Epic-partnershipToday, we announced a significant agreement with Epic, a powerhouse in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) market. The agreement provides for enhanced integration and support between the Diver Platform™ (Diver), our end-to-end business intelligence (BI) platform, and Epic’s EMR products.

Here are three reasons why this agreement is important to current Epic customers and to healthcare provider organizations moving to Epic:

1. Freedom of choice

While Epic bundles 3rd party BI and analysis tools from SAP BusinessObjects with its products, this agreement gives Epic customers another choice: Diver, the most highly rated BI tool set for healthcare. Diver is consistently rated higher than SAP (and other BI tools) by healthcare customers in surveys conducted by independent 3rd party analysts such as KLAS, an analyst firm devoted to the healthcare technology market. In fact, KLAS has rated Diver “Best in KLAS” for business intelligence 4 times – an accolade unmatched by any BI vendor.

Epic customers now have a powerful choice available to them for enterprise-scale robust reporting and analysis of data contained both within Epic and from non-Epic sources. Which leads to reason #2…

2. Analysis of *all* your data

Epic’s standard BI tools are configured to work with data captured within Epic. But what if you want to integrate your Epic data with data captured in other hospital IT systems, such as time & attendance data, cost accounting data or materials management data? What if you need to integrate third-party data such as patient satisfaction data, benchmark data or government data?

Combining and analyzing all these types of data represents a very common challenge faced by healthcare providers every day. By using Diver with Epic, customers can integrate needed data regardless of source or format to build dashboards, reports and scorecards that deliver a more complete view of their hospital operations and patient care.

3. Smoother transition if you are moving to Epic

A common challenge for hospitals moving to Epic involves dealing with data residing in their legacy systems. There is no easy way to work with data from both worlds using Epic’s standard BI tools. Many hospitals risk having their historical information “sidelined” from reporting and analysis. The Diver Platform can not only close this gap, but also provide a comprehensive view into a healthcare provider’s entire spectrum of information, regardless of the source.

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