Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Jeroen van Berk

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Dimensional Insight was founded on the belief that if you take care of the customer and the employee, then the customer and the employee will take care of Dimensional Insight.

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As we kick off our 30th year in business this year, we are proud that our founding values are still practiced today and have even found their way to our international offices. Today in our employee spotlight we introduce you to Jeroen Van Berk, account and sales manager at our Leiden, Netherlands office.

Jeroen, what is your role at Dimensional Insight? What responsibilities does that role entail?

Recently, I changed my role from consultant to account and sales manager. It’s a pretty broad role that varies from speaking to customers, to project management, to meeting with potential new clients, to getting new sales, to a bit of marketing, as well as some administrative tasks.

What excites you about working for Dimensional Insight?

Speaking to new clients is the most exciting thing. It offers a lot of opportunities and there’s so much potential which excites me a lot. Also, doing something for an existing customer that really helps them solve their problems is really rewarding. This past year, one of the hot issues here in Europe has been the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). With our ISO27001:2013 and NEN7510:2017 certification in addition to our expertise in information security, we’ve helped our customers set up processing agreements by assisting them with securely storing their data. We have also encouraged and brought customers in contact with other customers with the sole purpose of sharing ideas on their specific industry, how to make their organizations more data driven and how to approach certain technical issues.

In what ways has our technology benefited our customers? What challenges have been solved?

Often times it’s just increasing efficiency or getting the insights that were never there that people have been looking for, being able to make better decisions. The challenges that I solve as an account and sales manager is mostly getting people to fix their problems on time. When I worked for a medical lab, they wanted their finance team to save time on creating reports. One of the employees there spent at least two days per month on getting her reports ready for management. So, I automated the entire thing and she now spends probably an hour or so looking at them. She’s been able to do things that are a lot less repetitive and more interesting with her time. So that is one of the examples, but there are many more. Its usually along the same lines of having people spend their time on things that can be automated.

Another way we can help customers is to replace the use of Excel as an analytics tool. Excel provides no consistency in the definition of numbers, so it’s important to help customers eliminate these different Excel definitions that vary across employees from the same organization. Instead, customers can look at the exact same number with the same definition with Diver technology.

What is the most common reason for why organizations choose our software?

I think that the front end of BI is mostly just a check in the box. They don’t choose the software per se, they choose us as a company. The more technical people that use the entire scope of our software see that it’s a lot better than some of our competitors. Management primarily looks at dashboards and they have to look pretty good and they have to show the numbers. And most of our competitors do the same thing. I think organizations choose us because we give them advice as to how to be more data driven and approach these problems. The attitude of not really pushing our product but our way of how we approach issues is the biggest reason why they choose us. A lot of our new clients come from old clients because they know that we deliver.

Tell us about the Netherlands office. How would you describe the company culture?

It has a family feel. We’re very inclusive and very open. When we choose to do something and put our backs behind it, we get it done well and we get it done fast.

What can we expect from the Netherlands team in 2019?

A lot. We’re developing Measure Factory with one of our higher education clients. Maybe in the long run we will have a very big impact on that market. Our plan isn’t quite clear yet but I know that Measure Factory is going to be a big deal.

When you’re not in the office, what do you like to do? Any hobbies?

I’m kind of a nerd so I enjoy reading or just having a beer with my friends. I used to play basketball but I haven’t for a while. When I did play, it was at a high Dutch level, and we had the opportunity to play against a United States high school team who were a lot better and younger than us.

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