How Will the 2020 Election Impact Healthcare?

Stethoscope on American Flag with Selective Focus.Now that the 2020 election has taken place and President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office in January, all eyes are on what policy changes will take place in 2021.

Healthcare is one of the biggest areas that will be affected by the change of guard in the Oval Office, from issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic to the status of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Let’s examine some of the top healthcare issues that could be impacted by the new Biden administration.


Analytics Provides the Road Map to the Supply Chain’s Uncertain Future

Futuristic Technology in smart automation industrial high efficiency  using ai artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twin, 5g, big data, iot, augmented mixed virtual rality, ar, vr,robotFor some companies, 2020 exposed gaps in their supply chain that proved devastating. For others, the events of this year provided them with a chance to take a step back and figure out what worked and what needed to be changed moving forward. The supply chain has perhaps never been more transparent than it is right now. Customers who saw shortages of certain items in the spring have a better awareness of where products come from and how they reach their destinations. Here are some ways that companies are working to make sure their supply chain is scrutinized in a positive rather than a negative light. (more…)

Five Sustainability Trends in Wine for 2021

As millennials increase their buying power and market share of wine sales, brands are adapting to match millennials’ values. Climate change and the environment are among that generation’s most significant concerns.

In fact, 73% of millennials say global warming is “personally important to them,” according to a report from Yale’s Program on Climate Communication.

The wine industry wants to protect the planet, too, and placate its consumers. Brands are responding by creating paper wine bottles, committing to less wine waste, and more. (more…)

High-End Liquor Sales are Recovering Slowly

Months after the outset of the pandemic, sales of high-end liquor are still nowhere near their 2019 levels. However, analysts are offering hope that they may be on the road to recovery. Prior to the start of 2020, they had been steadily on the rise for some time. But that all changed when stay-at-home orders decimated the bar and restaurant scene overnight. Now it seems that premium alcohol sales may be set to resume their steady ascent. Let’s explore the factors that caused these shifts, and where they might be headed in the future. (more…)

The Future of Vaccines Part 1: 5 Myths About the COVID-19 Vaccine

multi exposure of coronavirus COVID 19 infected blood sample in sample tube in hand of scientist in coronavirus covid 19 vaccine research laboratory with DNA strain and plasma blood,vaccine concept1. The COVID-19 vaccine will be ready for distribution by the end of the year

The development of a COVID-19 vaccine has been a popular topic of discussion throughout the many months of the pandemic, but now more than ever many individuals are getting their hopes up for a fully approved vaccine by the end of the year – an unrealistic expectation. Even though we are getting closer to a successful vaccine, full distribution will not happen right away, and definitely not by the end of December of 2020.

Currently there are a number of existing trials for the COVID-19 vaccine, but a few of them are already on hold due to safety issues. Does this mean a longer wait for an approved vaccine? Maybe, but it’s worth the extra wait if the final product will be guaranteed as safe and successful. “People should be reassured by that, that that means we’re really looking at the safety issues with great scrutiny,” says Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health. (more…)

How to Reach New Customers in 2021

As we all know, the year 2020 brought large-scale and completely unpredictable changes to nearly every business sector. COVID-19 transformed the way that nearly everything is done, and its effects are certain to have ripples that affect things in the year 2021 and beyond. But even with the disease still at large, the economy is showing signs of recovery. With any luck, the landscape of industry will look very different next year. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look at some of the changes that happened this year when planning for the next. Here are some suggestions, supported by data, on how to reach new customers in 2021 and beyond. (more…)

Hold The Rosé: The Rosé Market Begins To Consolidate

Various shades of rose wine. Flat-lay of rose wine in different colors in glasses and spring blossom flowers over marble background, top view. Wine shop, bar, tasting, seasonal wine list conceptWhen you walk into a liquor store, you’ll see 30 different types of rosés, all at the same price point. A typical customer will buy one, maybe two different types, and stay loyal to the one they chose first when they make their next purchase.

In the last five years, rosé wine became the summer drink of choice. Sales skyrocketed and showed no sign of slowing down.

“Rosé sales in the past year were up approximately 25 percent. No other beverage category grew nearly as quickly,” Aldo Sohm, wine director at Le Bernardin and Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, told PureWow in 2018.

In 2019, sales of rosé wines grew in the United States to 18.7 million cases, according to Shanken’s Impact Databank. But it seems brands feel customers have had too much rosé. (more…)

How the Pandemic Has Impacted Businesses (And How to Use Data to Adapt)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on nearly every business sector, the ripples of which will continue to be felt for years after a vaccine is released. Most of these changes have been challenging for businesses, with thousands of companies being forced to close their doors permanently or make drastic changes to keep customers safe.

While the effects are universal, some industries have been hit much harder than others. Many have even been given an unexpected windfall from the changes. In this article, we will examine some of the varied effects of the pandemic and what changes companies can make to stay ahead of them. (more…)

Using Analytics to Get a Pulse on the Health of Your Emergency Department

When everything is running as it’s supposed to, a hospital is like a well-oiled machine. Each department plays a role in keeping the hospital working. But when one of the links in the chain isn’t at its best, it can negatively impact the entire organization. The emergency department is critical to the overall flow and financial health of the hospital. And now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more critical that a hospital’s emergency department is running at peak efficiency. This helps both hospital finances by getting patients in the door and patient care, as patients don’t have to wait for long periods of time and can quickly and safely get to where they need to be without the potential for exposure. However, the emergency department faces unique challenges. As Nora Lissy, RN, BSN, MBA, Dimensional Insight’s Director of Healthcare Implementations, says, “A poorly run emergency department can result in poor customer service, low employee morale, and the increased potential for poor clinical outcomes.” (more…)

Customers Want A Tasty Cocktail Without the Buzz

Stirred, not slurred—that’s the slogan for Curious Elixirs’ new line of non-alcoholic mocktails.

A cocktail without the buzz may not seem buzz-worthy, but the non-alcoholic beverage market amounts to $280 million, according to Statista. The industry expects growth by 7.1% this year. The non-alcoholic drink market, which does include soft drinks, is expected to be valued at more than $2 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research.

Consumers now want non-alcoholic drink options for either mid-week sips or because they’re exploring a sober lifestyle for health reasons. Some of the non-alcoholic drink companies dub this month “Sober October.” The idea is similar to Dry January; people who partake spend the entire month not drinking alcoholic beverages.

“Forecasters expect COVID-19 to accelerate the decline of booze consumption in the U.S. As fewer people visit bars, restaurants, and sporting venues, retail purchases have increased, but overall intake has been dropping,” Bloomberg reports. “The drinks industry is responding with an onslaught of non-alcoholic spirits whose flavors evoke those found in traditional bottles. ” (more…)