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by | Jan 16, 2024 | Wine & Spirits

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One of the biggest events in the wine and spirits industry is coming up in just a few short weeks. WSWA Access LIVE will be held Jan. 29 through Feb. 1 at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, and Dimensional Insight will be there. Here are three things we are looking forward to at the show.

1. Industry insights

While a large part of Access LIVE is focused on the trade show floor and making connections between suppliers and wholesalers, there is a lot of education happening on the LIVE Stage. Some of the topics that we’re most looking forward to hearing about this year are:

  • Alcohol Lessons for the Cannabis Beverage Industry
  • Driving Commercial Success through DEI
  • Today’s Distributor and Tomorrow’s Marketplace

It will be interesting to hear how the wine and spirits industry is adapting to new technologies, and what strategies they are thinking about to drive brand growth over the next several years.

2. New brands and new trends

New brands help to shake up the industry and drive new interest in certain segments of the market. Last year, Access LIVE attendees were treated to new brand launches by celebrities such as Jason Momoa, Guy Fieri, and Nelly. This year features brands backed by Jamie Foxx, Emma Watson, Eric Church, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bublé, and more.

We are also looking forward to the “buzz” on new drinks trends – such as cannabis and hemp drinks, low/no-alcohol drinks, and ready-to-drink brands – and see how they will be shaping the industry in the coming year.

And who can forget the yearly Brand Battle? Every year at WSWA, new brands face off in a Shark Tank-style battle. Last year, we had such a fun time at the event, and the eventual winner was Sunshine Punch. We are looking forward to seeing who will be squaring off this year and take home the belt!

3. Social events

In addition to the Brand Battle, WSWA will be hosting Celebrate LIVE to kick off the event. Celebrate LIVE features some of the country’s most innovative bars and mixologists. It will also host TASTE, a tasting reception that will feature the 8 Brand Battle contenders, as well as other brands. And to close off the event will be Ovation LIVE at Brooklyn Bowl.

Also, new this year, Dimensional Insight is hosting “A Sweet Escape” on Tuesday, Jan. 30 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in the HQ Connect area on the show floor. This will be a chance for attendees to take a break, grab some goodies from our (literal) candy bar, and have some “sweet” conversations with others. We’ve highlighted the HQ Connect area in the show floor map below so you know where to find us!


This year’s WSWA Access LIVE promises to be an energy-packed event, and it will be exciting to not only see which brands will be launching and creating buzz at the event, but also to connect with other innovative companies in the industry and continue those conversations throughout the year.

If you’re interested in connecting with Dimensional Insight at the show, please come visit us at our HQ Connect event! Alternatively, you can shoot me a note on LinkedIn and we’ll schedule a time to meet.


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