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May, 2021


Did you know this about Diver Platform Help?

Each Help system has a glossary of DI terms. Click the Resource button on the Help landing page to access the glossary and other support links.

Could your search results be improved? Each Help system provides Tips to Improve Search Results.

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New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. DivePort | IN
  2. DIAL
  3. Measures Portlet

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

The Measure Factory editor has a new Dry Run option that you can use to test changes made to the Measure Factory configuration file without saving it first.

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

The Spectre Expression Editor and Build Flow Editors each have a right-click context menu to support copy, cut, and paste options starting in Workbench 7.1(18).

More information:

 Spectre Expressions Editor and Working with the Build Flow Editor.


New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. DivePort Stamp Variants
  2. ProDiver Exception Coloring
  3. Mandatory Dimension Values in Reports and Charts

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

There are new options for DivePort indicators:

  • On the alert indicator shape settings page, you can define a maximum height for the alert indicator to ensure that all components, such as title and subtitle, can be seen on the indicator portlet.
  • On the text indicator color setting page, you can specify that the color fills the cell background instead of the text.

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May TechBridge Newsletter is here!

HOT Topics in this issue:

  • Adaptability: The Key to Healthcare Technology Planning
  • How to Create Pie Charts in DivePort
  • How Will the Liquor Industry Change with Uber’s Acquisition of Drizly?
  • How Data Can Help Improve Equality in the Workplace

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

Here are new options for stamp templates:

  • You can apply a CSS class to a stamp or stamp component
  • You can use combination charts in stamps
  • A new $(STAMP_FILENAME) macro is available
  • Increased support for line and point styles in line and spline charts

More information here, here, and here.


Read this new white paper!

How Millennials Are Driving Changes in the Wine and Spirits Industry

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