Newsletter 2022


November 2022


  • DIUC22: Application-Based Strategy
  • Using Analytics for Your ER
  • Employee Profile: Gabrielle Amarosa
  • Patterns for Exposing Data
  • 5 Metrics for “Tripledemic” Dashboards

Goods & Services

  • DIUC22: Application-Based Strategy
  • How Distributors are Using Analytics
  • Successful RTD Cocktails
  • Employee Profile: Rachel Donais
  • Biden Pardons Marijuana Users

October 2022

  • Increased Integration Provides More Opportunities for Pharmacy Analytics
  • Like Everything Else, the Cost of Wine is Going Up
  • The Complete Package: Why Packaging Matters in Supply Chain Analytics
  • Proper Use of Color in Data Visualization
  • New Features Found in Diver Platform Version 7.2

September 2022

  • All The ‘Cool Kids’ Are Investing In Wine
  • How Analytics Can Help Solve Your Patient Leakage Problem
  • Are We in a Recession? Here’s What the Data Says
  • Taking Links Out of the Supply Chain to Improve Efficiency
  • What to Look for in a Cannabis Analytics Solution

August 2022

  • What an Exciting Location for Our Users’ Conference!
  • Solar Gets a New Life with Storage
  • This Year’s Hottest Vintage? NFTs
  • 5 Business Intelligence & Analytics Trends that Are Shaping 2022
  • How Analytics Can Make a Difference in the Radiology Department

June 2022

  • DIUC22: Networking, Education, Fun—All in Two Days!
  • RTD Cocktails, Hard Seltzers Prepare for Summer
  • How Hospitals Can Use Data to Go Green
  • The Cannabis Cultivation Data You Should Be Collecting
  • How to Create Conditional Click Actions

June 2022

  • Keynote Speaker and a Chance to Win 2 Free Hotel Nights!
  • Link Between EHR Satisfaction & Clinician Burnout
  • Most Reliable Aspect of the Power Grid? It’s Likely to Fail
  • How to Leverage Analytics in HR
  • Optimizing Your Cannabis Tech Stack With Data Analytics
  • Millennials Aren’t Drinking Enough Wine

May 2022

  • Announcing: DIUC22 Registration is Open!
  • How Data Analytics Can Help Advance Your EHR Strategy
  • Champagne & Russian Vodka Will Be Hard to Find This Summer
  • Highlights from HIMSS22
  • Your Next Electricity Bill Might Be Shocking

April 2022

  • The Benefits of Cannabis Legalization
  • What Return to Restaurants Means for Beverage Alcohol Industry
  • Current State of Embedded BI
  • 2022 Top Cybersecurity Investments for Healthcare

March 2022

  • States Are Trying to Better Understand Pandemic Data
  • Ecommerce & the Future of Cannabis
  • For Wine And Spirits, There’s No Place Like A Liquor Store
  • All “A” Grades in Data & Analytics Platform Category
  • Why Diversity Matters in Decision-Making

February 2022

  • Cannabis Analytics to Drive Growth
  • What the Data Shows about Omicron
  • 4 Renewable Energy Trends in 2022
  • Olympian Hurdle for Supply Chain
  • See All the Information in a Data Set

January 2022

  • Winegrowers Respond to Climate Change
  • High-Value Employee-Facing UX
  • Surprising Danger to Water Supply
  • Leveraging Cannabis Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytic Trends

Newsletter 2021


December 2021

  • Cannabis POS Data Customer Experience
  • Maximize ROI with Collaborative BI
  • Pandemic Healthcare Collaboration Lessons Learned
  • Infrastructure Bill’s Impact on the Supply Chain
  • 4 Hard Seltzer Trends to Watch

November 2021

  • C-Suite Leaders: Healthcare Analytics
  • Impact of Supply Chain Snarls
  • KLAS: Data and Analytics
    Platforms 2021
  • Simplify Frequent Report Emails
  • Top Post-Pandemic Wine Trends

October 2021

  • Reflections on DIUC21
  • Turning Manual Excel Data Collection into a Maintainable Data Feed with DivePort-IN
  • Top Healthcare IT Challenges in the Aftermath of COVID-19
  • How to Ace this Year’s OND
  • 5 Business Intelligence & Analytics Trends that Are Shaping 2021
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Look at Both Benefits and Drawbacks

September 2021

  • DIUC21 look who’s talking!
  • Data’s role in starting a spirits brand without a distillery
  • 4 ways to use the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study in your buying research
  • Rethinking logistics and how the government is getting involved
  • How to get better control of data processing on the server

August 2021

  • DIUC 2021: Charting a New Course
  • Simplify Your Data Access with Diver Gateway
  • Ensure Data Trust through Better Governance
  • Moving Analytics to the Cloud
  • Resources: Advancing Your Diver Knowledge
  • Get a Jump Start on Dashboard Creation

July 2021

  • Why move your analytics to the cloud?
  • The data you need to look for in the omnichannel era
  • How virtual reality is helping to make surgery training safer and more efficient
  • Launching production from DivePort
  • How millennial trends are changing beverage alcohol sales & marketing
  • Join us for this year’s users conference!

June 2021

  • How Analytics Can Help Make the Food Supply Chain Safer and More Efficient
  • Learn How Analytics Can Help Pinpoint Length of Stay Opportunities
  • What Does the Future Hold for Local Distilleries?
  • How Data Is Key to Corporate Sustainability Efforts

May 2021

  • Adaptability: The Key to Healthcare Technology Planning
  • How to Create Pie Charts in DivePort
  • How Will the Liquor Industry Change with Uber’s Acquisition of Drizly?
  • How Data Can Help Improve Equality in the Workplace

April 2021

  • 3 Tips for User Interface Design
  • How to Make Boundary and Point Maps in DivePort
  • 5 Data Trends that Will Make
    an Impact in 2021
  • The Challenges of The Energy Industry’s Transition to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions and How Data Can Help
  • A Data-Driven Look at the Impact of COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Premium Spirits, Low-Priced Products Drive Middle-Priced Products Off Liquor Store Shelves

March 2021

  • 5 Tech Trends That are Ready to Dominate 2021!
  • Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Data: Heat Matrix and Mosaic Charts
  • Are Pop-Up Bars A Potential Pandemic Solution?
  • Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Coronavirus Vaccine

February 2021

  • How to Use Analytics to Improve Hospital Throughput
  • Learning About Scatter Plots
  • How Big Data is Changing Utilities
  • Eight Ways the Wine and Spirits Industry Will Change in 2021
  • Dimensional Insight Named 2021 Best in KLAS in Healthcare Business Intelligence/Analytics

January 2021

  • Combating Ransomware: Preparation and Teamwork
  • How to Show Meaningful Data with Maps
  • Tips for Creating Customized Measure Factory Stamps
  • 5 Trends That Will Impact Beverage Alcohol in 2021
  • Q&A with Forrester’s Jeff Becker on Healthcare in 2021
  • Ethical Considerations in Machine Learning

Newsletter 2020


December 2020

  • Using Data to Decode The Intersection of COVID-19, Census Data, and Social Determinants of Health
  • Column, Line, and Area Charts, and When to Use Them
  • What Is SiteStats?
  • Five Sustainability Trends in Wine for 2021
  • Why Diversity Matters in Decision-Making
Doctor and nurse in protective medical mask check patient data in hospital computer database

November 2020

  • Managing Time-Sensitive Inventory During the Holiday Season
  • How You Can Incorporate Real-Time Data into Your Dashboards
  • How to Reach New Customers in 2021
  • Analytics Provides the Road Map to the Supply Chain’s Uncertain Future
  • Using Data to Inform the First-in-the-Nation Response to COVID-19

October 2020

  • How to Rule Seasonality with Analytics
  • Using Analytics to Get a Pulse on the Health of Your Emergency Department
  • ”R” You Ready for Predictive Analytics?
  • How the Pandemic Has Impacted Businesses (And How to Use Data to Adapt)