Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Mitch Nolan

If you’re a long-time Diver customer, chances are you know Mitch Nolan, who works in our Green Bay office. Mitch has worked with Dimensional Insight for more than 20 years now in a variety of roles from sales to customer support. He is that calm voice always helping our customers out to get the most out of their Diver deployments.

Today in our employee spotlight, we talk to Mitch to learn more about how he has grown with Dimensional Insight throughout the years and how he is always working towards customer success.   (more…)

What Colleges and Universities are Doing to Help Students Manage Debt

Graduation hat on piggy and stack of coins money on white background, Saving money for education conceptOn the one hand, some courses are so full that extra sections have to be added and students are placed on waitlists. Colleges and universities offering those particular courses have to turn down more students than usual as they deal with increasing numbers of applications. On the other hand, small liberal arts colleges are forced to seek out financial partners to stay afloat or they must consider shutting down entirely.


Women and Wine: The Perfect Pairing

Women and Wine: The Perfect Pairing. Picture presenting happy group of friends with red wine

Women are buying and drinking more wine than ever, with 57% of total wine volume being purchased by women, according to Nielsen. The survey showed that overall more women are buying wine and drinking it more frequently — and at larger quantities than their male counterparts.

With women dominating such a large market share of wine purchases, wine labels are wise to use data on women’s purchasing behaviors to their favor.


6 Questions from the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report You Should Consider

Healthcare business intelligence. Too Many Questions. Pile of colorful paper notes with question marks. Closeup.

KLAS Research recently announced its 2019 Best in KLAS scores in several market segments, including healthcare business intelligence and analytics. At first glance, the top vendors are ranked fairly close with just few points of variance. However, this year with the scores, KLAS also included vendor grades in different categories. These grades carry valuable information that looks more deeply at what you are getting when you implement technology.

If you’re evaluating vendors what are these areas should you consider beyond the final score? Here are 6 questions to consider.


How Blockchain Can Benefit B2B Distribution

B2B payment structures have been thrown into flux by recent developments in transaction technology. Most notably, blockchain algorithms offer a safe and efficient way of trading goods and their recent rise in popularity speaks to their viability in this space going forward.

Blockchain algorithms supplant the role of a central bank or government backing to support the virtual coins that they create. This technology has been a rapidly expanding field for major corporations, especially B2B distributors. A 2018 study found 82 of the Fortune 100 companies have begun researching or investing money into blockchain technology. Mastercard, Visa, and J.P. Morgan have launched blockchain networks to ease B2B transactions, especially cross-border payments. With the technology becoming more available, let’s dive into the benefits of blockchain technology for B2B distributors.


How Colleges and Universities Use Surveys To Gather Student Data

Surveys. Asian groups are brainstorming, working in the office, reviewing lessons, doing homework in the university, group concept.When you think data and analytics, chances are you think numbers. But it’s not just numbers, especially in the field of higher education. Sure, there are grades and tuition and percentages and calculations, but there are also pieces of information that are qualitative instead of quantitative.

The students and their experiences provide data that is every bit as valuable as the countless numbers that are being crunched on college campuses. Some schools are struggling with how to measure those experiences…while others have figured it out by going straight to the source.


Healthcare Innovation in 2019: Keeping the Consumer Top of Mind

Healthcare Innovation in 2019: Keeping the Consumer Top of MindWe all know the healthcare industry has been slower than other industries when it comes to innovation. Whether it’s because of razor-thin (or negative) margins, government regulations, the complexity of the system, or just a general hesitancy to innovate when lives are on the line, healthcare has lagged behind in implementing new technology.

This topic was front at center at the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress, held in Chicago, March 4-7. The event, attended by senior healthcare leaders, focused on new technologies, how leaders should think about innovation, and how health systems need to focus on the consumer (not the patient). Here’s a look. (more…)

Celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week

patient safety. doctor examining a child in a hospitalWe are all unique individuals. But despite our differences, we share one thing in common: we are all patients. At every stage in our lives, we place our trust in our healthcare system to be there for us to provide safe and quality care. But have you ever experienced a time where you received anything but that?


How Analytics Can Help Guide Student Interventions

In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a LecturerMany colleges and universities are focused on using data and analytics to help students succeed. But what does that look like in practice?

The answer is different depending on the schools. One thing they have in common, though, is that they rely on data that shows them which classes students are struggling in the most. Here are a few ways institutions of higher education have found success intervening on behalf of students who need help.


How to Stay Ahead of the Changing Wine Consumer

Diverse Group of Friends Celebrate with a Toast and Clink Raised Wine Glasses in Celebration. Beautiful Young People Have Fun in the Stylish Bar/ Restaurant.
You may have already noticed the change in your local liquor store. Eye-catching labels on cans of wine surround the checkout line and there’s more sparkling wine to buy.

The change sparked because there’s a new consumer in the liquor store—and it is a buyer who was not 21 years old 10 years ago. This consumer wants the wine they purchase to match their values and lifestyle, and it’s forcing some brands to rethink their strategy.

By using data to analyze this new customer, you’ll be able to help your brand adapt to the changing market. (more…)

Survey Says: Less Than 1 in 4 Senior Hospital Execs Use Executive Dashboard Daily

Survey Says: Less Than 1 in 4 Senior Hospital Execs Use Executive Dashboard Daily. A group of people in the room, having a meeting

By now, most healthcare organizations know that a mountain of value lies in their data, and as a result, they have employed some form of analytics in their hospitals or health systems. But how effective is their use of analytics? Are they using it on a daily basis to make decisions?

A new HIMSS Analytics survey sponsored by Dimensional Insight shows that few senior healthcare leaders are actually using their data daily to drive decision-making. Here are the survey results. (more…)

4 Best Practices to Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Young freelance team working on a project. Data-driven culture

What sets apart companies that are able to truly excel with their analytics implementations and those that struggle with issues such as adoption? I don’t hold all the answers, but during my numerous customer visits, I have noticed certain traits bubble to the top among the highest performing companies.

Here I have pulled together 4 best practices to creating a data-driven culture. These are traits I have noticed in customers who use analytics throughout their organizations and are achieving tangible results from their efforts. (more…)

The Two Sides of the Artificial Intelligence Coin

Chat bot, artificial intelligence, robo advisor, robotic conc
Over my last several blog posts on artificial intelligence, I’ve taken a look at the massive upside for distributors that the technology promises. But with these steps forward in business efficiency comes huge steps back in labor and employment.

The robotics and cognitive automation spoken of by Sergi Mesquida will be the largest contributor to job loss for distributors in the future. This label encompasses the robots used in car manufacturing, telemarketing, and the driverless cars threatening the trucking industry. These concerns are existential for many areas of the country and have been garnering serious attention in the upcoming debate for the 2020 election. Let’s take a look at some of these concerns.


How Analytics Can Help Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder. One hand holds a cucumber, the other hand holds a knife against the background of a white plateNational Eating Disorders Awareness Week is being held February 25 through March 3, in which the National Eating Disorders Association aims to increase awareness of eating disorders and support individuals and families affected by them.

Eating disorders are a main treatment area for children’s hospitals, with many of them operating treatment clinics or programs to help children and adolescents. In the multi-pronged approach to treating these disorders, analytics can play a role. Let’s examine how.


HIMSS19 Closing Thoughts: An International Perspective

Last week I joined my colleagues in Orlando, Florida at HIMSS19. HIMSS19 is the largest healthcare information and technology event in the world, and comparing this event to anything back home in the Netherlands is almost impossible. The only thing that comes close in size to the Orange County Convention Center is the entire “Jaarbeurs,” a convention center of 100,000 square meters in Utrecht.

What did I think of my first visit to HIMSS? Here’s a look.


Higher Ed: The New Kid on the Blockchain

Higher Ed: The New Kid on the Blockchain. Intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) with key performance indicators (KPI) dashboard concept. Co-working process, entrepreneur team working in creative office space using digital tablet docking keyboard.

Recently, JPMorgan Chase became the first major United States bank to introduce its own digital coin. This, in addition to JPMorgan’s blockchain platform used by a number of institutions to track financial data, is another step in ways that the financial world is increasingly accepting blockchain technology.

What does this have to do with the world of higher ed? The more prevalent blockchain technology becomes, the more likely it is that institutions of higher ed will embrace it, in the same way other technological innovations or advances like data and analytics become part of university life. Blockchain is sure to be a topic we’ll be hearing more about. Let’s take a look at blockchain in the world of education. (more…)

The role of a salesperson is challenging, but whose job isn’t. Right?

The typical salesperson spends 80% of his or her time out of the office. There are trade shows, customer visits, and of course, transit times to consider. I know a salesperson who spends fully 20% of his time either on a plane or waiting for a plane in an airport. And that’s why the mobile revolution has taken hold in our society. More and more workers need mobile, flexible solutions for how to get their jobs done. And, they need our support working this way.

We’ve largely done a good job of connecting on-the-go workers to each other — providing access to phone and email via mobile devices. But that’s not enough. Mobile workers also need to be connected to their data, with the ability to access the right information and the right person at the right time on the right device. Companies send salespeople out on the road and those salespeople must be able to do their job —right at the time they are selling. To better support this mobile sales force, let’s examine the basis for the resources they’ll need. (more…)

The Future of AI in B2B Distribution

The Future of AI in B2B Distribution. Hand presses on world map with social media,Truck with Industrial Container Cargo for Logistic Import Export at yard (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

The B2B distribution industry was not prepared for the entrance of “Amazon Business” in 2015. The industry has been disrupted by Silicon Valley because it was not technologically equipped and cannot keep up with the heavy automation and artificial intelligence of Amazon.

Tweet: The future of AI in B2B distribution

This difference is nothing new as, “many technologies pioneered in retail have ‘trickled down’ to distribution over time,” but the threat against B2B distributors is more ominous than ever before and companies will have to innovate to stay relevant in our rapidly digitizing age. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare logoWhen are analytics deployments most successful? When they are tied to an organization’s strategy. That way, organizations can ensure their analytics projects are supporting their most critical goals.

Tweet: Customer spotlight: Munson Healthcare

At Munson Healthcare, a 9-hospital system located in Traverse City, Michigan, its Diver deployment is tied into its overall strategy that guides all of the organization’s actions. I learned a lot about how Munson Healthcare thinks about developing its analytics applications and the successes it has seen during a recent visit to Traverse City. Here are some of my notes. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Diederick Gerritsen

diederick gerritsenSince 1989, we’ve had one goal: to empower our clients by helping them understand the value of their data so they can make better business decisions. 30 years later, we’re proud to say that we have achieved this goal on multiple occasions.

Tweet: Meet the Dimensional Insight team: Diederick Gerritsen

One of those people who helps us meet this goal day in and day out: Diederick Gerritsen, sales manager in our Leiden, Netherlands office. Today in our employee spotlight, we introduce you to Diederick. He shares his journey at Dimensional Insight and why customers choose to work with us. (more…)

How Higher Education Is Building Up Data Science Programs

How Higher Education Is Building Up Data Science Programs. Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry InformWith plenty of jobs on the horizon – and higher salaries to go along with those jobs – it’s no surprise that data science is among the most popular majors in higher education. Colleges and universities are scrambling to meet the demand – and in some cases taking steps to alter their campuses as they look to the future.

Tweet: How higher education is building up data science programs

What does the rise in data science careers mean for higher education? Here’s a look at what’s happening. (more…)

Artificial Intelligence and the Race Against

Artificial Intelligence and the Race Against Amazon.comIn 2018, Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce market hit a new milestone. The online retail giant captured 50% of US retail e-commerce with $252 billion in sales. This is certainly a high-water mark for Amazon, but rivals are not standing idly by. Firms in the retail sector are working hard to harness data and digitize their distribution platform to chip away at Amazon’s enormous lead.

Tweet: Artificial intelligence and the race against

Companies like Walmart, which now has a partnership with Google, are “testing the notion that an enemy’s enemy is a friend” in a mad-dash to modernize their organizations. These changes span the spectrum of AI capabilities from greater control of data through analytics to autonomous drones that deliver packages. Kroger,, and Walmart are three companies making a particularly strong move to end Amazon’s digital dominance. Let’s take a look. (more…)

3 Ways Analytics Can Help with Adolescent Mental Health

mental health. Backlight of a teenager depressed sitting inside a dirty tunnelAnalytics can help hospitals in many important ways—even in life-saving capacities. There are few use cases as compelling as when analytics can be used to create an intervention that can literally save a life.

Tweet: 3 ways analytics can help with adolescent mental health

Such is the case with adolescent mental health. Organizations are currently using analytics to track measures and patient care, monitor medication usage, and screen for symptoms of depression. Here’s how. (more…)

Dimensional Insight Named 2019 Best in KLAS in Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics

Dimensional Insight Named 2019 Best in KLAS in Healthcare Business Intelligence and AnalyticsThe “2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services” report came out today, and I’m incredibly excited to share that Dimensional Insight was ranked the #1 vendor in Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics. This is the sixth year that we have achieved this honor.

Tweet: Dimensional Insight named 2019 Best in KLAS in healthcare business intelligence and analytics

While I would like to extend a hearty “thank you” to our customers who helped us achieve Best in KLAS again, I’d also like to say “congratulations” to them, for this honor is much more about their success and improved outcomes as a result of analytics. (more…)

Dimensional Insight Book Club: Brotopia

brotopiaEvery industry breeds a specific mentality that lives within its employees. It affects how they think, work, and interact with each other. For aspiring technology professionals in Silicon Valley, they’ve seen how “bro” culture has been adopted by many and how it created a false sense of confidence among men, and a lack of confidence among women that has become synonymous with working in this field.

Tweet: Dimensional Insight Book Club review: Brotopia

In Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, author Emily Chang investigates the political landscape of the workplace and how even the most successful companies are failing to achieve harmony between men and women employees. (more…)

Artificial Intelligence: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies
In a previous blog post, we took a look at the various forms of artificial intelligence that are in use today. These include descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. However, these are just tools. The far more impactful area, in terms of how this technology affects people’s lives, is where the brilliance of AI and analytics solutions are put to use in the marketplace.

Tweet: Artificial intelligence: Where the rubber meets the road

Major companies such as Amazon and Apple have increasingly capitalized on these tools in the past five years — so much so that the NASDAQ blog referred to 2018 as The Artificial Intelligence Boom. The private sector implementation of AI can be broken down into four major categories: Internet, Perceptual, Autonomous, and Business AI. Each form of implementation finds a clear benefit in the analysis and implementation of data. (more…)

How Analytics Can Help During Flu Outbreaks

Flu outbreak. Young girls using paper tissues while being sick

Every year, thousands of children are hospitalized because of the flu; several dozen to more than 100 children die each year from complications.

Tweet: How analytics can help during flu outbreaks

It’s important for health providers not only to know which children need to be vaccinated, but also to understand where there are flu outbreaks and how they might need to readjust their staffing to deal with surges in flu patients. How can they do so? Let’s take a look. (more…)

How to Quickly Profit from a Procurement Collaboration

Procurement collaboration. Online shopping/ecommerce and delivery service concept

Procurement collaborations – also known as group purchasing organizations – are the way towards driving profits. By sharing expertise, knowledge, and volume, the benefits of setting up a collective procurement process delivers tremendous value towards your organization’s goals.

Tweet: How to quickly profit from a procurement collaboration

However, some may believe that with these gains come substantial costs. With skeptics questioning the value of this process, how can a procurement collaboration prove its adept reputation? Let’s take a look. (more…)