Dimensional Insight is 8 time Best in KLAS winner from 2010 to 2021

Dimensional Insight KLAS overall Vendor Score: 91.7

Dimensional Insight continues to receive high grades from customers and provide top-of-the-line healthcare solutions 

I don’t understand why almost every health system in the United States isn’t using this platform. It provides a lot of bang for our buck, and its flexibility is amazing. We can import data from almost any source, and the platform can integrate that data and make it meaningful. We continually set up new tools for end users. We have been able to be very agile in rolling out new business intelligence tools. We have quality and safety data in the system. Our organization’s leadership people have been impressed by what my team has been able to do with the tool. I can’t recommend this system more highly.


From a vendor-relationship and strategic-partner perspective, Dimensional Insight has been terrific to work with. We had some cybersecurity issues during the pandemic, and the vendor was truly a front-and-center partner to us through all of that. We are very happy with their professional positioning and support of the things that we are trying to do. Dimensional Insight is also flexible and willing to understand our constraints and challenges. They have been absolutely phenomenal. They are completely committed to our success.


I have worked with some other business intelligence tools. Diver Platform is at the top of my list because of the ease of use and the ability to really customize exactly what we want in the way we want it. Anybody can use the system. I don’t always need to have someone else build a report for me. I can go right into the ProDiver application and go to town and dive in on anything I want that has to do with that patient’s record, diagnosis, or financials. Anybody who has been identified as a user can be awarded that security. I can’t even say enough about the system. It is just incomprehensible how fast, accurate, and easy to use it is.


“As always, we thank our customers for the candid feedback they provide to KLAS on their experience with our company. Our company is laser-focused on doing whatever it takes to ensure that our customers succeed, and the Best in KLAS award demonstrates that we are fulfilling on that commitment.”

Fred Powers

CEO & Co-founder, Dimensional Insight