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360 Enterprise Data View for the C-Suite


See a bird’s eye view of company metrics


Drive and expedite decisions with data trust


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Access data on any device

See a Bird’s Eye View of Company Metrics

What are your organization’s most important metrics or KPIs that will help you execute on your strategic plan? With Dimensional Insight’s platform, you can access rich dashboards that display your critical metrics so you can get an at-a-glance pulse of the health of your organization. You can also analyze the underlying data via a simple yet powerful point-and-click interface. Create your own personal dashboard pages in a few clicks so you can see the metrics most meaningful to your role.

Drive and Expedite Decisions with Data Trust

Have you ever been in a business meeting and colleagues spend too much time arguing about whose numbers are right rather than about the implications of those numbers? Ensure everyone across your organization is looking at the same data in the same way with a platform that’s built on data trust.

With Dimensional Insight’s platform, KPIs or metrics are defined once and those definitions are carried throughout the organization. All data is validated extensively. Users can view the definitions and source of metrics, so they can always trust the veracity of data. They can also collaborate with others to change definitions or better understand why metrics were created the way they were.

Explore and Find Answers at Your Fingertips

When you use Dimensional Insight’s Executive Dashboard, you have all your most important metrics in one place. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can identify issues within your organization and find answers to questions that arise.

If you’re not sure why a number is off or want to know which numbers you should be paying the most attention to, our Assisted Analytics engine can help. It uses artificial intelligence to root through all of your data and lets you know the areas of most concern.

Dimensional Insight’s Healthcare Executive Dashboard

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This is one of our most popular dashboards. The dashboard consists of 4 interactive quadrants. Each quadrant provides 7 KPI views with 6 data points within each KPI. That’s 168 report items all at your finger tips with a single mouse click. The quadrants can be modified based on the needs of your executives.

Decrease Dependency on IT for All Employees

When you want answers from your data, you want them now. You don’t want to wait in a queue for IT to produce a report when that staff could be focused on more strategic projects.

Dimensional Insight’s platform provides a rich yet intuitive tool set that anyone across the organization—from developers to analysts to business users to executives—can use to quickly and easily find the data they need in just minutes without the need for IT to get involved.


Access Data on Any Device

Not at your desk? No problem. When you’re on the road, you can access dashboards via Dimensional Insight’s mobile technology called DiveTab. DiveTab guides you to the data in a structured way, even when connectivity is spotty or non-existent. We sync the most important values to your tablet or mobile phone securely. You have that data everywhere, even in the back of the warehouse or on the road.

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“Our standard sales-reporting system was robust. But we were constantly having to upgrade the HP 9000s as the sales department grew. People were running reports to retrieve just a few numbers at a time. For example, they would create a hard copy report to see what, when, and how many products a broker sold—and then throw out the paper. Now, with Dimensional Insight, the sales department is able to answer those quick questions online without slowing down the entire system by using the HP 9000s.”

Scott Kapocsi

Senior Systems Application Developer, Florida’s Natural Growers, Inc.

“The benefits [of Dimensional Insight’s analytics platform] were immediately apparent to us in several areas of our organization,” said Byers. “[It] helps us spot trends and then dive down to the patient encounter level to enable us to see exactly what is going on inside our system so that we can make better, more informed decisions.”

William Byers

CIO, Western Maryland Health System

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