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by | Feb 12, 2016 | General BI

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arthur musahOur biggest asset here at Dimensional Insight is our people. From our support team, to our consultants, to our developers, to sales, to marketing, to documentation, and to our finance team, we place a very high value on the people we employ.

It’s the dedication of our employees to creating a superior product and helping our customers gain deep insights from that product that enables us to continually rank high in customer surveys (such as the 2015/2016 Best in KLAS awards, which was recently announced).

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To that end, we’d like to introduce you to some of the dynamic people who work here at Dimensional Insight and live and breathe business intelligence. Today, we are featuring one of our consultants from our headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, Arthur Musah. Learn more about Arthur’s experience with clients, and his intriguing project that he’s developing outside the office!

Arthur, what does your role entail at Dimensional Insight?

As a consultant, I help customers along their BI journeys. On a technical level, I work with clients’ data to extract it from multiple sources and allow them to tie it together in ways that will help them make better clinical and operational decisions. But on a higher level, I work with clients to really make sense of what they’re trying to accomplish — to reveal the big picture as to how business intelligence can drive change and can help them reach their organizational goals. I travel to customer sites for onsite work and training, as well as work from our office in Burlington. Together, the customer and I come up with a set of business rules that meets their needs. Once those metrics are in place, I work my magic.

What are the biggest challenges that customers faced prior to Diver?

The biggest recurring issue I hear about from clients is getting current information to the right people in the organization in a timely fashion. Even when information was made promptly accessible, the reports are often for one-time use and lack centralized usability standards. With Diver, your data is accessible in real time, in user friendly formats determined by the client. Not only does it free up time for the IT department, but analysts no longer have to agonize over data reports because it is all available at their fingertips.

What issues seem to be top of mind for organizations you work with?

Most companies are looking to improve their data insight while reducing man-hours spent crunching numbers and emailing spreadsheets back and forth. Customers would show me reports that they have done on spreadsheets maintained by multiple people. Everyone who gets their hands on that sheet makes their own personal changes without a uniform set of metrics. That’s where we come in. Diver is a powerful and flexible tool that allows customers to consolidate and derive meaningful trends from their data. We provide a solution to their disorganized data by centralizing it and providing robust yet dynamic tools for analysis and visualization.

Where does our consulting team excel?

The key benefit of teaming up with Dimensional Insight is more than just the product we offer, it is the services we provide. Our experienced team of consultants is well educated on the industries they are working with, and are therefore able to provide cutting-edge insights on how your business can get the most out of its data. Every business is different, so as consultants, we work with our customers to determine their specific needs and make sure their business intelligence implementation supports those needs.

I hear you are making a movie – tell us more!

I am directing and producing a documentary called, “One Day I too Go Fly”. It tells the story of four African students attending college in America. The film process started four years ago when they first get to America to attend MIT. It focuses on the positives and negatives of growing up in an American college as an international student. The struggles they went through with cultural changes thrown at them during an already turbulent time that is coming of age. The documentary is a quite intimate story of young adults being confronted by the question, “Who are you?” They face many social and personal issues, with their unique personalities contributing to a greater narrative of how race and culture affect how we view (and are viewed by) the world. A lot of the filming took place at MIT, but there is also a large amount dedicated to their hometowns in Africa. I hope to inspire students worldwide, as well as spread awareness of the difficulties and opportunities that accompany cross-cultural experiences.

Impressive! Can’t wait to see the finished product in 2017!

Click this link if you want to learn more about Arthur’s movie, One Day It Too Go Fly.

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