kathy sucichEvery company has products or services that it sells. The challenge is how do you communicate the benefits of those products or services to a wider audience? And how do you create a “voice” for the company that is authentic and engaging?

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In this employee profile, the marketing team decided to “turn the tables” on the editor of our blog – Kathy Sucich. In addition to deciding what content makes it onto the blog each week, Kathy is responsible for communicating the voice of our company to the outside world. She also engages with many of our customers to tell their stories of the results they are seeing from Diver. Kathy recently sat down with me to talk about the blog, her customer visits, and life outside the office.

What is your role at Dimensional Insight and what responsibilities does that role entail?

I am the senior content and communications manager. I’m responsible for what we write here at Dimensional Insight, as well as communications with external and internal audiences. That means I handle media relations and work with many of the analyst groups that we engage with. I set the voice of our communications to ensure that our content is aligned with our corporate mission and culture. Recently, I’ve been doing more healthcare-specific marketing.

I know you previously worked in TV news. What drew you towards making the shift to working in technology?

I’ve always loved writing, which is what drew me to news in the first place. The television news room is definitely an exciting place to be, and it taught me a great deal about storytelling and writing succinctly. You only have 20 seconds to tell that story. Say what you mean – but do so with finesse – and then move on. However, I found it was draining to always be writing about “bad” news. I also found the long hours, weekends, and overnights started to take their toll on me. I wanted to find a job where I could still write, but do so in a business setting. After TV news, I worked at a public relations firm for technology companies, and then I did some freelance writing while my kids were young. Then one day, one of my friends said, “My former boss is looking for a social media and PR person. Are you interested?” I was happy where I was, but I thought it would be nice to have something steady. Technology was something I knew how to write about so I came here to meet with everyone, and they seemed like my kind of people.

How long have you been here for?

5 years.

Are there any similarities between the two roles?

Writing content for a business like Dimensional Insight, I still try and look for that story. What is interesting and impactful about our technology? How is it improving the lives of our users? And how could I tell this story in a way that my mother – or anyone else not intimately familiar with Diver – could understand it? That’s why I love writing our customer case studies. It’s where you really get to see the impact that our technology makes. The case studies don’t talk about a bunch of technology features, but they discuss how our technology can make a real difference for organizations that use it to improve things such as revenue, productivity, and readmissions.

One of my favorite things to read on the website are the customer case studies. From the 30+ case studies, is there a particular customer that stands out to you?

There are a lot of customers doing some really interesting things with Diver, but I’ll talk about Western Maryland Health System in particular. This is a hospital that was ranked 46 out of 46 hospitals in Maryland in terms of quality, and it was losing money each year. The hospital implemented Diver, and, as a result, was better able to understand its quality measures and things such as readmissions. After two years the organization moved to number one in the quality rankings in the state, and it became profitable. The organization continues to expand how it uses Diver. For example, in the pharmacy it did this big project where it was able to take a look at drug costs and drug efficacy and figure out that, “Hey, this really expensive IV medication really has the same efficacy as the tablet version which is one-fifth the price.” So, this is a great example of an organization that pushed its use of Diver and is making real improvements through its use of data.

When you’re writing the case studies, lately you’ve been meeting with our customers face-to-face. Why did you decide to start traveling to meet with customers? And which city has been your favorite to visit so far?

I really enjoy the personal interaction I have with our customers. I’ve made it a mission to visit with customers in their world, which brings added value to each case study. I’ve found I can have much more open and engaging discussions with customers when we’re talking face-to-face. Also, being in their environment helps me to better understand the challenges and circumstances of their jobs. And it helps me to tell a better story as well.

As far as favorite cities, they all have something interesting to offer, and I try to do at least one non-work-related activity in each city if I can. I went to San Francisco earlier this year, and I just love the Bay Area. Just recently, I traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I thought it was beautiful too. It’s one of those areas where I only had a few hours to explore it, but I thought, “This would be a great place for me to bring the family one day and have a nice vacation.”

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Kayla Chiara

Kayla Chiara

Kayla is a marketing specialist at Dimensional Insight. When she's not in the office, you can find her working on local films or with her newest foster dog from Last Hope K9 Rescue.
Kayla Chiara