Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Suzie Xu

by | Apr 25, 2019 | General BI

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Dimensional Insight has offices all around the globe. And while each has its own unique culture, there are also bonds that tie us together as a company. On our blog, we talk a lot about company culture, as we believe that our culture is the core of our organization and the values that we instill in our team is what bonds us together.

Today we introduce you to Suzie Xu, General Manager of Dimensional Insight China. Suzie talks flexibility and the role that company culture plays in her team’s performance.

What is your role at Dimensional Insight? What responsibilities does that role entail?

I’m the General Manager of Dimensional Insight in China. I’m responsible for managing our team and that varies between helping out with marketing, sales, and operations.

How long have you been doing this for?

I joined Dimensional Insight in 2010, so nine years.

Why do you enjoy working for Dimensional Insight?

I like the culture and the product. The company takes care of our employees and provides a lot of opportunities and in return, we take care of our customers.

Can you tell us about the company culture at the Dimensional Insight China office?

At our office, everyone has their own responsibilities. We have our weekly meetings and we’re very collaborative. The majority of our team are consultants, so they have the choice to work at home or in the office. We’re flexible and results driven, so the most important thing is wherever you work, you need to finish your work. Most companies in China think that all work should be done in the office and that the main challenge is to manage the employees. But as an IT company, we believe that the most important thing is your team, and if you treat the people well, then they’ll look after the company.

Why should potential customers pick Dimensional Insight over our competitors?

We have a good product and they like our team. Our customers can find their data quickly and from different dimensions so they can make informed decisions. Our consultants also have years of experience and they provide professional solutions to help our customers. We’re also proud of the relationships that we have built with our partners who have introduced us to our customers.

How have you seen our technology benefit our customers? Do you have any stories that stand out to you?

The hospitals in China have control for medicine use. If a patient in a hospital uses too much medicine, it is not good for them. So, there was a need for measures. We helped them create these measures by building a system to find out which department is above or below them. This application is very helpful for hospitals to control their KPIs and ensure patient safety.

Where do you see the future of business intelligence heading within the next 5 years?

China is growing very fast. We have a field of data around us. Data is information. So how to find useful data for our decisions should be the change. I think for the future, business intelligence will be most important.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your free time? Do you have any hobbies or outside interests?

I like practicing yoga. It’s good for me and my health. I also enjoy traveling and reading. I like visiting the United States. For me, traveling is very amazing because I enjoy seeing the different cultures and it’s a good experience for my life.

Thank you, Suzie! Meet the rest of our team here:

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