3 Takeaways from the KLAS Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018 Report

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Healthcare

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KLAS Research recently released its 2018 Healthcare Business Intelligence report. The report assesses the capabilities of various business intelligence vendors and aims to provide some categorization in what KLAS says is “a market with a lot of options and historically little transparency.”

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For healthcare organizations that are viewing this report, what should they focus on? Here are 3 takeaways.

1. Not all BI products are made the same

When you’re buying a business intelligence product, what are you really looking for? Is it important that you get an enterprise data warehouse as part of the solution? Or is data visualization critical?

The KLAS report breaks out different functionalities from each vendor and lists out which of these functionalities have been validated. It also lists which functionalities are provided from a vendor itself and which ones are provided through a partner. These are paramount to understand as you’re comparing different products.

2. Which products are actually driving outcomes?

It’s one thing to look at which products healthcare organizations are adopting. That’s certainly important. But even more important is to take a look at which products are actually driving outcomes. Are products doing what they claim they can do?

In the report, KLAS included a chart that measured “product drives tangible outcomes” on the x-axis versus “product meets needs” on the y-axis. (See figure below.) I’m proud that Dimensional Insight emerged as the most top-right vendor in this plot. It shows that we are delivering on our promise to customers to deliver technology that meets their needs and gets them the results they expect.

3. What does the customer have to say?

One of the important things about the KLAS report is that it captures the voice of the customer. All scores are based on customers’ experiences with the various products. The report includes detailed scores on each vendor and compares the vendor scores with the market average. (See Dimensional Insight scores in the figure below.)

In addition, you can take a look at the various customer quotes to better understand how customers are using the products. Take for example, this quote from a Dimensional Insight customer:

“We have been extremely successful in our use of Dimensional Insight’s tool. We have invested in the product year after year because of its outcomes and the ROI we receive from it. We are extremely happy with how the tool has worked. We are pleased that one person can manage the entire user base. That is helpful for me personally, and it also helps us keep our costs down. We are engaged with Dimensional Insight for several future products. It seems like we will have a fairly tight relationship going forward.”

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