The Power of Positive Culture: Inside and Outside The Workplace

Does culture play a role in both our personal and professional lives? Recently, the Dimensional Insight Book Club discussed the importance of positive culture within organizations after reading The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle. However, can one build, develop, and promote good culture outside the office?

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My husband and I recently took a summer vacation to a family resort in Poland, Maine. Throughout the week, we enjoyed walks, food, and even meeting and interacting with a fascinating stranger. I didn’t realize the impact this stranger would have on my vacation, where I gained a bonus life lesson about promoting positivity and living one’s life to the fullest, no matter what age.

Meeting Harry

Upon our arrival to the family resort, my husband and I had a long wait to check-in and sitting across from us was a man, small in stature with a big smile. His name was Harry. My husband has this uncanny percentage of knowing someone related to a stranger (six degrees of separation). And, this was the case with Harry. My husband knew the VP of Sales at Harry’s former company.

As they conversed, I realized that my husband’s acquaintance, the VP of Sales, was well in his seventies. Meanwhile, Harry was referring to him as his “all-American boy hire.” Looking at Harry, I would have assumed that he was also in his early seventies. So, I had to ask, “Harry, how old are you?” He replied, “I’m 88.” Soon after, a very attractive older woman walked up to Harry, and they kissed. Harry introduced her as his lovely lady, who had been in his life for the last 18 years. She is 16 years his junior.

Harry had worked for NASA on Apollo 12, later founded two very successful companies, and was now enjoying retirement. Truly enjoying retirement. The quality of retirement life we all hope for. As he talked, I was fascinated by Harry because he was immensely joyful.

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Priscilla Ballaro

Priscilla Ballaro

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Priscilla Ballaro