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Dimensional Insight Partner Program

Dimensional Insight’s simple, flexible partner program is designed to align with your business goals and strategy – and support you as you work to grow and retain your customer base, increase profits, and edge out competitors. Our end-to-end data management, business intelligence and analytics solution is easy to demo, sell, integrate, and manage – giving you an easy way to grow your business and deliver even greater value to your customers.

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Grow Revenue.   Increase value.   Differentiate from Competitors.   Expand Skills.
Exceed Expectations.

Partnership Opportunities

Leading software vendors, OEMs, consultants, systems integrators, resellers and distributors partner with Dimensional Insight to deliver its award-winning Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions to organizations around the world.

Software Vendors & OEMs

Complimentary software solutions are strengthened by embedding or offering Dimensional Insight’s data management, BI & analytics platform.


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Consultants & Systems Integrators

Strategic advisory and integration partners trusted by organizations help uncover opportunities and deliver the services wrapped around Dimensional Insight’s technology solutions.



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Resellers & Distributors

Independent businesses dedicated to selling innovative technologies with value-added services & solutions meet rising demand for BI & analytics with Dimensional Insight’s Platform.


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Partnership Benefits

Whether your top priority is to generate new revenue, attract new customers, improve retention, expand your offerings or all of the above – when you partner with Dimensional Insight, your goals become our goals.

By joining our growing ecosystem, partners have access to key benefits, including competitive margins, interesting service offerings, proven technology, ready-made applications, top-notch training and the sales, marketing and tech support they need to succeed.


Dimensional Insight is consistently recognized as the leading Data Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics solution on the market.

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Our team will work closely with yours to establish a mutually beneficial partnership – the kind where everyone wins.