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End-to-End Data Management and BI/Analytics Platform for Developers


Centralized business rule storage


Single visual IDE for all aspects of development


Enterprise-class job scheduling and scripting


Powerful ETL and data lakes


Off-the-shelf, industry-specific, applications


Ongoing support from industry domain experts

All Business Rules in One Place

With the flexibility to handle data from virtually any source system and the capability to automate the entire data management process, Dimensional Insight makes development efforts streamlined and cost-effective. Our award-winning technology helps automate the entire process of acquiring, organizing, and delivering data.

Dimensional Insight enables your users to compare data collected from transactional systems with information in the data warehouse, legacy data sources, spreadsheets, and flat files. Through our columnar data structure and automation of the delivery process, critical information delivery is quickly enabled for fast and insightful reporting and analytics.


Measure Factory® for Measures that Matter Without the Repeat Work

Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory is an automated tool to define, maintain and govern measures or key performance indicators (KPIs). Measure Factory allows you to define the business rules used to calculate measures in one place instead of dispersed in ETL, queries, reports, and displays. The business rules in Measure Factory are curated. Define a certain unit once, and use it in many measures. Change a definition, and all dependent units or measures are redefined as well. Measure Factory builds a data dictionary for end-users and allows end-users to see the business rules underlying measures.

Measure Factory automates the display of measures, saving hours and hours of work when creating a dashboard. Any measure defined in the factory will automatically come with graph options, table displays, analytics options, dependency views, and more.

Explore and Find Answers at Your Fingertips

When you use Dimensional Insight’s Executive Dashboard, you have all your most important metrics in one place. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can identify issues within your organization and find answers to questions that arise.

If you’re not sure why a number is off or want to know which numbers you should be paying the most attention to, our Assisted Analytics engine can help. It uses artificial intelligence to root through all of your data and lets you know the areas of most concern.

All Aspects of Development in One Visual IDE

Dimensional Insight’s scripting capabilities are one of the most versatile in the industry. To harness its power, we have created a graphical IDE that manages and controls all functions of our platform, such as:

  • Creating and debugging data flows and the ETL process
  • Scheduling and monitoring of scripts, data ingestion and processing, data processing performance, alerting
  • Building data lakes using our columnar databases called cBase
  • Managing and creating plug-ins to integrate external data source connectivity (SQL, ODBC, text-based tools) into a managed data flow
  • Managing users and security on the platform, including the ability to filter data values based on user and group, role-based access, group memberships, LDAP integration, PAM integration, and more

Off-the-Shelf, Industry-Specific Applications

Dimensional Insight’s off-the-shelf applications are customizable and cost-effective — an efficient way to quickly monitor the key drivers of your organization for success. We continually update pertinent data and enhance features based on real user feedback to deliver more value to each application over time. Our applications provide:

  • Rapid deployment, helping to ensure quick ROI
  • Multiple data source extraction and integration
  • Automated, predefined, and customizable definitions, business logic, and formulas in an easy-to-use interface
  • Data governance capabilities to align users and share one version of findings
  • A cost-effective alternative to internal development and maintenance
  • User access through an array of devices and displays

Ongoing Support from Industry Domain Experts

When you call us, you are greeted by a person, not by a computer. We think support is one of the most important factors when buying software and services. Because you will be using the platform for a long time, we better get acquainted!

Our software solutions are supported in-house by our industry domain experts. They know your business, so they deliver value from the get-go. Our trainers and on-going support are provided via Dimensional insight’s staff located in the United States and in our 5 international offices.

Workbench® Measure Factory®

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“Our standard sales-reporting system was robust. But we were constantly having to upgrade the HP 9000s as the sales department grew. People were running reports to retrieve just a few numbers at a time. For example, they would create a hard copy report to see what, when, and how many products a broker sold—and then throw out the paper. Now, with Dimensional Insight, the sales department is able to answer those quick questions online without slowing down the entire system by using the HP 9000s.”

Scott Kapocsi

Senior Systems Application Developer, Florida’s Natural Growers, Inc.

“The benefits [of Dimensional Insight’s analytics platform] were immediately apparent to us in several areas of our organization,” said Byers. “[It] helps us spot trends and then dive down to the patient encounter level to enable us to see exactly what is going on inside our system so that we can make better, more informed decisions.”

William Byers

CIO, Western Maryland Health System

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