Tips to Improve Search Results

ProDiver utilizes a keyword-based search mechanism in the Help system. This technology searches the Help system for words that you enter in the search box, and returns a list of pages that contain those words.

When you enter a sentence or phrase in the search box, the Help applies an AND operator to the major words in the phrase. For example, if you enter "How do I add a calculation to my tabular?" the Help system searches for pages that contain all four major words: how, add, calculation, and tabular. Unless the page that you are searching for contains all four of those words, the search does not find any Closedmatches. In this case, entering "add calc" as search criteria produces better results.

Zero results search.

NOTE: The search engine supports a limited number of non-alphanumeric character. If you use a character that is not supported, an Ensure that the search string is properly formatted message appears.

There is a list of filters that you can use to narrow your search to a specific category in the Help system. Between the search box and the magnifying glass, click the menu icon to see the filters.

Search Filters.

If the search term matches a glossary term, the glossary term appears with a shaded background at the top of the search results list.

Sample Glossary Term.

To find the information that you are looking for:

  • Be as precise as you can. Standard English words can appear on hundreds of pages in the Help system, resulting in several dozen matches.
  • Use keywords, not questions.
  • Enclose phrases in quotation marks to find exact phrase matches.
  • Use the search filter.
  • Do not use special characters.
  • Try variations of a word or phrase.
  • Be aware that search terms are case-insensitive.

  • Verify the spelling.

Note that search results are highlighted when there is an exact match. For example, if you search for

settings, the single form setting is found, but is not highlighted. You can remove highlighting by clicking the Remove Highlights icon.

Highlighted search terms.