How Higher Ed Gathers Student Data with Wearable Tech and Location Tracking

Fans know where to find the University of Alabama football program – it’s usually at the top of the polls.

But now, the University of Alabama football program also knows where to find its fans. Or, at least, it’s trying.

The school is trying to boost attendance and to keep fans in their seats at Bryant-Denny Stadium by using location-tracking data. They are tracking which students come to the game and who is staying until the end of what are usually non-competitive contests in the fourth quarter. Students who use the location-tracking app and come to the game are awarded Loyalty Points, and then they are awarded more points if they stay all the way through the game.

Alabama’s approach may be unique, but they are certainly not alone in gathering information directly from students. Schools are looking for data wherever they can find it – and as the technology offers increasing opportunities to do so, colleges and universities are looking to apps that a student carries with them to provide that data. Let’s take a look.


A Day in the Life of Rosalie: How a Customer Uses DiveTab

A Day in the Life of Rosalie: How a Customer Uses DiveTabWe tout the benefits of our DiveTab mobile product, but what is it actually like in action? For our customers who use DiveTab, it’s a critical tool that provides insight throughout their workdays.

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This article, which will show you a day in the life of Rosalie, a DiveTab customer, is based on a presentation by our customer, James Batchelor of Mutual Distributing Company. This will provide you with a great example of how DiveTab can be leveraged by sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency. I’d like to thank James for his generosity in allowing us to use this here. (more…)

How Beverage Alcohol Companies Can Use Analytics for Long-Term Planning

analytics for long-term planning drawingHow can beverage alcohol companies strategize and plan for success in 2018? The answer lies in analytics, data, and technology.

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An investment in analytics enables beverage alcohol companies to better understand their direction as well as overall industry trends. Such information can aid in better data-driven decision-making, resulting in improved efficiency, increased productivity, and greater success and growth. (more…)

Holiday Wish List for the Beverage Alcohol Industry

wish list2017 was a busy and tumultuous year for the beverage alcohol industry, especially those who were affected by the wildfires in California. This year also brought many company mergers and consolidations, continuing an ongoing trend in the industry.

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What’s clear as we head into 2018 is that technology and analytics are becoming even more important than ever, and it’s important for the beverage alcohol industry to adopt tools that will lead to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and more revenue. With that in mind (and since the holidays are on our minds), I created a holiday wish list for better business intelligence and analytics in the beverage alcohol industry. (more…)

How Wineries Can Invest their IT Dollars for Better Analytics and Job Creation

man working on laptop and a glass of wine on the tableWhen it comes to investing in technology in the wine industry, there’s a huge discrepancy in terms of money spent. A recent WBM Technology Survey by Wine Business Monthly magazine shows that while 90% of small wineries spend less than $50,000 per year on IT, more than half (54%) of large wineries spend more than $1 million.

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This obviously makes sense – wineries do what they can with the resources they have. What was striking, though, is that the majority of medium and large wineries had the same top IT issue, which is “providing better data to our trade sales team.” Better data can indeed produce a myriad of positive results – providing insight into areas such as finance and sales, and spurring company growth. In this blog post, we’ll look at how business intelligence solutions can help wineries – no matter what their revenue or the size of their IT budget – make better use of their data and gain the insights they need.


How to Best Support Your Salespeople

The role of a salesperson is difficult. Salespeople are often challenged with less than perfect working environments, yet they are expected to excel without the tools office workers have at their disposal. In the office, workers have all the resources they need readily available: presentations, files, data, and experienced staff to help with department-specific answers to questions.

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But what about those whose jobs require them to “live” on the road? How can they most effectively do their jobs and gain access to the same tools that in-house office workers have? That’s what we’ll be examining in this blog post. (more…)

The Changing Role of Sales in a Connected World

Technology is a staple for personal and business purposes. It has driven consumerism globally as well as improved communication and collaboration. Mobile technology has specifically taken the business world by storm. Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever; this year, the total number of mobile phone users will rise to 4.77 billion.

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As we become more connected, mobile technology has shaped how business is conducted and how colleagues and employees work, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Physical location no longer limits business engagements, and employees can retrieve data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Today we will examine the changing role of the sales industry and how mobile technology has positively impacted the business world. (more…)

How to Ensure Your Sales Team is Making Its End-of-Year Numbers

why-team-is-not-sellingYour sales team isn’t selling and it’s starting to irritate you. For beverage alcohol companies, this is the busiest time of year. Heck, OND (October-November-December) has a HUGE reputation as being the time when orders start flying in. Companies have extra budget that they’ll either spend or lose. And organizations base next year’s budget on what a department “needed” this year — so you can guarantee the department will spend, spend, spend!

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If this is such a busy time of year, why isn’t your sales team selling? There can be a lot of different reasons. But let’s talk about 3. (more…)

DiveTab Mobile BI: What’s New and What’s to Come

mobile-biAnalysts project global spending on business intelligence (BI) will increase steadily over the next few years, with cloud BI projected to increase 20% in 2017. In addition, analysts project mobile BI in the global marketplace will reach 30% of the BI market by 2018. Why are these statistics so important? Because companies using analytics are five times more likely to make faster decisions. Even more exciting, the Leadership Excellence in Analytic Practices study (LEAP; released by A.T. Kearney in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon), showed that leaders of enterprises using analytics focus on collaboration in conjunction with BI, while laggards rely mainly on the technology.

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This is all great news for companies using (or looking to use) our DiveTab mobile BI platform. DiveTab’s focus is information proliferation and collaboration, using the latest in cloud computing technology to provide access to a full suite of powerful (and award-winning) BI analytics tools. What news could possibly add to the excitement? DiveTab just got a whole lot better, with numerous improvements and new features added in a recent update. Even better, more updates are on the way! Read on to learn more. (more…)

5 Must-Haves in a Mobile BI Solution

mobile biWhether it’s better workforce insight or a better bottom line, any organization can improve its day-to-day through business intelligence. In the past few years, information analytics has moved from a business augmentation tool to a standard to play in the big leagues. Now, business intelligence (BI) implementations are being turbo-charged with the addition of fully integrated mobile BI solutions.

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Whether you’ve been carefully considering your mobile BI options, or are just now looking to get into the game, it’s important to distinguish between the frills, good features, and must-have components. In this blog post, we’ll examine the five features of a mobile BI solution that are simply non-negotiable. (more…)