How to Best Support Your Salespeople

The role of a salesperson is difficult. Salespeople are often challenged with less than perfect working environments, yet they are expected to excel without the tools office workers have at their disposal. In the office, workers have all the resources they need readily available: presentations, files, data, and experienced staff to help with department-specific answers to questions.

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But what about those whose jobs require them to “live” on the road? How can they most effectively do their jobs and gain access to the same tools that in-house office workers have? That’s what we’ll be examining in this blog post. (more…)

How Business Intelligence & Millennials Can Give Wineries a Leg Up

Like many other industries in the U.S., the wine industry is currently experiencing a large change in its workforce. The traditional model in which generations of family members have managed the business is not sustainable for many wineries. Instead, they are now looking to millennials to fill roles, but in many cases, unsure of how to best utilize their talents.

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One issue is that many wineries still operate as “paper” businesses. This business model does not resonate with new, younger employees, and can prove to be inefficient. To best capitalize on the talents they have in front of them, wineries need to embrace new technology, including data analytics, to improve efficiency and productivity. Here, we’ll look at how they can do so. (more…)

Gap Analysis Demo: Investigating a Sales Revenue Shortfall

Another example of how a simple Gap Analysis BI application can help you solve common business challenges.

Imagine this common scenario… Your “gut” tells you sales are up for your sales team, but you are behind on your revenue target. Let’s look at how, with the right tool, you can perform a 2-minute analysis to see where the problem lies.

  • First, let’s look at the numbers for your biggest region.
  • All the sales reps in that region look like they are lagging. Let’s check the product mix to see if there are any problems.
  • Several product categories are down from last year, but the numbers for Draught Kegs are alarming because they are the most important revenue driver.
  • With a few clicks you can see that 3 products account for the majority of the drop in sales.
  • Now you can craft a “get well” plan, reaching out to customers who have dropped off and promoting the products that are under-performing.

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Gap Analysis Demo: Determining the Most Profitable Product

Most businesses are swimming in data. But they struggle with the challenge of harnessing that data and delivering it to business managers in a way that allows them to quickly make strategic decisions.

Commonly, business managers perform gap analysis to compare actual performance against potential performance, to drive greater focus, efficiency and profit. Without the right tools, gap analysis can be a massive undertaking.

Here’s a demo showing how a business manager equipped with the right tool can dive into the data and determine the most profitable product, and which customers are buying them, in about 1 minute.

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