Spotlight on our Distributors: Andy Dennis of eProgram

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Andy Dennis, eProgramOver the last several months, we have profiled a number of our distributor partners on the blog. Today, the spotlight is on Andy Dennis of eProgram, based in Australia.

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eProgram has been a Dimensional Insight distributor since 2002. In this blog post, Andy tells us a little bit about his company, the types of customers his organization works with, and the trends he is observing in technology and business intelligence.

Andy, can you tell me a bit about eProgram?

Founded in 2000, eProgram is the primary Diver distributor here in Australia having partnered with Dimensional Insight for over 15 years. Our focus is on delivering an excellent customer experience, backed up by a skilled and pragmatic team whose strengths lie in technical expertise, problem solving, and strategic thinking. All our technical team have come up through the ranks of the support environment with most entering the ITSM and BI industry starting on service desks. It’s this grass-roots understanding of the impacts we can make on-the ground users, combined with high level business strategies that drives our endeavor to get the right outcome for every customer.

What types of customers do you work with?

We work mainly with government, finance, manufacturing, and distribution as well as the food and beverage industries, but we love how Diver gives us the ability to tailor the product to any industry.

What are some of the trends you are observing in business intelligence?

Over the last few years we have seen many businesses move their analytics into the cloud leaving them potentially vulnerable to the risk of data breaches and losses. eProgram believes that many businesses will start to shy away from the cloud based data storage and lean towards software locally installed on company-owned servers. We work extensively with government agencies whose data needs to remain especially secure, and the Diver product is the best fit to protect businesses from risks that being on the cloud can bring.

In Australia, we are seeing an increase in businesses wanting real-time data and predictive data coupled with prescriptive analytics. More and more businesses are requesting tools that are capable of this. It’s great for our clients that Dimensional Insight is at the forefront of this technology and gives our clients the ability to intelligently forecast and provide actionable processes.

One trend that excites us here at eProgram is data storytelling, enabling complex data to be presented in engaging and easy-to-absorb infographics and videos, something which is becoming more important in this fast-paced world. We are enthused about seeing how Diver can enable this.

eProgram Team

Tell us a little about the culture of the eProgram office.

Our team heavily focuses on not just how we can impact our clients, but on how we can make a difference to the world beyond. We aim for zero waste in the office, including having composting, segregated recycling, and removal of single-use plastics. We purchase office supplies from sustainable and ethical companies. We have two bikes for the staff to use, and we encourage the team to get active during the work day. In fact, most of our team is quite active outside of work with many achievements among us including 2x Ultraman, 6x Ironman, marathon swimming, ultramarathons, and various running, cycling, and outdoor feats.

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