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raul amezDimensional Insight’s InterReport provides businesses with an on-demand reporting and analytics service in a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Using the Diver Platform as a hosted solution eliminates many of the costs associated with purchasing hardware servers. Used by an increasing number of customers, InterReport enables clients to gain insights into their data which they never could have imagined.

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One member of our InterReport team is Raul Amez. As a consultant in our San Diego office, Raul works tirelessly to provide support to our customers with their implementation of our platform. Read more to see Raul’s experience with and zeal for business intelligence.

What is your role at Dimensional Insight, and what do you do in that role?

I am a consultant and trainer with InterReport, Dimensional Insight’s Software-as-a-Service division. As a consultant I help new clients get up and running with the hosted Diver Platform and provide on-going support for our existing base. As a trainer I guide clients through the basics and into advanced Diver usage and show them how they can use our tools to grow their business.

What path led you to work at Dimensional Insight?

Prior to Dimensional Insight I was a systems analyst at Fidelity Investments and had begun working on BI projects. In 2008 I moved to San Diego and connected with Dimensional Insight as it was opening its new InterReport office. I saw this as a great opportunity to dive deeper into business intelligence full-time.

What is your first memory of consulting at Dimensional Insight?

It was a small team at first with two consultants (including myself) and our manager, John Stoveken. We managed both small and large clients and I appreciated how flexible the Diver Platform could be and how dedicated Dimensional Insight was to ensuring our customers got the most out of our software. Coming from being a user working with other products, I saw firsthand how we were the better solution for business intelligence.

What do you wish people knew about BI consulting?

That you need a broad set of skills in order to fully tackle a BI project and it’s a great way to expand your toolset. I’ve learned everything from database programming, to systems administration, to report creation, to data modeling, to complex problem solving.

What is the most unique way you have seen customers use Diver?

One customer, Blue Chair Bay, a rum brand founded by the country music star Kenny Chesney, used our platform in a very different way. Analysts from the company used our custom Event Analysis tool, one of our location-based reports, to track sales before and after Kenny Chesney performed. As a result, the company could gauge its program’s effectiveness in each market.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

As I mentioned earlier, I need to be a Swiss Army consultant in my role. I handle everything from back-end implementation, to front-end reporting, to post-implementation support and training. So I need to be able to multitask and wear many hats to keep up with my job.

If you had to name the top benefit of the Diver Platform, what would it be and why?

The Diver Platform is highly customizable and system-independent. Our solution has options for every type of user and can be scaled up or down to meet their needs.

Now let’s learn a little bit about your life outside of the office. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time outdoors with family and friends on camping and hiking trips. I also play bass guitar and synthesizers, watch and read science fiction, and enjoy 80’s films and music.

Thanks for your time, Raul! If you have any questions for Raul, please ask them in the comments below.

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