Decoding Healthcare Data with AI:
Practical Tips for Unlocking Actionable Insights

Webinar — January 30, 2024

AI and machine learning offer immense potential for unlocking insights from healthcare data. While generative AI has garnered all the buzz in the headlines, quantitative AI works behind the scenes on many of healthcare’s real-world data challenges.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the automation power of analytics models and algorithms to tackle high-impact healthcare use cases. You’ll learn how AI can help to forecast patient volumes, predict wait times, optimize staffing, and more.

You’ll walk away empowered to assess data readiness at your organization and become a “citizen data scientist.”

Join us and discover practical approaches to data-driven AI that can help advance actionable change at your healthcare organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental capabilities of machine learning/AI tools & technologies
  • Differentiate between generative and quantitative AI techniques
  • Identify the approaches that are most appropriate for specific healthcare use cases
  • Learn how to apply AI and machine learning tools to practical healthcare scenarios
  • Demonstrate how “Citizen Data Scientists and Data Analysts” can take advantage of AI in healthcare settings