DIUC19 Day 4: Final Training and Farewell

All good things must come to an end. These past few days have been so special for our team, allowing us to reflect on where Dimensional Insight began, where it is now, and where it is headed. It is because of your loyalty throughout the years, that we are able to come together as one big family and celebrate 30 years of customer success. For that, we are truly grateful.

Now that it is officially day four of the event, we’re packing up our bags and saying our final goodbyes. What does day four of DIUC19 look like?


4 Ways to Sabotage a Data Analytics Project

If we were to treat data analytics projects in the same way a physician would treat his or her patient, we would come to the realization that customized care is key. Every project is its own living being, with its own unique challenges and needs. It is for this reason why it is only natural that a solution should be custom as well.

However, despite the differences among various projects, there are a few symptoms of declining health that are more universal. If you find your data analytics project showing the following symptoms, allow yourself to take a step back and reevaluate the prognosis.


30 Reasons to Visit Boston During DIUC19

DIUC19DIUC19 is just 30 days away, and we are excited that this year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dimensional Insight! While we are making final preparations for our sessions and activities, we hope you are making final preparations by booking your flights and hotel rooms.

Are you still on the fence on attending? Or have you already registered but are looking for things to do in Boston? We made a list of 30 can’t miss destinations and attractions to see throughout the city for you to enjoy whether you’re arriving in Boston a few days early or extending your stay through the weekend.


Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Nishtha Adroja

Nishtha Adroja Has your organization strengthened their core with the help of our consulting team? Does your team feel more confident with how they use their data? If so, you are probably familiar with our very own Nishtha Adroja.

Nishtha is a consultant here at our Burlington headquarters. In today’s employee spotlight, she reflects on her career beginnings, offering advice to aspiring consultants and shares the importance of bringing care back into healthcare. (more…)

How to KonMari Your Data

KonMari Your Data

As time goes by, we find ourselves exhibiting three behaviors: collecting, letting go, and welcoming change. It’s easy to become a collector and tuck away objects without realizing the inevitable cluttered chaos that will slowly emerge into our lives.  We do it at home with knick-knacks that we stuff in our kitchen drawers, and we also do it at work with data that collects and never gets used. Whatever it is that you’re collecting, at some point you recognize that there is simply too much of it and it’s finally time to part ways.

In the Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” decluttering professional Marie Kondo talks about the KonMari method of cleansing. She encourages tidy hopefuls to keep “only those things that speak to the heart.” In other words, one should strive to become more mindful as to what they invest their time and dollars into and that we must truly re-think what we welcome into our living spaces. So how can you cleanse and reorganize your organization? Here’s how your team can use the six KonMari rules to tidy up your data.


Dimensional Insight Book Club: Deep Medicine

They say you can’t replace the human touch, but many believe artificial intelligence (AI) is learning just how.

In Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again, Eric Topol examines AI’s role in healthcare and how we may be welcoming a new group of colleagues sooner than we think. Let’s take a look at “Deep Medicine” in today’s Dimensional Insight book club review. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Suzie Xu

Suzie XuDimensional Insight has offices all around the globe. And while each has its own unique culture, there are also bonds that tie us together as a company. On our blog, we talk a lot about company culture, as we believe that our culture is the core of our organization and the values that we instill in our team is what bonds us together.

Today we introduce you to Suzie Xu, General Manager of Dimensional Insight China. Suzie talks flexibility and the role that company culture plays in her team’s performance.


Celebrating Patient Experience Week

Patient ExperienceIf we were to look at healthcare in the same way we look at businesses, patients are the consumers. And as consumers who pay money for quality care and service, there are certain standards for the patient experience that need to be met. As mentioned in a previous blog post, we are all patients. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced and been influenced by the healthcare system in more ways than one.

The Beryl Institute recognizes Patient Experience Week as a time to celebrate healthcare professionals and the accomplishments made within the community. The week-long celebration is also a time to reflect and evaluate where improvements can be made. Throughout spending time celebrating, healthcare professionals may have asked themselves and their teams, “Can the standard for quality patient care be raised higher?”


The Road to DIUC19: Learn about Our Boston Location

DIUC19You asked for a Downtown Boston location for DIUC19, and you got it! We’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dimensional Insight at the Boston Marriott Copley Place August 5-8.

This event is all about you—our loyal customers—who have shown us continuous support throughout the years, making this anniversary possible.

Want to know what we have planned at DIUC19? Here’s a sneak peek as to what to expect as you plan your trip.