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by | Sep 21, 2023 | General BI

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Dimensional Insight hosted yet another successful virtual Dimensional Insight Users Conference (DIUC23) this past week. This year’s keynote provided an engaging overview of Dimensional Insight’s latest innovations and strategic vision, and provided us with a glimpse into the future of business intelligence. Here are some of this year’s biggest takeaways.

Driving adoption is key to BI success

A key theme of for this year was how critical driving adoption is to achieving maximum value from business intelligence investments. Fred Powers, Dimensional Insight CEO and co-founder, shared impressive statistics showing DI’s customers enjoy much higher rates of complete BI success compared to the overall market. This is powerful proof of DI’s relentless focus on promoting adoption through simplicity, consistency, and an intuitive user experience.

The keynote made clear that adoption requires more than just great technology. Organizations must also overcome cultural resistance, gain user acceptance, provide proper training, and ensure alignment with user needs. DI enables customers to overcome these hurdles through comprehensive solutions tailored to enhance individual and organizational adoption.

Gateway unifies access and boosts adoption

One of this year’s biggest announcements was Gateway, DI’s groundbreaking new unified client. Gateway streamlines accessing insights through integrated reporting, analytics, and visualizations all from one intuitive interface.

For end users, Gateway enables customizable shortcuts, unified documentation, and mobile-friendly discovery tools like My Library, your personal hub for all reports and analytics, and the Dimensions Page, which simplifies data exploration. Since all capabilities are accessible from a single client, Gateway dramatically reduces the learning curve for users compared to toggling between multiple legacy systems.

For administrators, Gateway consolidates previously disparate platforms into one new architecture. The keynote outlined migration best practices like phased rollouts and using DI Bridge to connect legacy systems during transition. Gateway’s comprehensive training resources and ability to embed documentation right inside the platform also streamline training and onboarding.

Integrating third party tools for coexistence

In addition to driving adoption, the keynote explored how DI enables coexistence with third party analytics and visualization tools through open integration.

DI provides an ODBC driver to allow read-only export of data to other platforms. Combined with Gateway’s ability to embed visualizations from other BI tools, organizations can maintain governance through DI while empowering users with their preferred reporting tools.

This interoperability avoids data silos, reduces switching costs, and supports choice across the organization. DI caters to diverse analytics needs while ensuring consistency and single source of truth.

Harnessing AI’s pragmatic potential

We also received an in-depth look at how DI is harnessing the pragmatic potential of artificial intelligence to deliver value to customers today.

While new AI capabilities like large language models represent exciting breakthroughs, DI focuses on use cases with proven business impact. DI shared examples of using LLMs for enhancing collaboration, generating creative ideas, and summarizing documents.

Blending LLM and algorithmic AI is an emerging research priority at DI. By complementing LLMs’ language skills with algorithms’ reasoning skills, DI aims to develop solutions that augment human intelligence and empower data-driven organizations.

Looking to the future

Dimensional Insight’s guiding vision has always been to provide expert data integration and to be a trusted partner by keeping our promises and developing unparalleled industry expertise. Our commitment to the success of our customers is encapsulated by our multiple awards for industry excellence:

This year’s conference also had a special announcement: DIUC24 will be hosted in none other than the iconic Yellowstone National Park! You can secure spot here!

Once again, we’d like to thank everybody who helped make this DIUC possible and look forward to seeing you next year!


Trevor Branch

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