Dimensional Insight Named 2021 Best in KLAS in Healthcare Business Intelligence/Analytics

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Healthcare

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I am pleased to report that Dimensional Insight has once again been ranked #1 in healthcare business intelligence/analytics in the annual Best in KLAS: Software and Services report. This is the 8th Best in KLAS win for us and 9th time Dimensional Insight has been ranked #1 in this category by KLAS Research. Here are a few reasons this win is so significant to us this year.

Best in KLAS demonstrates customer commitment

The annual Best in KLAS awards are truly the “voice of the customer,” as they are determined by feedback that customers at hospitals and health systems provide to KLAS Research over the course of the prior year. Customers give numerical scores to vendors in areas such as product functionality, ease of use, likelihood to recommend, and more.

A commitment to our customer has always been central to us at Dimensional Insight, but never more so than in 2020. This past year, our healthcare customers were on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting them while they strove to provide the necessary insights to clinical and executive staff was our top priority. We are proud of the fact that our customers were able to see success during such challenging times this past year.

“Dimensional Insight has supported us very well through the COVID-19 crisis. They reached out early in the process and said that they would like to assist us in gathering data and to understand our needs. The vendor set up a call within a few days of the email and asked us about our highest needs, including things like capacity management and state-reported data. The vendor took our biggest need and was able to start implementing our request into their system and creating dashboards. That is a process we have been working on for a little while, but before we reached out to the vendor, they actually reached out to us to see whether there was anything they could do for us to help us out.”

-Analyst/Coordinator, Apr 2020

Report card: All A’s

In addition to publishing customer scores, KLAS Research also publishes grades of all the vendors in its Best in KLAS report. KLAS graded Dimensional Insight an A+ in culture, an A in loyalty, an A- in operations, an A- in product, an A in relationship, and an A- in value.

  • Culture: Based on customer scores in keeps all promises, product works as promoted, and proactive service
  • Loyalty: Based on scores in part of long-term plans, would you buy again, likely to recommend, overall satisfaction, and forecasted overall satisfaction
  • Operations: Based on quality of implementation, quality of training, and ease of use
  • Product: Based on supports integration goals, overall product quality, product has needed functionality, and delivery of new technology
  • Relationship: Based on quality of support and vendor executive involvement
  • Value: Based on avoids charging for every little thing, drives tangible outcomes, and money’s worth


“My experience with Dimensional Insight has been great. They are a rare vendor because they are completely responsive and intuitive to my needs. They follow up. They are able to give me what I need by understanding my needs. The quality of the support is absolutely high.”

-CFO, Jul 2020

Simplicity + consistency = goodness

Our CEO, Fred Powers, has long talked about the importance of technology that is easy to use and that provides a consistent user experience. His formula for success is summed up as “simplicity + consistency = goodness.”

At Dimensional Insight, we aim to always provide excellence to our customers, and I believe that the consistency in our Best in KLAS performance demonstrates this. Since 2009, we have ranked #1 in healthcare business intelligence and analytics an astounding nine times. That is a track record we are incredibly proud of as it demonstrates that our customers are succeeding in their analytics goals.

As always, thank you to our customers, for this Best in KLAS win is truly a reflection of your success. I hope we all see even further success in 2021—and some type of return to normalcy!

Dimensional Insight has once again been ranked #1 in healthcare business intelligence/analytics in the annual Best in KLAS: Software and Services report.

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