Survey Says: Less Than 1 in 4 Senior Hospital Execs Use Executive Dashboard Daily

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Healthcare

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By now, most healthcare organizations know that a mountain of value lies in their data, and as a result, they have employed some form of analytics in their hospitals or health systems. But how effective is their use of analytics? Are they using it on a daily basis to make decisions?

A new HIMSS Analytics survey sponsored by Dimensional Insight shows that few senior healthcare leaders are actually using their data daily to drive decision-making. Here are the survey results.

Analytics strategy? Check. Implementing it? Well…

Hospitals and health systems have boatloads of data in their various technology systems. A wealth of patient data lies in the EHR, but there is also data in their financial systems, time management systems, and more. Analytics can help leaders extract meaning from this data – and in large part, they know that. In fact, the HIMSS Analytics survey found that 92.7% of healthcare organizations have an analytics strategy in place. However, analytics strategies are relatively new.

  • Less than one-third (31.8%) of organizations have been executing on that strategy for some time.
  • 41% of organizations are currently implementing their analytics strategy.
  • 20% have a strategy, but have yet to begin implementation.

You mean we’re supposed to use that executive dashboard?

An executive dashboard is an easy way for senior healthcare leaders to get a read on important data within their organizations and ensure they can make data-driven decisions to support their strategic goals. HIMSS Analytics found that while most organizations have an executive dashboard, they are not using it daily.

  • Approximately two-thirds (67.9%) of hospitals and health systems have an executive dashboard to support strategic decision-making.
  • However, only one-third (35.1%) of those who have an executive dashboard use it on a daily basis to make decisions.
  • That means less than 1 in 4 (23.9%) leverage their data at an executive level daily.

Want to learn more?

Survey results also show how many organizations are able to make system-wide decisions based off of their data (hint: not a lot) and how many analytics tools are being used in hospitals and health systems (hint: a lot). The report also includes some tips on how senior healthcare leaders can see greater success from their analytics implementations.

To read the full survey results, please download the report from our website.

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