Spotlight on our Distributors: Meet Alejandro Mendoza of BI Solutions Mexico

by | Mar 23, 2017 | General BI

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Did you know that Dimensional Insight’s network of global distributors extends into Latin America? We not only work in interesting industries, but we are also located in unique cities and countries across the globe.

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Today, we introduce you to Alejandro Mendoza. Alejandro is the founder and general manager of BI Solutions Mexico. I had a conversation with Alejandro about the impact of business intelligence in Mexico.

Alejandro, tell me about BI Solutions Mexico.

BI Solutions México S.A. De CV was founded in February 2006. We have clients throughout Mexico, and we have been distributors in Colombia since 2010. Our work team is comprised of 20 consultants. Although we are small, we enjoy working together. We focus on training and support for our clients. We have been building a great reputation as a Mexican consulting firm specialized in BI and predictive analytics.

What is your position at BI Solutions Mexico?

I am the founder and general manager of BI Solutions. Some of my roles within the firm include managing employees, projects, and tasks. I also drive business development by observing and understanding emerging new technologies and the business intelligence industry. I work with our sales team and focus on partnerships and distributors.

What industries does BI Solutions focus on?

BI Solutions focuses on various industries such as insurance, financials, exchange rate, education, and oil. We also work in retail, telecommunications, defense, healthcare, transportation, and government institutions. We have a global focus – both domestic and international.

What aspect of Diver is most appealing to you, and why?

One of the most attractive features of Diver is the big data capabilities that cBases run on. Big data with Diver is not just a marketing concept; it’s an actuality. The greater availability of data provides truth to the top decision makers of a company so they can do more than analysis.

Diver, through the years, is proving to be a very stable BI platform. We are a longevity tool with our customers. The life of a normal BI tool is 2 or 3 years. Diver lasts for 10 or more years, and that is really an amazing truth.

In what direction do you see the future of business intelligence heading?

The BI industry is moving towards big data, predictive analytics, collaborative work, and the capability to live and work together with the new emerging technologies. Most of the big BI users are moving their production database to columnar or distributed databases like Hadoop. The future, NOW, is the capabilities to live together with those technologies.

Also, users are becoming more sophisticated, not only requiring the traditional dashboards, but also requesting tools that can plan the future, create scenarios, think fast, take decisions, and be more efficient and productive in the process.

In your estimation, where is Mexico in terms of business intelligence sophistication?

Mexico is doing great in terms of using business intelligence. People in Mexico are starting to use business intelligence more in situations where they can take decisions and turn them into action. It is an exciting time, and we look forward to seeing more industries in Mexico adopt business intelligence.

Tell us about the culture of the BI Solutions Mexico office.

We are an office of 20 people whose focus is to take care of our team and work together to deliver the best support to our customers. We enjoy building long term relationships within our office but also with our customers. In addition, we are very passionate and committed to supporting our customers and distributors.

Thanks for your time, Alejandro.

Natalie Cantave

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