Dimensional Insight provides online help for the Diver 7.0 products including Workbench, ProDiver, DivePort, NetDiver, and Help Desk. In the Workbench help, you can find all the documentation for Workbench plus the DiveLine Server, DiveTab, Production, DiveMaster, DIAL, Spectre, Visual Builder, Visual Integrator, and Measure Factory. DivePort has separate online help for administrators and users. Separate helps for DiveTab end users are available upon request.

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How do you access the online help? Could you use some tips or tricks to find what you need and get you back to work faster? Read on!

What features are in the help?

The online help systems have all the standard features that you’ve come to expect, such as a table of content, search bar, and links to related information. The help system identifies your device type to give you the most effective user experience, whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, without compromising function. Then, there are some niceties to accommodate you at whatever your level of expertise. For example, in-line expandable images and tooltips are available to get you started but stay collapsed and out of the way if you’re more experienced.

How do you access the online help?

Online help opens in your default browser. The following images show the menu options for each Diver product.

From Workbench, click Help > View Help.

Figure 1: Workbench Help


From ProDiver, click Help > View Help.

Figure 2: ProDiver Help


For DivePort administrators, click Help > View Administrator Help.

Figure 3: DivePort Administartor Help



Or, for the DivePort user help, click Help > View User Help.

Figure 4: DivePort user Help



From NetDiver, click Help.

Figure 5: NetDiver Help


From Help Desk, click Help > View Help.

Figure 6: Help Desk Help


For the best results, make sure that your browser is a vendor-supported version that supports HTML5, such as Internet Explorer 11 or later, Firefox 10 or later, or Google Chrome 13 or later.

You can bookmark the URLs, which should be similar to the following URLs if you installed Workbench, ProDiver, or Help Desk locally:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Dimensional Insight\Workbench\workbench_help\Default.htm
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Dimensional Insight\ProDiver\prodiver_help\Default.htm
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Dimensional Insight\HelpDesk\helpdesk_help\Default.htm

For help that is installed on a Diver server, the URLs should look like these for DivePort administrators, DivePort users, and NetDiver:

  • https://<server>/<diveport>/help/Default.htm
  • https://<server>/<diveport>/user-help/Default.htm
  • https://<server>/<netdiver>/help/Default.htm

Online help updates automatically with each software release, so you can be sure that you have the version of help that matches your software.

NOTE: The online help documents all functionality, including those features that are limited to a special license class. The license you purchased and installed determines what you see in the GUI and in the various components, but the license does not limit what displays in the help.

For your convenience, the Workbench 7.0 online help includes any PDFs available for 7.0 as well as a repository of the 6.4 manuals in PDF format. In the navigation pane, click Additional Resources.

A view for your device

Now that you know how to access the online help, let’s look at the help interface. The layout depends on your device. Laptops and desktops have one view, while mobile devices have a different view that accommodates the smaller screen size.

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