The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Analytics

Evolution of artificial intelligence in analytics. Asian businesswoman in formal suit working with computer laptop for Polygonal brain shape of an artificial intelligence with various icon of smart city Internet of Things, AI and business IOT conceptArtificial intelligence is a term that is as vague as it is powerful. The decision-making processes of today’s business leaders have moved heavily towards information technology and away from intuition, but the word that is driving this change sounds like it was ripped from a science fiction story.

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Over the course of its history, AI has evolved from descriptive, to predictive, and finally to prescriptive analytics and each of these steps represents a different way that the computer is able to recreate human thought. Let’s take a look at how AI has evolved over the years. (more…)

Venturing Into New Territory: How Universities Use Analytics For Real Estate

If it seems like you’re constantly hearing about the expansion of institutes of higher education, it’s probably because you are. Expanding a campus isn’t just great for the college or university’s bottom line, but it can also help to revitalize the area where it is located.

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This is true in small college towns or big cities alike – when a college or university expands it is often best to do so with an aim of helping out the surrounding neighborhood, in some cases creating more jobs, and often with an eye on integrating students more into the lives of the surrounding community through, for example, tutoring. None of the reasons for expanding are all that new… but some of the tools used and the approach with which colleges evaluate their real estate acquisitions are. Let’s take a look. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: EvergreenHealth

customer spotlight: evergreen healthWhen an organization has been successful with analytics, how does it decide how to expand upon that success? How does it best use its resources? Which projects and departments receive priority?

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While many organizations build out their analytics usage in a haphazard way, EvergreenHealth, based 15 miles outside of Seattle, uses a much more structured approach. The health system has an analytics steering committee that helps prioritize analytics projects and think about how they relate to the organization’s strategic goals. I learned about this and much more when I visited EvergreenHealth. Here’s a look. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Jeroen van Berk

Jeroen van Berk - Dimensional Insight teamDimensional Insight was founded on the belief that if you take care of the customer and the employee, then the customer and the employee will take care of Dimensional Insight.

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As we kick off our 30th year in business this year, we are proud that our founding values are still practiced today and have even found their way to our international offices. Today in our employee spotlight we introduce you to Jeroen Van Berk, account and sales manager at our Leiden, Netherlands office. (more…)

3 Predictions for Healthcare Technology in 2019

healthcare technology 2019It seems everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning when it comes to the year ahead in healthcare. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how these technologies evolve in 2019 and whether healthcare is able to use them to move the needle on patient care and outcomes.

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But what else is on the horizon for healthcare? What issues will impact what CIOs and executive leaders need to consider when it comes to implementing technology? Here are 3 predictions for 2019 and how analytics plays a role in them. (more…)

Data Analytics: One Solution for Many Markets

Data analytics. Big data analytics and business intelligence (BI) concept with chart and graph icons on a digital screen interface and a businessman in backgroundWe live in a world of data. If you pay close attention, you will see everything around us is composed of numbers. Digits appear in their own patterns and sequences, creating something of a larger value. But how are we to know what it all means?

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A data analytics tool will make sense of the mystery. For some, integrating an analytics tool may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Analytics is vital towards understanding why your organization behaves the way it does and where your future is headed. (more…)

How Dalarna University Uses Analytics to Turn Data Into Insight

Dalarna university building. Dalarna uses DiverWhile in the United States many higher education institutions struggle with exactly how best to use the data they collect, in some European countries there is an automatic financial incentive to organizing the data. In Sweden, education is publicly funded, and a university gets money from the government depending on the number of registered students.

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Such is the case at Dalarna University, which has campuses in two locations in Sweden. Dalarna had about 14,500 students in 2017, and about 60% of its students are internet-based. Dalarna uses Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform to help organize the data that it needs to report to the government in order for the university to be successful. (more…)

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Top 10 blog posts of 2018. Handwriting Announcement text showing Top 10 Ten List. Business concept for Success ten list written on notebook book note paper on wooden background. Green word letters. Next to mouse.

It’s that time of year again when we take a retrospective look at the year gone by before we start looking ahead to 2019. We had a busy year here on the blog, where we wrote about a wealth of topics ranging from predictive analytics to blockchain to workplace culture to customer successes.

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There was so much great content on the blog this year – and so much that you read and enjoyed! So without further ado, here are the Top 10 blog posts of this year for you to peruse again and share. (more…)

New Trends for Suppliers in the Bulk Wine Industry

The wine industry is continually changing and it’s important for wine suppliers to adapt in order to stay relevant to consumers. What are the trends they should be most aware of as we head into 2019?

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Dimensional Insight’s European team recently attended the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam. During the exhibition, we attended a round table of wine industry experts including Cyril Penn, Deborah Parker Wong, and Liza Zimmerman. At this event, these experts spoke about the latest trends in wine consumption in the United States and shared their insights for producers who are considering to export bulk to the U.S. (more…)

3 Ways Technology Will Impact Higher Education In 2019

higher education. It’s the end of the calendar year, which means it’s time for holidays, bowl games, and lists. Lots of end-of-year lists.

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If it’s not the “Best of” one thing in the old year, then it’s the “Watch out for this” other thing in the new year. The world of technology is no exception, and there are certainly trends in technology as we head into the new year that everyone in higher education will be talking about in the coming months. Here are three of the big technology topics you’ll be hearing a lot about in 2019. (more…)

“The Future of Wine Has Changed”… But in What Direction?

“The wine industry doesn’t like change. The wine industry doesn’t like innovation. The wine industry thinks that things should be the way it was, or the way they were.” For Robert Joseph, wine writer and connoisseur, this idea holds true. At this year’s World Bulk Wine Exhibition, an international event where wine industry professionals come together to celebrate a good bottle, Joseph challenged the attitudes that many hold towards the unorthodox approaches of doing business.

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Like many others, Joseph questions what it takes to sell a bottle of wine heading into 2019. In a landscape with ripe opportunities for innovation, it is becoming more apparent that risks need to be taken. So what is the future of wine beginning to look like? (more…)

How a New Study Could Revolutionize the Use of Data in Higher Education

Management Systems. Marketer or analityc manager team dressed in suits working with paper charts and laptops at the white office interiorOne of the biggest complaints about analytics use in higher education is that schools have tons of data, but they just don’t know how to use it to make decisions to improve students’ experiences. That could be about to change.

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The University of California at Irvine received a million-dollar grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to lead an effort that will track students’ behaviors in order to measure their success. Cal-Irvine will serve as the pilot site of the study, and the information gathered there will inform a national study of several colleges, managed by a consortium at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Researchers are hoping to figure out what practices affect how students learn, grow, and enter the work force. Here’s what they’re doing in their study that sets them apart. (more…)

Accountable Care: The Next Frontier of Value-Based Care

Accountable care. Doctor with female patient

In my recent series of posts, I’ve been exploring various approaches to value-based care (VBC). Here I’ll delve into Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and their importance in the value-based landscape.

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The ACO model represents what’s arguably the most progressive approach to delivering both care and value. It stands out in terms of its potential to significantly shift not just how care is provided, but how resources are allocated to assess and improve the well-being of a population. In effect, the emphasis is on “health” as opposed to “healthcare” in the traditional sense. (more…)

Dimensional Insight Book Club: The Motivation Myth

motivation mythIt seems like we’re always waiting. We wait for inspiration to move us, opportunities to come to us, and even the train ride home that is consistently late. When we want to make a change in our lives, we find ourselves repeating these familiar patterns. But what if you broke the habit?

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In The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win, Jeff Haden shows us how to be proactive goal-setters, sharing what we can do today to reach our long-term goals of tomorrow. We recently read this book for the Dimensional Insight Book Club. Here are our thoughts. (more…)

How Universities Use Analytics for Hiring

Hiring. Hand, two men on a desk. Negotiating business.There’s no perfect solution to hiring. Sometimes someone who looks great on paper is a disappointment in person, and it’s possible the ideal candidate can’t even get his or her foot in the door because of a lackluster resumé.

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In higher education, there are many factors that go into being a great university leader or a great professor. And there are a number of challenges to finding the right candidate in an industry that is highly competitive. Business intelligence can’t solve every problem with the hiring process, but it can help an organization get closer to finding the right person by focusing on analytics it can use. (more…)

How Wine Producers Are Solving Production Challenges with Technology

production challenges. Tuscan vineyard with red grapes.You know what’s inside of your glass of wine. But do you know how it was made? Vineyards have been a part of human history since as early as 6000 BC. With this vintage, we should have been expected to master the art. But in 2018, we are still striving towards excellence.

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A recent survey from Wine Business Monthly asked multiple growers from different regions about the top challenges they experienced in 2018. Among them, production challenges such as labor shortages, wine quality, and sustainability were the most prominent. So how are we able to improve production with modern technology? (more…)

Medical Schools in the Digital Age: The teachingEHR

healthcare. A group mixed race of student medical students communicates in front of a laptop. Discussion of the diagnosis.A doctor’s daily workload has changed completely in the last 20 years. The digitization of patient data has shifted the majority of a doctor’s time away from patients and towards EHRs. In fact, a recent study in Family Medicine concluded that providers are spending, on average, 18.6 minutes in front of an EHR and only 16.5 minutes with a patient during each visit.

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For physicians to be most effective and efficient with their time, they now need to be technically capable along with being clinically capable. This change in workplace norms must be reflected in the education of those entering the healthcare field. So how are medical schools preparing new doctors for the technology onslaught? Let’s take a look. (more…)

Giving Thanks: Gratitude in the Workplace

Gratitude. Retro effect and toned image of a woman hand writing a note with a fountain pen on a notebook. Motivational message PRACTICE GRATITUDE as concept for self-improvement

Thanksgiving is a time of year when many of us eat too much food, watch too much football (though my husband would say that’s not possible), and spend too much money on Black Friday sales. The busyness of the holiday makes it easy to forget what the purpose of the day is all about: gratitude.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the past year at work: the customers I’ve visited, the projects I’ve worked on, and the co-workers I’ve collaborated with. And if you’ll allow me a moment, in the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to share some of the things I’m most thankful for. (more…)

Inventory Analytics: Four Key Sales-Related Metrics to Watch

Key sales-related metrics. Woman using a barcode reader in a distribution warehouseThe ever-increasing digitization of the distribution business is generating ever-increasing amounts of data – and making it harder to discern which metrics are the most important for profitability and growth. For distributors, inventory is one of the most important drivers of success, thus underlining the need for insightful and actionable inventory analytics.

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In my last blog, I presented key metrics that track inventory alone and the interplay of inventory and employees. Today I will focus on inventory and sales numbers. Here are four metrics related to inventory and sales that will help distributors up their game. (more…)

3 Steps Toward Success in Healthcare Analytics

Explanation of healthcare benefitsHealthcare organizations are making significant investments in data analytics – an estimated $11 billion last year, forecast to surpass $30 billion by 2022. But spending does not necessarily bring success. Healthcare organizations need to put thoughtful, collaborative work into laying the foundation for analytics success.

There are three crucial areas to address before any healthcare analytics project starts rolling down the tracks:

  • User community perspectives, opportunities, and imperatives
  • Data governance
  • Business rules

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

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How to Motivate Your Team to Get Analytics Results

How to Motivate Your Team to Get Analytics Results. Many hands together: group of people joining hands showing unity and supportImplementing an analytics solution can be a game changer for your organization. It allows you to turn your data into information that employees in all areas can take advantage of.

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However, despite all the promise of analytics, in practicality, implementation is often met with mixed results (a lot of failures) and a loss of momentum. How can you get your team motivated to get the results you’re looking for? Let’s examine. (more…)

Recommendations on How to Measure Student Success in Universities

Student success. bottom view of happy multicultural graduates with diplomas throwing caps up with blue sky on background.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the Top 10 issues in IT, the list put out each year by EDUCAUSE at its annual conference. Another interesting panel discussion took place at the conference, tying together many of the issues on the list.

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The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research teamed up with the Association for Institutional Research and NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to study how colleges and universities use data and analytics to help students succeed. “Student success” itself was ranked number two on the EDUCAUSE Top 10 list, but much of what was written about in the study and talked about on the panel also addresses almost every other issue on the list. (more…)

Using Data to Navigate the Value-Based Care Journey

Value-based care journey. Male hand using navigation system on car dashboardLately, I have been thinking about the transition to value-based care in terms of a journey and envisioning an automobile dashboard as a means for presenting the most relevant information from perspectives that change throughout the trip. For example, a vehicle dashboard equipped with GPS can give “turn-by-turn” navigation while also measuring overall progress toward the destination. It can also provide the driver with visibility into different collections of helpful measures at a glance, and assist the driver in optimizing the trip plan based on priorities such as taking a scenic route versus the fastest one.

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Similarly, analytics – done well – can give healthcare organizations visibility into their incremental (“turn-by-turn”) steps toward value-based care, exposing opportunities for course corrections while also showing how each step fits into the broader context of the entire journey. Here’s how. (more…)

Inventory Analytics: Two Sets of Metrics that Really Matter

Inventory analytics. Manager using digital tablet in warehouseDistribution is an intensely competitive business and inventory is key to determining profitability. Applying advanced analytics to inventory management is a savvy way for distributors to track their performance and gain insights that can fuel profitability and growth.

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There now are more than 30 metrics distributors can use to gauge their performance. I like to group inventory metrics into three sets: those concerned with inventory only, those that focus on the interplay of inventory and people, and those that track inventory with sales. Let’s take a closer look at the first two categories and how they can improve distributors’ performance. (more…)

Survey Says: Healthcare CIOs Don’t Fully Trust Their Data

What is the state of trust in data within healthcare organizations? And how much data is easily accessible to decision-makers? Dimensional Insight recently set out to answer these and other questions by surveying healthcare chief information officers and other senior healthcare IT leaders.

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The survey probed three realms within healthcare organizations: clinical, financial, and operational. Overall, it found few organizations have very strong trust in their data while levels of self-service vary across the enterprise. The survey also revealed that most healthcare organizations plan to invest money toward improving both data trust and self-service. Here is a closer look at the results. (more…)

Data is at the Heart of the 2019 EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues

Educause Top 10. Science concept: pixelated Student icon on digital background, empty copyspace for card, text, advertisingThe EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is one of the country’s largest gatherings in higher education IT, drawing more than 8,000 people from 46 different countries. The conference addresses the future of IT, and as always, one of the highlights is the announcement of EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 list of issues in IT.

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The 2019 list features many of the same issues as were featured in 2018, albeit prioritized differently. More than half of the list relates to data, a reflection of the data initiatives many higher education institutions are working to implement. (more…)

Takeaways from the CHIME Fall CIO Forum

It’s one thing to implement technology in an organization and to see positive results from that. But the impact of those results can be multiplied when you can connect the technology implementation to a greater mission.

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This sentiment was front and center at the CHIME Fall CIO Forum, held Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 in San Diego, California. The various sessions and keynotes emphasized how an inspiring goal and a smart approach to technology can yield powerful results. (more…)

How the Right Timing Can Improve Analytical Insights

How the Right Timing Can Improve Analytical Insights. Young woman holding a clock showing nearly 12There are some quirks of timing that we can’t control. We hear stories of serendipity in which a chance occurrence leads to love, success, eternal happiness! Or stories where the difference of one second is a matter of life or death. Timing seems so uncontrollable. But what if it’s not? What if there are some aspects of timing we can control? And what if this could help us do better in our jobs?

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Author Daniel Pink takes on timing in his book, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.” Pink argues there is an optimal time to do certain types of work… and non-optimal times when you should avoid other types of work. Interestingly, when it comes to analytics, there are certain periods of the day that are better than others to gain insights. Let’s take a look. (more…)

Identifying Data That Can Make A Difference For Students

Identifying Data That Can Make A Difference For Students. Multi-Ethnic group of students in School Campus

It sounds like an idea any university’s leadership can get behind: Using data to make a positive difference in the lives of students. But it can also be overwhelming. What’s the right kind of data to collect? How can it be used to make improve a student’s experience? The problem seems complex. The solution doesn’t have to be.

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Many universities are finding success in analytics by keeping things simple and building from there. Here are some lessons learned from their successes, and how you can go about using data to make a difference for students at your university as well. (more…)

How Analytics Can Help Wineries Improve the Tasting Room Experience

Tasting rooms. Wine tasting experience in Langhe (Italy) with three glasses of Nebbiolo on a table

Tasting rooms are the first handshake that many prospective consumers have with a brand. Wineries look to tasting rooms as an opportunity towards a more hospitable approach at making their next sale. For many, tasting rooms prove to be successful. With an inviting atmosphere, engaging ambassadors, and a great product portfolio, it is easy to get right.

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However, many brands still struggle with fine-tuning their approach. Does this mean that prospecting clients is a game they’ve already lost? Here’s how wineries are using analytics to help them with their efforts. (more…)