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At Stoltenberg Consulting, we don’t just install software. We solve problems. We help our clients transform the way they deliver healthcare to give them a competitive edge in both quality, safety and cost of care. We have worked with over 250 healthcare organizations to provide simple, low-cost, high value healthcare IT solutions. Our clients range from large academic medical centers and specialty hospitals to small community hospitals and physician practices nationwide.

Attaining our clients’ goals comes first. We are expert at matching the right skilled team with the right project. For each client we make a company-wide commitment to add value and provide quality health IT services in a manner that not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations. As a result, we can confidently rely on each client to vouch for the high quality of our medical IT consulting services and our ability to make our clients successful.

Finally, at Stoltenberg our focus to do what’s best doesn’t stop with our healthcare clients. In addition to supporting communities in need through philanthropic endeavors, we also strive to support continuing education for our individual consultants as well as healthcare IT professionals and collegiate students/recent graduates.

Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc
5815 Library Road
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Phone: (412) 854-5688