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March, 2021


Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

There is now an option to open the Git command console for DiveLine Administrators from the Status bar. More information here and here.


New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1.  Integrator CHOP Object
  2.  Workbench Tricks & Tips: Property Files
  3. Diver Gateway Demonstration

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New press release

Dimensional Insight joins NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network to Provide Analytics and Data Standardization to Joint Customers

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

In the Spectre Expression Editor, the automatic completion for quotes and brackets is disabled by default and can be set using the Workbench Preferences.

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New Podcast Episode is UP!

Topic: Employee Well-Being During the Pandemic

Our Episode 15 guest is Gina Nebesar, co-founder and chief product officer of Ovia Health. In this episode, Gina discusses employee well-being during the pandemic, particularly as it relates to parents. Gina talks about some of the trends Ovia is seeing on its platform and how she believes businesses can support employees.

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Read this new white paper!

5 Data Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2021

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

  1. You can use the Visual Integrator chop process object to parse column input into row tokens.  More information here.
  2. New QuickView portlet options allow users to specify a customized time range for Measure Factory data. More information here.


New Episode of the Knowledge Forum!

  1. Link Rules in a Measure Factory 
  2. Spline Charts
  3. Summing Values Using Spectre Functions

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Screen capture showing the Utilities Analytics website homepage

Introducing Utilities Analytics

The website is now LIVE!

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New Case Study

Learn how Corrib oil used Diver Application to Cut 95% off Manual Processing Times

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March TechBridge Newsletter is here!

HOT Topics in this issue:

  • 5 Tech Trends That are Ready to Dominate 2021!
  • Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Data: Heat Matrix and Mosaic Charts
  • Are Pop-Up Bars A Potential Pandemic Solution?
  • Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Coronavirus Vaccine

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Introducing DIUX

You can have the best data in the world, but without applying professional design principles, users will struggle to obtain value from the data. DIUX helps you to create dashboards that are easy to use and that users enjoy using. The end result is greater adoption of data and analytics leading to increased return on investment and competitive advantage. And now, DIUX is available on the Dimensional Insight website.

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Recent updates to the Diver Platform Helps

New Quarter to Date and Complete Quarter options are available as date ranges for DivePort Measure Portlets, Matrix Portlets, and Indicator Portlets when using a Measure Factory.

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New Press Coverage

16 Career Tips For Newcomers To The World Of PR And Communications

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Summary of New Features & Enhancements in Diver Platform 7.1

New data sheet

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