Bridging the Gender Gap in Health Tech

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Healthcare

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Despite significant representation in the broader healthcare industry, the gender disparity within health technology is stark. Data reveals that women fill less than a quarter of senior leadership roles within health tech. Achieving gender equity in the workplace isn’t merely a matter of fairness—it’s smart business. Businesses that champion diversity benefit financially, thrive in innovation, and attract the best talent.

With the goal of advancing women in the field, Dimensional Insight recently cohosted a networking hike in Concord, Massachusetts with HIT Like a Girl, an online community that “celebrates, listens to, and learns from” women leaders in healthcare IT. The hike provided an opportunity for female leaders and their allies in health tech to connect, collaborate, and promote career growth in the field.


Empowerment in Nature

The networking hike had a strong turnout, with roughly 20 female tech leaders and allies gathering for a “walk in the woods.” The scenic beauty of Walden Pond set the backdrop for thought-provoking conversations. I discussed meaningful use and patient advocacy with Dave deBronkart, a cancer survivor and advocate of democratizing healthcare. I overheard colleagues discussing the best way to get involved in board leadership and how to overcome fear of public speaking.

These tiny snippets of conversation symbolize the organic mentorship opportunities presented at such gatherings. This genuine, collaborative sharing of ideas provides a tangible way for health-tech industry peers to help one another advance in the field.

During our hike, when we came to two divergent paths in the woods, we worked collectively to decide which route to take. This moment mirrored the collaborative approach required in our field to drive innovation and enact positive change.


The Power of Collaboration

The hike would not have been possible without HIT Like a Girl, which is more than a podcast – it’s a thriving community committed to elevating women in healthcare and health IT. Joy Rios, the driving force behind the podcast, interviewed Dimensional Insight’s Nora Lissy on her career as a female leader in healthcare data analytics. Nora’s journey began in nursing and evolved into health informatics leadership. Armed with clinical expertise, she has supported countless hospitals in transforming their data into meaningful insights. Her journey epitomizes the potential for women’s career progression in health IT.



Although there have been significant strides to close the gender gap, there is still work to do. However, “femtech” is on the rise, with women-owned and women’s health-focused tech businesses predicted to grow by $1.07 trillion by 2026.

But how do we get there? Robust collaboration, active mentorship, and staunch advocacy. Research further underscores the need for healthcare companies to focus on retaining female talent, elevating internal candidates, and ensuring diverse women are given ample opportunities.

Our hike at Walden Pond was just one step on the path toward closing the gender gap in health IT. At Dimensional Insight, we are committed to helping break this bias and dismantle barriers for women in the health tech space. Stay tuned for future events as we aim to move the conversation forward and progress change.

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