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Innovation & Thought Leadership Showcase

DIUC23 Welcome

Presenters: Fred Powers, CEO, Dimensional Insight

In this video, Dimensional Insight’s CEO, Fred Powers, delves into the hurdles and importance of Business Intelligence (BI) success, pointing out both organizational barriers like unclear objectives and data issues, as well as end-user challenges such as resistance and complexity. He unveils “Gateway,” a streamlined solution that tackles these challenges by merging three former clients: DivePort, DiverTab, and ProDiver under My Library. This innovation enhances usability across devices and underscores a consistent, simplified approach to BI.

Duration: 10:12

Gateway Demo

Presenters: Stan Zanarotti, CTO, Dimensional Insight

In this video, Stan introduces the My Library interface, driven by Gateway, tailored to address data analysis challenges. This user-friendly interface simplifies navigation with top-level buttons for applications and shelves for related pages, allowing seamless interaction with intricate data. What sets it apart is its customization features, shortcuts, and ad hoc report generation capabilities, combined with inline documentation to bridge knowledge gaps. My Library, boosted by Gateway, emerges as an essential tool for healthcare professionals, streamlining solutions to healthcare data dilemmas.

Duration: 09:59

Migration to Gateway

Presenters: Mike Phillips, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

You can take small steps toward increased adoption, avoiding the need to do everything at once. With our technology, you can opt into features when you need them, and we’re here to support you. We can help you plan and implement the migration process.

Duration: 10:28

Co-existence with Others

Presenters: Dan Jablonski, Senior Consultant, Dimensional Insight

In his presentation, Dan highlights the integration capabilities of our data analytics tools, Diver and Measure Factory, in diverse data settings. Measure Factory ensures validated KPIs, requiring ODBC accessibility for data sharing, and we’ve launched an ODBC registry to facilitate connections with tools like Power BI. Additionally, we support embedding external content, such as Power BI reports, into Diver, aiming to externally avail Measure Factory data and establish Diver as a comprehensive information hub.

Duration: 05:37

Artificial Intelligence History

Presenters: Shaun Foaden, MD of Dimensional Insight Europe

Since its 1950s inception, AI’s journey from Turing tests to chatbots has experienced cycles of hype and “AI winters,” but the rise of large language models like GPT-3 signals a new era of breakthroughs. Rather than solely encoding human reasoning, modern AI, through deep learning, evolves by absorbing data. With hybrid neuro-symbolic techniques merging classical and deep learning, AI’s future, though promising, remains unpredictable and demands careful oversight. As AI continues to evolve, application-based strategies will be pivotal for enterprise-wide analytics success.

Duration: 05:40

How Marketing is Using AI

Presenters: Kathy Sucich, VP of Marketing, Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight is leveraging AI, including tools like GPT-3, Beautiful.ai, Otter.ai, and Claude.ai, to enhance our marketing efforts, from content creation to presentations. These AI systems provide intelligent suggestions based on our existing resources, which we fine-tune for brand consistency and uniqueness. While AI speeds up our processes, human creativity and strategy remain crucial. The increased efficiency lets us focus on impactful customer-centric activities. By merging AI’s capabilities with human insights, we’re redefining marketing’s future, aiming for a harmonious blend of automation and human connection, ensuring we continue delivering tailored solutions for our partners.

Duration: 02:27

Artificial Intelligence Collaboration

Presenters: Tim Lindeman, VP of Operations, Dimensional Insight

At Dimensional Insight, we use AI tools like Otter.ai and Claude.ai to bolster human collaboration rather than supplant it. Real-time transcriptions from Otter.ai ensure clarity in meetings, while Claude.ai models turn these transcripts into actionable insights. This AI-assisted approach frees teams to engage deeply in discussions, elevating the quality of conversations. By intertwining AI with human ingenuity, we transform discussions into catalysts for innovation. Our objective is clear: harness technology to fortify human connections, believing that optimal teamwork unlocks limitless possibilities.

Duration: 02:09

Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models

Presenters: Jamie Clark, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight values the potential of AI and rigorously tests advanced tools like large language models. While innovations like GPT-3 are commendable, we’ve identified their limits in business analytics. Precision still demands traditional statistical models paired with human insight. Our approach blends assisted analytics and predictive modeling, envisioning a future where AI harmoniously combines with human understanding.

Duration: 07:08

DiveTab My Library & Shortcut Integration/Scientific Notation and Conditional Formatting

Presenters: Chris Merkel, Software Engineer, Dimensional Insight

Join Chris Merkel from Dimensional Insight as he introduces the enhanced Gateway experience through the My Library UI. Dive into simplified data navigation across DiveTab, DivePort, and ProDiver for a unified user experience. Uncover efficient access shortcuts, personalization techniques, and delve into new Specter formatting options like conditional ranges and scientific notation.


Chart Portlet Features

Presenters: Jamie Clark, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

Join Jamie Clark as he showcases new features in the Chart Portlet. Dive into the innovative “Start Bar” in waterfall chart transformation for clearer data interpretation, the utility of Quickview Info in Legends for contextual insights when sharing and delve into statistical analysis with Control Charts to pinpoint unusual data deviations.

Duration: 03:12

Matrix Portlet Print Portlet Instead of Page/Images in Input Forms, Measures Portlet Improvements

Presenters: Cyrus Eyster, Software Engineer, Dimensional Insight

Join Cyrus as he introduces the Matrix Portlet’s latest features, designed to revolutionize your page printing process. Delve into the “Print Portlet, Not Page” feature, allowing for focused printing of just the Matrix Portlet, bypassing other page elements. Get hands-on with a demonstration of the custom printing setup, enabling selective portlet printing, and learn how it minimizes clutter for clear, streamlined outputs. Embrace these enhancements for an optimized printing experience and anticipate further DivePort advancements ahead.

Duration: 07:35

DiveLine ODBC Registry/Spectre Named Group File/Factory Analysis Templates/Factory Internal Rules/Factory Measure Properties

Presenters: Mike Phillips, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

Join Mike as he unveils five backend updates to optimize your data management. Experience smoother data integration with enhanced ODBC drivers, allowing flexible usage of a single DSN across multiple virtual tables. Easily manage name groups using external text files for dynamic control. In Measure Factory, streamline measures with new analysis templates, simplify configurations as all rules default to cbase columns, and customize measure properties for tailored data governance. These advancements ensure efficiency and user-friendliness in your data processes.

Duration: 05:37


Presenters: James Kirtley, Senior Software Engineer, Dimensional Insight

Join James as he walks through the latest Workbench enhancements. This session covers everything from quality-of-life improvements to bolstered security with user access tokens. Dive into features such as an intuitive tab management system, enhanced file navigation, syntax highlighting for multiple formats, and integrated find and replace dialogs. James also highlights advancements in production script configurations and previews significant future updates in version control and project management.

Duration: 09:38

Spectre Flow Editor

Presenters: Jan-Willem Arentshorst, Diver Consultant, Dimensional Insight Netherlands

In this video, discover the simplicity of constructing ETL processes with drag-and-drop data sources and an efficient expression editor in Spectre. Experience effortless scripting with auto-completion and robust column options, alongside the ability to test data flows and employ familiar Visual Integrator features. Spectre Flow’s native support for JSON and Excel broadens data handling capabilities. Revolutionize ETL workflows by reusing flow scripts as inputs, producing multiple outputs within a single script, and customizing node colors for clarity.

Duration: 03:05

Responsive Page Layout

Presenters: Cyrus Eyster, Software Engineer, Dimensional Insight

Introducing responsive page layouts in DivePort, a feature that auto-adapts to any screen size. By selecting the “responsive grid” layout and defining column regions, portlets adjust fluidly as display width varies, replacing the inflexibility of desktop-only pages. This innovation ensures users a consistent experience across devices, from widescreen monitors to smartphones, reflecting the diverse device landscape of today’s businesses.

Duration: 01:17

Spectre DFG & DivePort Page Files

Presenters: Jamie Clark, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

Spectre 8.0, set to launch soon, boasts significant enhancements. Users can anticipate quicker text file reading, optimized string sorting, and efficient utilization of CPU through parallel processing and smarter data caching. For developers, the platform promises streamlined testing with memory of the last build data and efficient script modifications without extensive rebuilds. Furthermore, Spectre 8.0 paves the way for future advancements like optimizing Dive Port and facilitating content sharing. Prepare for a more efficient and user-friendly data processing journey with Spectre 8.0.

Duration: 10:29

Future Roadmap

Presenters: Jamie Clark, Technical Director, Dimensional Insight

Join us as we take a sneak peek into the future of advanced analytics.  After the exciting 8.0 release, we’re gearing up for even more innovations. We’re enabling stamps and dashboards for customers not using the Measure Factory, exploring a new dashboard and report display system, and integrating with other BI tools. Springboard is making progress too, offering more power and flexibility. DivePort is about to supercharge its performance, and we’re diving into AI for smarter alerts.

Duration: 02:13

Lab Summary

Presenters: Fred Powers, CEO, Dimensional Insight

Prioritizing adoption is essential, tailoring user displays for optimal creativity and efficiency. As we navigate barriers like evolving AI tech, continuous training and synchronizing current and upcoming technologies are vital. With “Gateway,” we’ve unified DivePort, DiveTab, and ProDiver for cross-platform efficiency. For a seamless transition, migrate to Gateway incrementally. Our platform integrates with Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik for unified BI operations and embraces AI for transcription and note-taking. Delve into the latest 7.2 software updates, anticipate quicker Spectre in the short term, and await innovative features like AI-driven alerts long-term. We’re dedicated to ensuring your ROI and providing unwavering support now and in the future.

Duration: 05:33

Healthcare Power Hour

Case study: UPMC Western Maryland Rolls out My Library

Presenters: Colby Lutz, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, UPMC Western Maryland

Dive deep with Colby Lutz as he discusses My Library’s transformative power in UPMC’s journey toward efficient data management. In this virtual fireside chat, you’ll learn how the My Library solution revolutionized UPMC’s data access, cutting down navigation time and enhancing management. Get an exclusive peek into UPMC’s onboarding and training experiences with the solution and how My Library became the cornerstone of their data-driven decision-making culture.

Duration: 07:21

Keeping Hospitals on Track for the CMS Annual Update & New LDS Benchmarks with the Power of Outcomes Advisor

Presenters: Gabrielle Amarosa, Lead Healthcare Business Intelligence Consultant, Dimensional Insight

As hospitals strive to meet clinical outcomes goals, up-to-date benchmark data becomes crucial. Check out this video to learn how to stay ahead with annual updates from CMS and the American Hospital Association. This video offers a guided tour of how our solution seamlessly integrates these updates, spotlighting key changes and enhancements. Additionally, you’ll see the Outcomes Advisor application in action, showcasing the value of tailored peer cohort benchmarks. A must-watch for healthcare professionals committed to data-driven excellence in their hospitals.

Duration: 04:37

Mastering Customized Reports in Gateway and My Library: Tailored for Healthcare

Presenters: Patrick Petersen, Healthcare Business Intelligence Consultant, Dimensional Insight

Each hospital has unique analytics needs, and we recognize the importance of personalized data reports. Enter Gateway: an innovative all-in-one solution that merges the strengths of DivePort and DiveTab. In this video, you’ll discover the enhanced reporting features of Gateway and how it can help you make sense of your healthcare data. This tutorial guides you step-by-step in crafting tailored reports—from dimension adjustments to sorting and exporting.

Duration: 05:16

Population Analytics Prototype: Improving Health Outcomes One Zip Code at a Time

Presenters: Nishtha Adroja, Lead Business Intelligence Consultant, Dimensional Insight

Discover the power of our population analytics prototype, tailored to empower hospitals with a deeper understanding of patient populations and the nuances of social determinants of health. Leveraging data from both hospital and ambulatory operations, this application serves up actionable insights, shedding light on health risks and efficient resource utilization. With its interactive features, you can delve into granular details from specific zip codes or zoom out for a holistic view of patient demographics and health requisites.

Duration: 04:30

Case study: Southern Ohio Medical Center and Orders Management Solution

Presenters: Josh Lovering, Healthcare Business Intelligence Consultant, Dimensional Insight

Ethan McCarty, Director of Medical Imaging, Southern Ohio Medical Center

Discover the future of streamlined orders management with our enhanced solution, presented by healthcare business intelligence consultant, Josh Lovering. In this video, you’ll learn how you can use data to simplify complex healthcare operations, finetune orders management, and bridge patient care gaps. Hear directly from Ethan McCarty, Director of Medical Imaging at Southern Ohio Medical Center on the real-world improvements in patient care and revenue capture. If you’re interested in advancing healthcare operations with tangible outcomes, you’ll want to watch this recording.

Duration: 03:54

Case study: How FHE Health Maximized their Revenue Cycle Management

Presenters: Geminisa Solorzano-Cooper, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer, FHE Health

Check out this insightful conversation with Geminisa Solorzano-Cooper, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer and Director of Revenue Cycle Management at FHE Health. She sheds light on the revenue cycle management hurdles FHE Health faced prior to partnering with Dimensional Insight. Learn how our solutions enhanced their grasp on payer trends, denials, and underpayments, which ultimately drove a significant 26% boost in user productivity, bolstered cash flow, and minimized denials. For those focused on improving efficiency and ROI with their hospital financial data, this video is a must-watch.

Duration: 08:14

Wine & Spirits/Cannabis Power Hour

Gateway/My Library: Advancing the Beverage Alcohol Interface

Presenters: John Kievit, VP of Wine&Sprits and Cannabis, Dimensional Insight

Michael Brockway, VP of Consulting, Dimensional Insight

Join Michael and John for a comprehensive exploration of the Gateway interface, now seamlessly integrated with My Library. Understand the strategic enhancements My Library brings, from its refined dashboard options to efficient report access and advanced analytics. Additionally, you’ll see My Library in action as Michael provides a guided demo, illustrating the seamless navigation between applications, creation of shortcuts, and personalization of dashboards, ensuring efficient access to vital information.

Duration: 03:49

Case Study: Operational Excellence at Petalfast with My Library

Presenters: Sam Carey, VP of Digital, Petalfast

Step inside the world of cannabis with Sam Carey, VP of Digital at Petalfast, and uncover the transformative impact of My Library. Witness firsthand how My Library has streamlined user interactions, championed information sharing across departments, and skyrocketed user adoption. Sam will spotlight features that have been game-changers for Petalfast’s operations, as well as how Petalfast is integrating marketing data within Dimensional Insight’s solutions.

Duration: 03:16

The Evolution and Trajectory of Program Advisor & Survey Advisor

Presenters: John Kievit, VP of Wine & Sprits and Cannabis, Dimensional Insight

Michael Brockway, VP of Consulting, Dimensional Insight

Embark on a journey through time with Michael and John as they explore the rich lineage and future of the Program Advisor and Survey Advisor applications, tailored for the wine & spirits and cannabis industries. Michael will share behind-the-scenes insights into the development, adoption, and the exciting vision for version 5.0. But that’s not all—get ready for a deep dive into Survey Advisor, our latest survey innovation, where Michael will showcase its features, emphasizing its user-friendly integration and real-time data capabilities.

Duration: 09:18

Case Study: Survey Advisor's Impact at Georgia Crown Distributors

Presenters: Peter Birdsong, Sales Analyst, Georgia Crown Distributors

Join us in this interview with Peter Birdsong from Georgia Crown, a long-time Dimensional Insight customer. Peter shares how Survey Advisor has revolutionized their survey processes and integrated seamlessly with Program Advisor, leading to significant time and resource savings. Peter discusses the ease of user-adoption and how Survey Advisor outperforms other survey tools in terms of control and integration. By eliminating third-party platforms and providing real-time data access, Survey Advisor has become a game-changer for Georgia Crown.

Duration: 05:38

Future Integration Vision: Optimizing Product Performance

Presenters: John Kievit, VP of Wine & Sprits and Cannabis, Dimensional Insight

Michael Brockway, VP of Consulting, Dimensional Insight

Dive into Dimensional Insight’s latest advancements, including our new application, Performance Advisor, designed to amplify business performance across sectors like sales and distribution. Learn how our products seamlessly integrate, allowing for the painless sharing of data and streamlining operations. Moreover, dive deeper into the transformative potential of AI in the wine & spirits industry, emphasizing its capabilities in forecasting, sales trend analysis, and pricing.

Duration: 04:44

Case Study: Crimson Wine Group’s Data-Driven Evolution

Presenters: Teresa Woods, Director of Sales Operations, Crimson Wine Group

Watch this video to learn more about Crimson Wine Group’s data journey, showcasing how Dimensional Insight’s analytics have transformed their organization. Teresa Woods, Director of Sales Operations at Crimson, guides us through their data-driven evolution, highlighting essential reports that have revolutionized their decision-making. Discover how Crimson has leveraged Dimensional Insight’s solutions to enhance accessibility and ease of use, as well as some real-world examples of how data solutions are being implemented for daily-use reports, including RAD depletions, shipments, and more.

Duration: 07:04

Customer Success: Core Commitment at Dimensional Insight

Presenters: Priscilla Ballaro, VP of Customer Success, Dimensional Insight

John Kievit, VP of Wine & Sprits and Cannabis, Dimensional Insight

Check out this talk with Priscilla Ballaro, Vice President of Customer Success at Dimensional Insight, and uncover the company’s unwavering dedication to enhancing customer experiences. Learn how Dimensional Insight prioritizes customer success as a cornerstone value, ensuring consistent engagement, feedback collection, and tailored product enhancements. Delve into pivotal customer-centric strategies, such as the unified service via Freshdesk and the industry-focused summits.

Duration: 01:43

Ask the Lab

Ask the Lab - Morning Session


Duration: 24:27


Ask the Lab - Afternoon Session


Duration: 22:02