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In the dynamic world of healthcare technology, standing out as a leader is no small feat. However, Dimensional Insight® has consistently risen to the occasion, and this year, we proudly celebrate our #1 spot as the Best in KLAS Data & Analytics Platform. This is the 10th year that we have been rated #1 by KLAS Research. This accolade is not just a mark of excellence, but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier analytics solutions to our clients.

Each year, KLAS Research publishes the Best in KLAS Software & Services Report, serving as a benchmark in the healthcare technology and services markets and reflecting the collective voice of the provider and payer communities. Feedback from real customers lays the foundation for these rankings, offering an honest appraisal of vendor performance.

Best in KLAS: A testament to customer commitment

Fred Powers, CEO and co-founder of Dimensional Insight, has always emphasized the significance of user-friendly technology and delivering a seamless experience. His winning formula — “simplicity + consistency = goodness” —is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Our customer-focused approach, emphasizing personalized solutions and ongoing support, is the key to our customers’ success in achieving tangible results and real outcomes with their data.

At Dimensional Insight, we believe in building partnerships with our customers and working collaboratively to understand their unique challenges and objectives. With their co-innovation, we tailor our solutions to align seamlessly with their operational needs, ensuring that the data they rely on is not just informative but transformative.

This is why our clients don’t just see us as a vendor but as a vital partner in their journey towards data-driven excellence in healthcare. Our consistent Best in KLAS performance since 2009 is a clear indicator of our success in helping customers achieve their analytics objectives.

Scorecard of excellence

This year, Dimensional Insight stood out with an impressive score of 91.5 out of 100 points in its category. Furthermore, 100% of customers reported that they would buy our solution again. Our solution scored stellar ratings across all six KLAS customer experience pillars, including:

  • Value: A
  • Loyalty: A
  • Operations: B+
  • Product: A-
  • Relationships: A
  • Culture: A

Redefining data analytics leadership

However, we aren’t stopping there. We are continuing to pursue new healthcare data analytics innovations. This includes exploring new projects that combine our analytical capabilities with recent progress in predictive AI and machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, our new approach to analysis allows you to see data tailored to your role and your needs.

This strategic direction not only cements our role as a trailblazer in the field, but also demonstrates our commitment to driving the evolution of healthcare analytics. By persistently setting and surpassing high standards, and embracing new technologies, we are redefining what it means to be a leader in the data and analytics sector.

A heartfelt thank you to our customers

As always, we’d like to thank our customers, for this Best in KLAS win is truly a reflection of your success. We’re excited to continue working collaboratively with you to propel further data-driven success in 2024 and beyond.

The 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Data and Analytics Platforms report is available now to KLAS subscribers.

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