How are healthcare organizations measuring the success of their analytics programs? And what are the metrics they are focusing on in order to gauge success?

Those questions were the focus of the latest survey that HIMSS Analytics conducted on our behalf. Let’s take a look at the surprising results.

Why we decided to explore this issue

In a previous survey conducted with HIMSS Analytics, we found that despite the fact that most healthcare organizations have an executive dashboard, less than 1 in 4 are using it daily to make decisions.

Following that survey, we really wanted to understand why that was the case. Was it that they didn’t feel the insights were valuable? Were they using metrics? Did they understand how to measure the ROI of their healthcare analytics?

The results

For this report, HIMSS Analytics surveyed 109 senior healthcare leaders to better understand how healthcare organizations implement metrics and measure ROI from their analytics programs.

Here are some of the key findings.

Organizations are leveraging analytics in multiple areas

Of organizations that are leveraging analytics, 84% are doing so in multiple areas (clinical, financial, operational), while two-thirds are leveraging analytics across the organization.

Hospitals that focus on clinical outcomes report higher success

The survey found that organizations that focus on clinical outcomes as their key ROI metric – as opposed to financial returns or staff efficiency – rank higher across the board in terms of usage of analytics across the organization, average number of metrics used, measured success rate, and overall effectiveness of analytics.

Methods for determining ROI

The primary method organizations use to determine ROI is most often financial returns and improvements (41.2%) vs. clinical outcome improvement (37.3%), staff efficiency (12.7%), or measured improvements across the patient journey (3.9%). However, they see the highest measured success rate (75.4%) if they use clinical outcomes improvement as their primary metric.

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