A Day in the Life of Rosalie: How a Customer Uses DiveTabWe tout the benefits of our DiveTab mobile product, but what is it actually like in action? For our customers who use DiveTab, it’s a critical tool that provides insight throughout their workdays.

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This article, which will show you a day in the life of Rosalie, a DiveTab customer, is based on a presentation by our customer, James Batchelor of Mutual Distributing Company. This will provide you with a great example of how DiveTab can be leveraged by sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency. I’d like to thank James for his generosity in allowing us to use this here.

Friday morning – meet Rosalie

This story is about a sales rep named Rosalie. It is Friday morning and Rosalie has just gotten up. She pulls out her iPad, opens DiveTab, and hits “Sync” –  which takes less than 30 seconds.

Rosalie looks at her DiveTab dashboard. “Uh-oh!” There is an “Out-of-stock” on the dashboard. She wants to understand the details. Rosalie taps on “Out-of-stock” and sees that one of her customers, Gia, is not going to be getting its order for three bottles of a Delaporte Sancerre. She sets a reminder to call Gia once it opens and talk to her contact there about the out-of-stock. Rosalie wants to see if there is something that she can do for the company.

She goes back to the dashboard and sees she has 17 deliveries today. She opens them up in DiveTab and notices two of the customers are slated for a warehouse pickup. “Which customers have a warehouse pickup instead of delivery?” she wonders. Rosalie decides to drive by the warehouse and pick those up for the customers. For the second pickup, Rosalie remembers that she was supposed to get three bottles of Dominus out of the warehouse, drive to the customer, and drop them off. She makes a note of it.

Going back to the dashboard, Rosalie can look at all her deliveries for the day, review them, and decide if she feels comfortable with everything that’s going out on the truck. She may call her customers at the end of the day to make sure they received their orders and that everything was OK.

Rosalie knows that “Goals” and “Quotas” are important because they affect her paycheck. She wants to check her progress so she goes back to the dashboard in DiveTab. She looks at her goals and feels it is a depressing picture. She’s not doing well to achieve them. She notes where she is falling short and starts to develop an action plan to turn the tide.

Rosalie then clicks over to “Quotas” to see how she is doing on her dollar quotas. Here, she can see a breakdown of reconciled sales and non-reconciled sales – invoices that posted already and others that aren’t reconciled and are hanging out in limbo. She can keep an eye on them and get a sense of how much more she needs to bill out.

Friday mid-day

Now it is later in the day. Gia has opened and Rosalie calls the company about the three bottles that aren’t going to show up. But Gia doesn’t even care about that. People at the company saw a documentary about a certain wine region and are so excited that they want to know: “Do you sell any of their wine?”

Rosalie opens “Price Book” in DiveTab and dives on “Country”, getting ready for the customer to tell her where this wine is from. She can try to find the wine and see if it is in stock. The customer says “I even know the appellation.” Rosalie says “Great.” Instead of diving on “Country” she’s going to dive on “Appellation”. She gets her results. The appellation is Chateauneuf du Pape. Rosalie finds it in her list and, sure enough, the company has some of it.

The customer says “That’s great. I want to sell this by-the-glass in my restaurant. Can you offer me any kind of special pricing?” Rosalie taps on her pricing and she’s able to expand “By-the-Glass Pricing”. Sure enough, there is a lot of by-the-glass pricing support. The customer says “I’d like to look at the options. Could you send me that price list?” Yes, that can be done with DiveTab. Rosalie taps on “Share”, which allows her to send the list either as a PDF or as a spreadsheet to her customer. She sends the PDF.

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Rose Weinberger

Rose Weinberger

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