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by | Apr 23, 2020 | Manufacturing & Supply Chain

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FREJA’s story might sound familiar to any number of organizations in any number of industries: for a long time, the company had a business intelligence solution in place, but it wasn’t using it to its full potential. When FREJA took steps to develop a clearer business intelligence strategy, the benefits of Dimensional Insight Platform with Measure Factory became increasingly clear to many of its employees.

FREJA is a privately-owned transportation company specializing in road transport, but offering sea and air freight as well. The company owns 2,600 trailers and handles two million shipments a year with the trailers driving 270 direct routes every day or every other day. Here’s a look at how it’s using analytics and the power of Measure Factory in its business.

Using Measure Factory

FREJA gave its Finance Business Partnering department the job of centralizing its business intelligence work, and as part of its business intelligence strategy, FREJA added Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory.

“With this new investment in Measure Factory, more and more people are using the Dimensional Insight platform, so it’s becoming more important for our employees and our management team,” says Alexander Skaarup Kristensen, the head of finance business partnering at FREJA. “For us, data is the new gold. It’s really important for us now to make decisions and to have the right knowledge about our company to make those decisions.”

FREJA has worked to make its definitions consistent, and Measure Factory allows those definitions to be distributed across the platform.

Flexibility in reports and elsewhere

FREJA prides itself on being a flexible partner for its customers, who have a wide range of needs, and Dimensional Insight’s product allows it to create customized reports each of its customers. “Nearly every customer wants statistics and reports,” says Skaarup Kristensen, “so we value the fact that we can be flexible and make the solution special-made for the exact customer. A lot of the big customers, they demand that we report in very specific ways to them, and that is only possible because we have a product like Dimensional Insight, where we can do these customized reports.”

The Dimensional Insight dashboards are easy to use. If FREJA’s users want to do more complex analysis on the data, it is easier for them to do than before. Skaarup Kristensen has also set up video tutorials for many pages to increase that self-service ability, and he intends to do that for every page.

Being proactive

FREJA used Dimensional Insight to deliver daily reports to different departments throughout the organization. One such report is delivered to the key account management department, which handles FREJA’s largest accounts. The reports are delivered first thing in the morning, allowing the company to be proactive if it needs to address a problem with a shipment.

FREJA has accomplished a lot since the organization made the move to centralize its business intelligence work. But the organization knows it still has work to do. The data quality work still requires some definitions to be clarified, and the organization wants to make sure everyone knows the correct way to enter them into the system to ensure its data quality meets the high standard it has set for itself.

The company also continues to share success stories with its 800 employees. When other departments see the time savings and business improvements that come from the areas of the organization using Dimensional Insight, they want similar results. By sharing the successes, those departments can think about how the platform might be used to benefit them.

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