How Analytics Can Help Organizations Prepare for the Supply Chain’s Uncertain Future

About the only thing organizations were certain about when the pandemic hit was that the future of the supply chain was uncertain. Different government responses at different times around the world meant that companies needed to figure out where they would experience problems…and then anticipate what might become a problem next.

Reliable data that companies had culled for years became less reliable as the pandemic wore on, and companies needed to adjust. They began to look for any ways they could make their data usable again. Part of the solution for many organizations was turning to innovative technologies to get the information they needed to make sure their business could survive COVID-19. Here’s a look at some of those technologies and how they’ve been used effectively.


6 Questions from the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report You Should Consider

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KLAS Research recently announced its 2019 Best in KLAS scores in several market segments, including healthcare business intelligence and analytics. At first glance, the top vendors are ranked fairly close with just few points of variance. However, this year with the scores, KLAS also included vendor grades in different categories. These grades carry valuable information that looks more deeply at what you are getting when you implement technology.

If you’re evaluating vendors what are these areas should you consider beyond the final score? Here are 6 questions to consider.


Understanding Wineries’ Top 3 IT Priorities

When it comes to incorporating technology into the wine industry, organizations have so many opportunities to apply analytics and technology. However, there is a huge discrepancy in terms of dollars invested towards IT.

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A recent WBM Technology Survey by Wine Business Monthly magazine analyzes the top IT priorities for wineries based on various categories such as winery size, job function, and IT job function. Most wineries have the same top IT issue, which is “providing better data to our trade sales team.” Better data can result in gained insights into areas of the business and opportunities to spur company growth. Let’s examine how wineries can better understand their top priorities and implement the technology to support them. (more…)

How Curiosity Can Improve Decision-Making

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I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the importance of curiosity lately, and well… that all made me curious as to how curiosity relates to our business lives, and in particular, to analytics and decision-making.

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The September/October issue of Harvard Business Review featured an article titled, “The Business Case for Curiosity.” Based on the research findings presented in this article and in other sources, it’s clear that a curious mind can improve decision-making and business results. Let’s take a look. (more…)

How Beverage Alcohol Companies Can Use Analytics for Long-Term Planning

analytics for long-term planning drawingHow can beverage alcohol companies strategize and plan for success in 2018? The answer lies in analytics, data, and technology.

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An investment in analytics enables beverage alcohol companies to better understand their direction as well as overall industry trends. Such information can aid in better data-driven decision-making, resulting in improved efficiency, increased productivity, and greater success and growth. (more…)

Holiday Wish List for the Beverage Alcohol Industry

wish list2017 was a busy and tumultuous year for the beverage alcohol industry, especially those who were affected by the wildfires in California. This year also brought many company mergers and consolidations, continuing an ongoing trend in the industry.

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What’s clear as we head into 2018 is that technology and analytics are becoming even more important than ever, and it’s important for the beverage alcohol industry to adopt tools that will lead to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and more revenue. With that in mind (and since the holidays are on our minds), I created a holiday wish list for better business intelligence and analytics in the beverage alcohol industry. (more…)

Manage Programs to Help Capture More Revenue


What is one of the biggest challenges in the beverage alcohol industry? Program management – especially without the use of program tracking capabilities. Before technology, beverage alcohol organizations used spreadsheets as their tool-of-choice to manage programs. However, as programs increased in number and complexity, organizations spent more resources on program tracking and devoted less time to generating revenue. However, as technology has developed, program tracking can be done much easier and more efficiently than before.

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How can beverage alcohol organizations boost productivity, efficiency, and revenue? Here are 5 ways program management can help.


3 Ways BI Can Modernize Your Wine & Spirits Program Management

program managementIf you’re working in the wine & spirits industry, chances are that New Year’s resolutions aren’t the only new objectives you have for 2016. The New Year likely comes with a new set of goals and programs for your organization. Achieving success with program management is essential, regardless of whether or not you are a distributor or a supplier. If managed improperly, an unwieldy set of programs can derail your sales efforts from day 1.

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In order to maximize your revenue in 2016, it’s critical to focus on your program management and making sure your program execution matches up with the goals you’ve outlined for the year ahead. With that in mind, here are 3 ways in which your company’s program management efforts can benefit from a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) tool. (more…)

3 Gifts to Boost Wine and Spirits Sales this Holiday Season

wine and spiritsHere at Dimensional Insight, we realize that the holiday season means something a little different to everyone. Some might look at December as a time for holiday festivities involving excessive or not enough gift giving, fun and/or awkward dinners with in-laws, and more holiday music than any sane person can possibly tolerate.

However, if you are working in the beverage alcohol industry, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, as it’s a major determinant of whether or not your year is going to be a success. With OND (October-November-December) representing on average 60% or more of your sales, it is an important revenue driver for everyone in the industry. Accordingly, your company will pull out all the stops to capitalize on the opportunities unique to the 4th quarter of the year, with pricing, promotions, and increased marketing and sales activities being foremost among revenue maximization strategies.

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