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BI/Analytics and Reporting for Analysts


Analyze large data set fast


Integrate with 3rd party tools


Transform data quickly and on-the-fly


Data-prep with ETL and visual IDE


Ongoing support from industry domain experts

Analyze Large Data Sets—Fast

Use Dimensional Insight’s Windows-based, intuitive, tools to analyze large data-sets — fast and on the fly. Slice and dice, summarize, date, time, use period comparisons, and more. Manipulate data using calculations and if-then logic to quickly filter or augment information. Our enterprise-grade, role-based, access control ensures access to the right data-sets. It can filter data based on set values as well as allow or deny access to whole data-sets.

Integrate With 3rd Party Tools

Use our visualization capabilities. Or, if you prefer, use our ODBC connector to use other data analytics applications such as Tableau or PowerBI—and still have the advantage of using Dimensional Insight’s columnar database and calculation engine.

Our job scheduling and process scripting tool supports extensions. You can create these yourself or have a developer maintain a curated set of extensions. Extensions ensure a managed and repeatable way to include 3rd party toolsets like R or Python into your data flow.

Transform Data Quickly & On-The-Fly

Using our columnar database engine you can create data lakes using our visual IDE. Data lakes are vast and fast data stores based on our patented columnar database technology. Our data lakes are unique because of the in-memory, machine sped, calculation engine that transforms data while it is being queried. This provides both incredible performance and flexibility

From the data lake the data flows into our analytics tools, where business rules can be applied in real-time. Whether it is through a web-based dashboard or through our ad-hoc analytics application, you are in control when accessing the data. All basic functions are built-in: data rollups, custom calendars, period comparison, statistic functions, numerical calculations, and import/export to different applications.


Do Your Own Data-Prep Using Our Best-of-Class ETL & Visual IDE

Our best-of-class ETL allows for complex manipulations to ingest data so disparate data sources can be combined with minimal effort. Our visual ETL allows you to define your own survivor algorithm calculations, if-then logic, lookups, and joins to curate and validate the data into one or multiple data lakes based on our columnar database.


Access Ongoing Support from Industry Domain Experts

When you call us, you are greeted by a person, not by a computer. We think support is one of the most important factors when buying software and services. Because you will be using the platform for a long time, we better get acquainted!

Our software solutions are supported in-house by our industry domain experts. They know your business, so they deliver value from the get-go. Our trainers and on-going support are provided by Dimensional insight staff from our USA-based offices or one of our 5 international offices.


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