recently, when The New York Times ran an opinion piece called “Are Hospitals Becoming Obsolete?” one day before The Wall Street Journal published an in-depth report titled “What the Hospitals of the Future Look Like.” Based on the headlines, I expected one article to focus on hospitals’ pending doom and another on their rebirth.

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But it turns out only the headline writers were betting on obsolescence versus evolution. The articles’ authors agree that hospitals are undergoing radical changes and they cover much common ground about current trends and where the sector is headed. What do they think hospitals of the future will look like? Here’s a rundown. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Campari America

campari america officeWhen you’re one of the world’s largest beverage alcohol companies, you can sit back and take it easy while your product just flies off the shelves, right? Wrong.

Campari America, the U.S. division of Milan-based Campari Group, which is the sixth largest premium spirits company in the world, knows that success comes as a result of continually examining data such as user trends, sales, and account opportunities, and then making informed decisions on product and sales opportunities from that data.

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I recently had a chance to visit Campari America at its office in San Francisco to talk about how it is using analytics to both predict and react to trends, and as a result, drive sales. Here are some insights from my visit. (more…)

How Healthcare Organizations Are Using Analytics to Promote Patient Safety

patient safetyDid you know hospital medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States? According to the New England Journal of Medicine, this would equate to about 700 people per day. That’s why patient safety is paramount, and it’s getting an extra focus as part of Patient Safety Awareness Week.

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While there’s a lot that hospitals do to promote patient safety that has to do with training people and improving processes, there is also a lot they can do in terms of technology to help them out. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three hospitals and how they are using analytics for patient safety initiatives. (more…)

A First Look at HIMSS18

HIMSS18 is off to a busy start, with more than 43,000 healthcare professionals from around the world in Las Vegas. Monday featured the CHIME CIO Forum and the opening keynote by Eric Schmidt, technical advisor and former executive chairman of Alphabet. On Tuesday, the show floor opens.

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Here are some initial first impressions of the themes and discussions happening at HIMSS18. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Julie Lamoureux

Here at Dimensional Insight, one of our vertical focuses in the United States is in healthcare. There are a lot of interesting trends and changes going on in the industry, such as the move to value-based care, the continuing challenges of interoperability (or lack thereof), and the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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One of the stellar employees here who helps us wrap our heads around these emerging trends and how to apply them in our customer deployments is Julie Lamoureux, senior healthcare consultant. I recently chatted with Julie about her role here at Dimensional Insight and what her hopes are for the future of healthcare and technology. (more…)