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by | Apr 24, 2013 | General BI

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Suzie Massey

We recently introduced a new feature on our blog in which we profile members of our extraordinary Dimensional Insight team. Today, we’re talking to Suzie Massey.

If you are a Diver user, you might not recognize Suzie’s picture, but you probably know her voice! Suzie is our customer support manager, manages our Green Bay office and is a rabid Packers fan.

Suzie, what is your position at Dimensional Insight?

I am customer support manager in our Green Bay office. I am also a project manager for Dimensional Insight’s InterReport on-demand service.

What do you do in that role?

As customer support manager, I manage Dimensional Insight’s Green Bay office and our team of support specialists who interact with our customers. As an InterReport project manager, I coordinate communication between our customers and the various teams at Dimensional Insight, and I ensure that InterReport customers are billed correctly and are generally happy!

What do you like most about your job?

I love working at Dimensional Insight. Fred [Powers] and Stan [Zanarotti], the co-founders of Dimensional Insight, take very good care of their employees. In return, that propels us to take very good care of our customers. And I’m not just saying that – I think our customers would agree! As one of the people who interacts with customers on the front line, I think every day here is different and exciting since you never know who you’ll talk to and what issues you’ll need to address.

How have you seen Diver make a difference for customers?

It still amazes me every day how many happy customers I talk to. The customer support team hears thank you’s all the time for going above and beyond normal support in order to ensure that our customers are happy. We are diligent in our interactions with customers. When customers call in, they get a live voice. If they email us, they get a response that same day.

Recently I had a customer tell me that the company has doubled its growth since implementing Diver. We also hear compliments about how easy our software is to use, and how we have an in-depth understanding of the industries we support. Just this past week, some of the comments I heard from customers were, “Every time I get a chance to use your product, I get excited,” “Man, I love your product!” and “The support I receive is a value-add to your product.”

What is the most under-utilized resource you would recommend for any customer trying to get the most value out of Diver?

The training we provide to customers is outstanding; users can get onsite training or register for one of our open enrollment courses. Also, our product is continually being updated with new features and enhancements, so in addition to the training, users should look at our Tips & Tricks area of our customer website for new ways to use our software.

Is there anything that customers should know about the support team that might surprise them?

We don’t just get along well with our customers, but we also get along well with each other! Here in the Green Bay office, we get together outside of work to go bowling, play Frisbee golf, and cheer on the Packers, of course!

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