5-analytics-mythsFace it: picking out a healthcare analytics solution is not easy. In fact, it often feels like a job meant for a superhero. You need to jump through hoops to determine your specs and what you need in a solution. But that’s hard to do when there are so many myths out there about what you need or don’t need in a healthcare analytics solution. Add to that the number of people involved in purchase decisions (an average buying group size of 5.4, according to statistics by SAVO), and it’s easy to see how buying analytics turns into a daunting task.

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In this 5-part blog series, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest myths being perpetuated about healthcare analytics and debunk them. You’ll learn the truth about what you really need to do healthcare analytics well, and in the process, become the superhero of your buying team.

Without further ado, here’s myth #1:

“I Need a Data Warehouse”

Have you heard from healthcare technology vendors that you need a data warehouse to do healthcare analytics correctly? We’ve written about this myth before. It’s just not true.

You need analytics to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently, and a data warehouse just doesn’t reflect the realities of that.

Truth is, a data warehouse is a very stationary concept: once in the warehouse, most of the data will change very little. However, some of the most interesting and useful information is that which reflects what’s happening right now.

Data is dynamic so why dedicate a warehouse to static information that will decrease in usefulness over time? This leads to a less-than-impressive implementation, and is likely a major reason behind the Gartner estimate that 80% of “build it and they will come” healthcare analytics implementations fail.

So what should your focus be when it comes to healthcare analytics? Learn more in our new white paper, “5 Healthcare Analytics Myths Busted!” Also stay tuned for the rest of our blog series to uncover the other four myths.


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