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by | Mar 26, 2024 | Healthcare

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HIMSS24 is now in the books. The event is one of the most anticipated in the healthcare industry, bringing together professionals from around the globe to share insights, innovations, and the latest in health information and technology. This year, our team at Dimensional Insight exhibited at the show—here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from our time at HIMSS24.

Your Data, Your Way

Our overriding theme at the conference was “Your Data, Your Way.” This theme emphasizes the importance of accessing analytics in a way that suits your organization’s needs, highlighting the significance of personalization, data governance, and the integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare. These elements are crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and patient care in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.



Library of Applications: A Game Changer

A standout feature that caught the attention of many attendees was our Library of Applications. These off-the-shelf applications are designed to provide healthcare departments, such as Emergency Departments and Surgery Departments, with a head start in deploying analytics solutions. With more than 1,300 pre-defined measures that are both system-wide and customizable, our applications enable departments to achieve quick wins by tailoring analytics to their specific needs.

Dive Deep with Measure Exploration

Another highlight was the ability to explore data related to each measure through detailed analytics. Our measure exploration tools allow for the viewing of trends and the application of AI through assisted analytics and forecasting. This feature is particularly valuable for those looking to delve deeper into their data and make informed decisions based on predictive insights.

Personalization and Enhanced Scorecards

Our new personalization capabilities were also well-received, enabling users to customize analytics to their specific roles and responsibilities. This not only helps in focusing on the most meaningful data but also significantly reduces data overload, thereby increasing adoption and engagement. Additionally, our enhanced scorecards with alerting capabilities allow for proactive monitoring of data trends, ensuring that users can stay ahead of potential issues.

The Buzz About AI

AI was a major topic of discussion at HIMSS24, and we were proud to showcase our existing and new AI capabilities, including Assisted Analytics, algorithmic AI, machine learning used in forecasting, and generative AI. These advancements highlight our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to advance healthcare analytics.

Breakfast Session Insights

A memorable moment from the conference was the breakfast session featuring our customers. Landon Quayle and Zack Benscoter from Baptist Health Northeast Florida spoke on the need for interoperable systems and data governance. Robert Aseltine from UCONN Health shared insights into how AI is being used to predict suicide risk and enable earlier interventions, showcasing the real-world impact of these technologies.

Recognition and Honor

A highlight for our team was receiving the 2024 Best in KLAS award in Data & Analytics at the Best in KLAS ceremony. This honor is a testament to our dedication to excellence in healthcare analytics and our commitment to supporting healthcare organizations in their mission to provide better patient care.



Connect with Us

We’re excited about the conversations we had and the connections we made at HIMSS24. To dive deeper into the insights and innovations from HIMSS24, I invite you to watch this video on YouTube. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest data and analytics news.

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