The Data on Working from Home: Does It Improve Productivity?

For many people in the software industry, working remote is to some degree conventional and even encouraged. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies within various industries have shifted their employees to the “home office” which has quickly become the “new normal.”

Many businesses have worried about the productivity of their employees working remotely. So we wanted to see what the data actually shows about the benefits or drawbacks of working from home. Let’s examine. (more…)

5 Feel Good Ways to Help Your Community and Self During a Health Crisis

By now I am sure you’ve heard the term “social distancing” maybe once, twice, or every time you’ve clicked on the television over the past few weeks. Although this truly is critical, you might find yourself thinking, is this the only action I can take?

Right now, the entire world wants the same thing — to kick this virus to the curb and return to normal life as soon as possible. Coming together and helping out any way that you can while practicing safe habits that are recommended by the CDC is essential to fighting COVID-19. Here are 5 ways you might be able to lend an extra hand and stay positive during this health crisis. (more…)

5 Reasons to Attend Our 2018 Regional User Meetings

5 Reasons to Attend Our 2018 Regional User MeetingsWondering where our annual user conference has gone? Don’t worry, DIUC will be back in 2019 – this year, we are hosting a series of smaller regional user meetings at a location near you. Our agenda is packed with powerful user stories, application development, tips and tricks, and some networking fun. Thanks to the wonderful attendees and presenters, the first 2018 regional meeting in Jacksonville was a success!

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If you couldn’t get to Florida in February, don’t worry, you can still attend one of our remaining meetings. But hurry up to register! In 2016, we had to close registration for Chicago because it filled up so quickly, and our new San Diego location is filling up even faster! If you’re still wavering on whether or not to attend, here are 5 reasons to sign up for one of our Diver user meetings. (more…)

5 Ways Your BI Platform Should Optimize Your Distributed Sales Channel

Cost-conscious consumers take advantage of instant access to pricing and item availability on their smartphones, often choosing the best bang for their buck over brand loyalty. To win and retain customers, companies are launching significantly more promotions and incentive programs. So how do you measure and analyze the effectiveness of these promotions?

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Distributed sales channels, such as those in the beverage alcohol industry, are more challenging than direct-to-consumer sales models because of the limited visibility suppliers have downstream. As sales models become more complex, the number of data sources that need to be integrated and analyzed exponentially increases. With the right business intelligence (BI) platform, you can overcome these hurdles. Here are five ways your BI platform should help you optimize your distributed sales channel. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Raul Amez

raul amezDimensional Insight’s InterReport provides businesses with an on-demand reporting and analytics service in a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Using the Diver Platform as a hosted solution eliminates many of the costs associated with purchasing hardware servers. Used by an increasing number of customers, InterReport enables clients to gain insights into their data which they never could have imagined.

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One member of our InterReport team is Raul Amez. As a consultant in our San Diego office, Raul works tirelessly to provide support to our customers with their implementation of our platform. Read more to see Raul’s experience with and zeal for business intelligence. (more…)

5 Reasons to Attend Our Regional Diver User Meetings

photo-of-fred-powers-presentationThis year at Dimensional Insight we replaced the single DIUC conference with four regional Diver user meetings. We’ve created an agenda brimming with speakers, training sessions, case studies (and fun!) to help you deepen your knowledge of Diver and learn from the successes of other Diver customers. Thanks to the wonderful attendees and presenters, the first meeting in Orlando was a success! If you were unable to get to Florida in February, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to attend one of our remaining events. But hurry up to register – our June event in Connecticut is already sold out.

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If you’re still wavering on whether or not to attend, here are 5 reasons to sign up for one of our Diver user meetings. (more…)

Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Sandeep Chandila

sandeep chandilaHere at Dimensional Insight, we pride ourselves on our people, which is why every few months we are profiling an employee who helps our customers get the most out of their BI implementations.

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Today, we would like to introduce Sandeep Chandila. Sandeep works at our Florida office and was named that office’s “Consultant of the Year” in 2015. Learn more about Sandeep and how he helps our clients succeed with their business intelligence implementations. (more…)

Need More Speed? Learn All About Our New Big Data Engine

We all know that data is growing, and it’s growing fast. In fact, IDC statistics show the big data market is growing about six times as much as the overall IT market is.

To address the need for super speed and the ability to handle high data volumes, Dimensional Insight has developed a new business intelligence (BI) data engine. Our lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts has been hard at work in developing this project, which we previewed to customers at our annual users conference earlier this summer.

Interested in getting inside the head of the lead developer of Diver’s data engine? Here’s an interview with Dimensional Insight’s Jamie Clark, who has the scoop on this exciting new technology.

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5 Reasons BI Tools Are Totally Useless

Anyone in the business world has heard the urban legend about “Big Data” and how it’s growing at an abnormally fast rate, leaving companies in shambles. But how much of a threat can it really pose? It’s not like it’s growing at an alarming rate (oh wait, it is), or costs businesses money (oh yeah, that too), or leads to less accurate decisions (whoops).

But really, let’s forget the facts for a moment. Implementing a business intelligence (BI) tool is clearly a horrible idea. Here are 5 reasons why. (And yes, this is totally meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek, with a nod to BuzzFeed.)

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