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What is one of the biggest challenges in the beverage alcohol industry? Program management – especially without the use of program tracking capabilities. Before technology, beverage alcohol organizations used spreadsheets as their tool-of-choice to manage programs. However, as programs increased in number and complexity, organizations spent more resources on program tracking and devoted less time to generating revenue. However, as technology has developed, program tracking can be done much easier and more efficiently than before.

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How can beverage alcohol organizations boost productivity, efficiency, and revenue? Here are 5 ways program management can help.

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1. Provide feedback to sales reps

Sales reps are motivated to maximize performance by meeting goals and metrics. By providing them feedback whether they are in or out of the office, you can provide reps with a real-time understanding of their performance as well as the state of their business. With real-time information and feedback, they can quickly strategize and identify areas to focus their efforts.

For example, Mutual Distributing uses Diver Platform to provide dashboards to sales reps to show their progress on meeting goals. Diver Platform also allows Mutual’s sales reps to conduct data analysis, distribute presentations, and access goal and quota data via web-based dashboards.

2. Automate your program tracks

Beverage alcohol companies spend too much time entering data into spreadsheets and compiling reports. With the use of spreadsheets, not all the right information may be getting distributed to the right people. Automating program tracks could result in timely information delivery, saving resources and time.

For example, one of our customers, Martignetti Companies, has been using Diver Platform as a single source for all business operations, leading to more insights about the company. Martignetti has seen 2-5% growth after using Diver’s reports and analytics. Furthermore, Diver has allowed the organization to capture more revenue-generating opportunities and increase sales.

3. Track all progress

Timely information delivery enables organizations to better track programs and progress, leading to improved productivity. With metrics and goals in place, managers and directors can understand the state of their business.

4. Provide self-service access

It’s important to give the right information to the right people at the right time. By providing access to such information in a timely manner, employees gain faster visibility, which leads to improved data-driven decision-making.

For example, Lipman Brothers, a beverage alcohol distributor, uses Diver Platform for self-service reporting. With Diver, Lipman Brothers’ users are able to quickly access and filter information. They also have customized dashboards, helping the company gain the right information for the right people.

5. Keep it simple

Program tracking is already complicated enough. Make it easier by simplifying your processes. Spend less time compiling reports by gaining access to real-time data. Decrease the time spent in finding the right information and increase resources towards revenue-generating opportunities.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was initially written in October 2014. We have since updated it to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

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